February 8, 2014

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‘Every day there’s another report of an individual or collective European initiative severing ties with Israeli entities linked to the illegal settlements. My guess is, the threats currently emanating from Europe are being coordinated with Kerry, in order to convey, not so much to the Israeli government (for all his emoting, Netanyahu is on board), but to Israeli holdouts, that the settlement project outside the Wall has no future prospects.’

The European move to start forging a boycott against Israel isn’t purely a European one. This is a well-orchestrated and minutely planned Euro-American move. During President Barack Obama’s first term, whenever the Europeans entertained the possibility of starting a boycott on products made in the settlements, for example, the Americans were the ones to strike it off the agenda. We’re handling the diplomatic issue, so stay out of this, they told the Europeans. And that’s the way it was. Obama’s second term is entirely different, however. It was Kerry alone who hashed out the plan vis-à-vis the Europeans. When this term began, it was reported here that the Americans and Europeans would share roles: The United States would be the good cop and Europe the bad one. Obama will let the Europeans do the donkey work for him. And that’s precisely what’s unfolding right now. 

While Kerry was in Munich addressing the dangers of boycotting Israel, Scandinavian banks and pension funds announced that they would stop making investments in Israel. This is the harbinger of the impending winter. Unlike the past, the United States is in no hurry to tell Israel: “No worries, we won’t let them do it to you.” On the contrary; the United States is pumping up the angst in Israel by adding its own hints. We won’t be there for you all the time, the Americans tell Israelis. When the boycott ship sails, it will be hard to stop. Think South Africa, for example. You have been duly warned.’