Why everyone should be bilingual

August 17, 2006

In News

By Amiram Barkat

Hebrew-speaking Hezbollah fighters were stationed at outposts along the border with Israel before the war broke out, according to documents retrieved by the Israel Defense Forces while destroying the organization’s line of outposts.

The documents contained transcripts in Hebrew of soldiers’ conversations on IDF communications networks and other subjects.

IDF soldiers who had been stationed along the Lebanese border before the war told Haaretz that Hezbollah fighters used to call out to them in Hebrew.

Listening to the radio

One IDF soldier, who serves in an Armored Corps brigade, cited as an example an incident that reportedly occured several weeks ago.

“We entered a forward point along the line to replace a faulty camera,” said the soldier, who asked not to be identified.

“The Hezbollah men on the other side recognized us and asked us, shouting, where our company commander was. They used the company commanders’ radio code name, and we understood from this that they hear and understand everything we say on the radio.”