Who is Obama's prospective new head of Homeland Security, NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelley?

August 14, 2013

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New York State Senator Eric Adams’ testimony provided further evidence of official acquiescence in racial profiling by NYPD leadership. Senator Adams, a former NYPD captain, testified about a small meeting he attended at the Governor’s office in Manhattan in July 2010.  Former New York Governor David Paterson, Senator Adams, another state senator, a state assemblyman, and Commissioner Kelly were all present to discuss a bill related to stop and frisk. Senator Adams raised his concern that a disproportionate number of blacks and Hispanics were being targeted for stops. Commissioner Kelly responded that he focused on young blacks and Hispanics “because he wanted to instill fear in them, every time they leave their home, they could be stopped by the police.”  Senator Adams testified that he was “amazed” that Commissioner Kelly was “comfortable enough to say that in the setting.” I find Senator Adams’ testimony credible, especially in light of the Senator’s former affiliation with the NYPD, Commissioner Kelly’s decision not to appear at trial to rebut the testimony, the City’s failure to offer any rebuttal evidence regarding Commissioner Kelly’s statement at this meeting, and the other evidence of tolerance toward racial profiling at the NYPD  [From Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin’s decision declaring “stop-and-frisk” unconstitutional]