Whatever II (For chronic insomniac only)

November 2, 2005

In News

We here at the Moonbatcentral have been devoting considerable time
and effort to exposing the activities of the pseudo-scholar and
neonazi Norman Finkelstein, on the faculty of DePaul University,
a fact that raises serious doubts about whether DePaul should even
be considered to be an academic institution at all.

Finkelstein has been declared by the Anti-Defamation League to be a
Holocaust Denier. The fact that he was born Jewish is used by his
nazi supporters to justify his views and writings, but most other
folks think it simply makes him an interesting clinical case for
some psychiatry department. Finkelstein.s presence on the DePaul
faculty shows that no academic standards are in effect there at
all. And the fact that this same DePaul fired Thomas Klocek for
expressing pro-Israel opinions shows that the campus has been taken
over by totalitarian anti-democratic charlatans. DePaul is
currently running a campus-wide program on how to defeat the
“American Empire.” Ward Churchill was recently a campus speaker of

Finkelstein has been thoroughly exposed as a fraud by Alan
Dershowitz, as well as a long list of historians. Dershowitz
recently revealed that Finkelstein.s own mother, whom Finkelstein
proclaims as a Holocaust survivor when attacking Holocaust
survivors and Jews, was in fact a collaborator with German nazis in
World War II.

It is well known that Israel universities contain leftist radicals
at least as extremist as those on American campuses. One of the
worst extremists is a lecturer in political science at Ben Gurion
University in the Negev, named Neve Gordon. Gordon not only
produces Bash-Israel propaganda articles by the bushel, some of
which are published on web sites run by neonazis and Islamist
pro-terror radicals. Somewhat bizarrely, Gordon has long operated
as an Israeli apologist for Norman Finkelstein. In the past,
Gordon compared Finkelstein ethically to the Prophets in the Bible.

Gordon has been acting as Finkelstein.s de facto lieutenant in
denouncing Dershowitz for daring to defend Israel. Gordon
essentially agrees with Finkelstein.s demonizing of Israel and
representation of Israel as a fascist state. Gordon himself has
repeatedly characterized Israel as a fascist apartheid terrorist
state, all the while collecting his salary from the taxpayers of
that state. He not only defames Israel collectively but also
individual Israelis, including his own army commander.

This past week two major articles were published exposing Gordon.s
relations with Finkelstein. First, an Op-Ed column in the
Jerusalem Post exposed Finkelstein.s fraudulent “scholarship” and
Gordon.s endorsements of Finkelstein. The columnist, Isi Leibler,

.But the most outrageous paeans of praise come from Israeli
academics whose universities are sponsored by the state they
demonize and supported by contributions from Diaspora Zionists..

.In a review of Finkelstein.s book in the National Catholic
Reporter, Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University, who also promotes
international war crime tribunals against Israeli military
officers, described Beyond Chutzpa as “an attempt to expose how
elements in academia have played a role in concealing Israel.s
abuse. the heated response to his book is just another example of
how the literature discussing the new anti-Semitism delegitimizes
those who expose Israel.s outrageous violations of international
law. The major irony in relation to this saga is that Dr.
Finkelstein.s book, not Dershowitz.s, constitute the real case for
Israel, that is, for a moral Israel.” THE INCREDIBLE damage to
Israel.s reputation inflicted by renegade Jews has been greatly
underestimated. (emphasis in original).

A second article, by David Hornik, exposes Gordon.s anti-Israel
extremism and fondness for Finkelstein further. Hornik writes,

.Gordon and Finkelstein have, of course, some things in common,
including an attraction to anti-Israeli terrorists. On February 3,
2002, Israel.s ynet reported that .250 left-wing activists violated
the Israeli army.s orders and entered Ramallah for a meeting with
Arafat. . . . Neve Gordon . . . was photographed with Arafat with
hands clasped [see picture]. . . . . .

.Gordon, who has written that .Israel.s gravest danger today is not
the PA or even Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, but the one it faces
from within: fascism,. and whom Ma.ariv columnist Ben-Dror Yemini
accused (along with Haifa University.s Ilan Pappe) of .spread[ing]
their articles dripping with anti-Zionist poison all over the
world, some of which appear on anti-Semitic websites,. also shares
with Norman Finkelstein a Zundel connection.

.Ernst Zundel, a pamphleteer who has been jailed several times for
hate literature, was deported this year from Canada to his native
Germany to stand trial for Holocaust denial. On October 27, 2000,
his posted Gordon.s glowing review in The Nation of
Finkelstein.s earlier book, The Holocaust Industry, in which Gordon
opined that .[Finkelstein], and not the Jewish organizations he
criticizes, is following the example set by the great Jewish
prophets.. Zundel prefaces the review by remarking: .I think it is
pretty balanced, even though there are a few politically correct
hiccoughs.. And on November 23, 2002, Zundel approvingly posted
another Gordon article from The Nation. .

.Nowhere in the review, of course, does Gordon mention that
Finkelstein sympathizes with terrorists and has himself won
neo-Nazi admiration, and indeed it would be a case of the pot
calling the kettle black. As always, Neve Gordon retains his carte
blanche from Ben-Gurion University to conduct his .research. and to
.teach. Israeli students..

In the same article by Leibler cited above, Leibler gives us a
sample of the scholarship of Finkelstein for which DePaul claims he
deserves a place on its faculty:

“If everyone who claimed to be a survivor is one, my mother used to
say .Who did Hitler kill then?.” In subsequent interviews,
Finkelstein attacked Leon Uris, author of Exodus alleging that “the
chief character was named Ari Ben Canaan because Ari is the
diminutive for Aryan.” He admired Hizbullah – “The honorable thing
now is to show solidarity with Hizbullah as the US and Israel
target it for liquidation.”

Finkelstein is a victim of his own illiterate alliteration. “Ari”
is in fact a common Jewish name, and the name of one of the most
famous medieval Rabbis. Using the Finkelstein logic,
Finkelstein.s own name must be based on Frankenstein.