What We Can Do: The Corona virus has also arrived in the Gaza Strip

April 17, 2020

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Dear friends,

The corona virus has also arrived in the Gaza Strip, where it comes into contact with a society whose livelihoods and health systems have already been almost destroyed by blockade and the Israeli wars.  Strict quarantine, which is the only way under these conditions to limit the spread of the virus, intensifies the poverty.
The Palestine Committee Stuttgart e. V. has therefore started a call for donations to the Al-Awda Hospital based in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, the good work of which we also know from personal visits to Gaza.  The Al-Awda team treats poor people almost free of charge.


At the bottom of this email, the appeal from Al Awda Hospital
We urgently ask you for quick support. Please donate.  Gaza must be prepared for the worst.
With kind regards
Attia Rajab for the Board of the Palestine Solidarity Committee Stuttgart, Germany


Appeal for donations for the Al-Awda hospital in Gaza

The Gaza Strip lacks any equipment to fight the corona epidemic

Dr. Ahmad Muhanna appealing from Al-Awda hospital
Link to the Video:

As a result of 14 years of complete closure and several Israeli wars, health care facilities in the Gaza Strip are already on the verge of collapse in “normal times” and are unable to meet the basic needs of the population of two million. Gaza suffers from a constant lack of medicines and medical equipment. The corona epidemic is making these catastrophic conditions even worse.

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), the Israeli wars, in which the attacks of occupying forces often targeted industrial and production facilities, destroying 70% of them. In this very densely populated region, 67% of the people suffer from an insecure food situation, with unemployment at 45% and poverty at 53%. With the closure of schools, kindergartens, universities, social institutions, wedding halls, cafés, restaurants and many other facilities forced by the Corona virus, many more sources of income have been lost to the poor population, bringing them into an existential crisis.

Those responsible for health care are doing what they can. Since 15 March 2020, all those entering Gaza via the entry points through the blockade around the Gaza Strip have been placed in temporary quarantine. However, there is a lack of resources to combat the corona epidemic. Of the 110 intensive care beds available for the two million inhabitants, more than 70 % are permanently needed, so that there are hardly any treatment options for Covid-19 patients.

Through our fundraising we want to support the Al-Awda hospital, located in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. The hospital was founded in 1985 by the Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC), one of the leading Palestinian self-help organizations in the health sector. The hospital provides medical assistance to about 300,000 patients annually.

The staff of Al-Awda would like to use the donations mainly for preventive measures such as education of the population and to acquire appropriate equipment such as sterilization facilities, respiratory masks, protective gloves, etc. The hospital team must prepare for the worst.

We ask you to support the Palestinians in Gaza so that they can achieve a better future, without pandemic and oppression.

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Thank you for your support!

Attia Rajab for the Board of the Palestine Solidarity Committee Stuttgart, Germany

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