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January 20, 2009

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Dear Readers

Fresh from the carnage in Gaza European leaders could not wait to congratulate Olmert for the well-done and well-planned killings at a dinner to which Olmert invited them Sunday January the 18th. Far from empathizing with the massacred Palestinians, European leaders could not wait to run to the lap of the leader of a country that has (a) bombed ambulances, hospitals, mosques, even cemeteries (b) repeatedly bombed the United Nations with white phosphorus, Red Cross, Caritas and all international institutions in the Strip, (c) used forbidden white phosphorus and depleted uranium and used the Strip as a big human laboratory to test new weapons like DIME bombs, (d) arrogantly disregarded all norms of international law including UN Resolutions calling for a cease-fire and (e) violated on a daily basis the Geneva Conventions.

Please write to the European Union’s to express your outrage at the cowardice of European Union leaders, who have not only expressed silence but have accepted Israel’s thesis by reducing the problem to one of smuggling and tunnels, while forgetting the carnage that has been taken place in the Strip since Dec 27th let alone mention the siege in which they so willingly participated. Write your emails to the European Union in any of the 21 official EU languages through Europe Direct’s service where the EU is compelled to provide a response to citizens’ queries.

or call the number 00800 6 7 8 9 10 11 from anywhere in the EU

As its own website states EUROPEDIRECT Contact Centre gives you:

* Answers in the official EU language of your choice

* Complete responses to your general questions on EU matters

* A reference to further sources of information

* Contact details of relevant organisations you may need to deal with

* Free postal delivery of certain EU publications