What We Can Do – Break The Siege: Medical Relief for Gaza

August 23, 2021

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Break The Siege: Medical Relief for Gaza
World Premiere Saturday June 26 and Re-Stream Sunday June 27, 2021 The same program will be shown two times 7pm CST Via HotHouseGlobal online streaming platforms An an-hoc committee of artists and activists have convened for the purpose of raising money for medical relief for Gaza as well as to call for an end of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Moved by recent events that left 250 dead including 67 children, and also decimated housing and other important community centers, this organizing group has assembled an A-list of internationally renowned musicians and speakers for this two-hour online event. Artists confirmed to date are Ronnie Malley, Wanees Zarour, Hani Dahshan, James Falzone, Micheal Miles, Carlo Basile, George Crotty, Omar Offendum, Michael Ibrahim, Kayem, The Brooklyn Nomads, Amir El Saffar, +Aziz, The Candadian Arabic Orchestra, Marty Mc Mormack, El Wadi Ensemble, Nedal Hamdan, Vijay Iyer and Maggie Brown. Other speakers are performers are anticipated to join. The organizers of the concert and the assembled presenters have donated their labor to create this event. 100% of money raised will directly support the beneficiaries. The event is free to ensure access to everyone however a minimum suggested donation of $25 is encouraged. Tickets are available A broad array of community based NGO’s, solidarity organizations, religious congregations, peace activists and others, are supporting this event with endorsements and co sponsorships. Via this extended network of social media outreach the organizers expect a global audience to tune in to the weekend event. The program will be exclusively broadcast via the HOTHOUSE GLOBAL streaming channels on, Facebook and You Tube. HotHouse is an award- winning non-profit arts and education institution in Chicago that has programmed international events for 35 years. Its foray into online streaming of arts and culture programming commenced with the pandemic and since April of 2020, HotHouse has created more than 40 important online events that have attracted more than 1 million viewers world wide. The ad-hoc committee organizing this event are: Ronnie Malley, Marguerite Horberg, HotHouse, Mona Khaledi, Camille Odeh, Leena Odeh and Tarek Kishawi. Artwork included with permission of the artist: Imad Abu Shtayyah