July 21, 2014

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On Friday, the US Senate voted 100-0 to support Israel’s invasion of Gaza. So far, over 500 Palestinians have been killed. Your elected officials need to hear from you: stop funding this massacre.

Unconditional US support makes Israel’s attack on Gaza possible.

Tell Obama and Congress: no US aid for human rights violations

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Dear Norman,

I’ve been waking up every morning to the latest news reports feeling outraged, heartbroken and speechless. I’m sure you have too.

This weekend was the bloodiest yet of Israel’s assault on Gaza.


On Sunday alone, some 100 Palestinians were killed, mostly civilians, and many of them children. 


As of this morning, the death count in Gaza has passed 500. But we can’t stop this war on an imprisoned and occupied civilian population by simply asking the Israeli government nicely.

We must apply real pressure— specifically the boycotts and divestment campaigns that we know are changing the political landscape.

And we must demand that the United States, Israel’s greatest ally and patron, stops the billions in unconditional funding, and diplomatic cover that make this all possible.


Click here to help us flood President Obama and US Congress with emails and calls: 


Last Friday the US Senate passed a resolution supporting Israel’s attack on Gaza by a vote of 100-0. A week earlier, the House of Representatives passed a similar resolution.


Worse, elected officials have been attending pro-war rallies all over the United States.


The U.S. has essentially given Israel carte blanche for this assault. And this extreme agenda doesn’t only hurt Palestinians. It also undermines Israelis who are working for peace and justice.


But we’ve heard it countless times from DC insiders including members of Congress: they need to hear from us a lot more often, and more loudly, to feel safe going against the Israel Lobby.

You and I can hold corporations accountable through divestment and boycotts, but governments need to hold governments accountable.

Please, tell your elected officials we demand that they end the use of US aid to violate human rights and US law.

Click here to act:

Just 3 days ago, together we mobilized more than 13,000 people to challenge NBC’s decision to remove their most experienced Gaza correspondent – and helped get him reinstated. When we use our voices together, change happens.

We must do everything we can to end this. Now.




Rebecca Vilkomerson
Executive Director