October 11, 2014

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Finkelstein took this picture of Urwa AbuHashhash in 1988 in Hebron during the first intifada.  
Urwa was two years old.  
They were standing on a road outside Fawwar refugee camp when an army jeep approached.  
Urwa instinctively picked up the stone and, as the jeep passed, threw it while shouting “Jaysch!”
Urwa’s father, Musa, was jailed during the first intifada.  
He was actively involved in the nonviolent resistance.  
The Israelis put him in the “refrigerator.”  
He recalls his biggest fear being, “they would forget about me.”
Urwa was deeply affected by his Father’s arrest.  
Whenever strangers visited his home, he rushed to the door hoping it was his Father.
Today Urwa is a surgeon practicing in Hebron.  He cared for the wounded during the last Israeli massacre.
He is also perfectly fluent in Russian.  
He and his father often exchange opinions on Russian novels.
Oh, those savage Muslims!