UN Secretary-General Gutteres’ Latest Statement on Gaza: Not bad, but still cowardly

January 15, 2024

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The Secretary-General denounces Hamas by name for October 7.  He then goes on to describe the approaching famine conditions in Gaza.  He describes all the blockages to the delivery of vital  humanitarian provisions at the border and inside Gaza.  BUT: he never names the State responsible for preventing delivery of goods needed to avert the famine.  He does however call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.  The big question is, how will these statements affect the ICJ proceedings?  First, he contradicts–if indirectly–the Israeli claim that it is fully cooperating with humanitarian organizations.  Second, he calls for a ceasefire–which is one of the provisional measures that the ICJ can call for.  Third, he says at the very end that the situation in Gaza cannot be allowed to continue.  Those statements should all work in favor of the South African case.