June 6, 2023

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Media coverage of the Ukraine war has shifted.  Since it began, the New York Times has declared even an allusion to Nazis in Ukraine a Kremlin-inspired slander.  But, lo and behold, yesterday the Times discovered in Ukraine … Nazis.  What’s more shocking, the Times lifted the curtain on this less-than-edifying aspect of the Ukrainian army just as the much awaited offensive was said to have begun.  No doubt in some quarters the Times’ “revelation” will be construed as treason.  Also, since the war began, the Times has been reporting Zelensky’s daily press handouts as holy writ.  So mesmerized has it been by the Vogue Warrior’s olive raiment that the scripts he read passed from his lips to news columns without edits.  To question them would be to doubt his sanctity.  Even as Bakhmut fell into Russian hands, the Times was still reporting that victory there was just around the corner.  But in its reportage today on the decimated dam, the Times didn’t choose sides between the mutual recriminations of Kyiv and the Kremlin.  It’s as if, as Ukrainian fortunes grow grimmer, the Times has decided it better start covering itself before the mortifying post-mortems on this disastrous war set in.  But isn’t a Ukrainian offensive imminent?  The U.S. has demanded that Ukraine launch it so as to justify its bountiful military outlays.  But even the dim-witted Vogue Warrior can’t but know it will be a catastrophe.  The prospect of it brings to mind the battle of Omdurman in 1898 when the Mahdist army was mercilessly mowed down in droves by British machine guns.  I, for one, hope and pray Victoria Nuland shows up just in the nick of time with her trademark chocolates so that Ukrainian soldiers—weapons in hand and sobered by the truth that they have been used as cannon-fodder—can appropriately thank her.  But will there even be an offensive?  The probable motive behind recent daredevil drone attacks inside Russia and the destruction of the dam is to divert attention from the offensive that will never be; or to create a major incident such that the U.N. will be forced to act, thus bailing out Washington and its puppet regime with face-saving negotiations; or to warn the Kremlin that if Ukraine falls, the state-of-the-art weaponry supplied by Washington can still be targeted at, say, a Russian nuclear reactor.  The Nazis in its midst don’t recoil at Armageddon—indeed, like Hitler in his bunker at war’s end, they relish it.