Time to Revive that Great German Spirit! (February 10, 2023)

February 11, 2023

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Let’s Bring Back That Old-Time Religion! (10 Friday 2023)



A correspondent sent me this excerpt from the Financial Times:


It was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that woke Germany from its pacifist daydreams. While many German intellectuals continue to abhor the idea of German tanks rolling into battle against Russian ones, large sections of the public have begun to understand that pacifism does not always equate to peace. Recent surveys have shown that the majority of Germans are in favour of the government’s decision to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and that includes nearly two-thirds of SPD voters and three-quarters of those who support the once-pacifist Greens. 


But Germany still has a way to go towards normalising discussions around concepts such as intervention and deterrence, and to feel comfortable in a role of power and responsibility. Some have called for this shift, including Scholz himself with his announcement of a Zeitenwende, or a turning point for his country. But the “never again” dogma persists as some studies indicate growing war weariness. A survey last month found that 43 per cent of Germans now think the war in Ukraine is not Germany’s problem, compared with 32 per cent last April.





Those stupid Germans with their “pacifist” dreams and “never again” dogmas!  Ah, if we can only revive that old-time German spirit:


It’s so sickening to observe these fucking Western pundits browbeat Germany on a warpath.