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April 18, 2016

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How Today’s Bernie Sanders New York Rally Compared to Hillary Clinton’s (PHOTOS)

POLITICSHow Today’s Bernie Sanders New York Rally Compared to Hillary Clinton’s (PHOTOS)Tom Cahill | April 18, 2016

On Sunday, in his hometown of Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders held the biggest campaign rally to date. By contrast, Hillary Clinton’s rallies were underwhelming.

If rally turnout is any indicator of voter excitement about the two candidates in the Democratic primary, Sanders has never been hotter. The Vermont senator, who spent his first 19 years in Brooklyn, spoke to a crowd of 28,356 supporters in Prospect Park on Sunday, delivering a fiery speech about the need for a national $15/hour minimum wage, tuition-free public college, and holding Wall Street accountable. According to the Washington Post, the crowd estimate came from a company that helped with event logistics, which also works for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Sanders’ previous rally record was at Portland, Oregon’s Moda Center in 2015.

One photo tweeted by a Sanders supporter actually underestimated the final crowd count:



Wow. Just wow. 28K turnout for . Hillary must be feeling the bern right about now.



My afternoon hanging out with a few people at Prospect Park.



Crowd waiting for Hillary Clinton at relatively small venue on Staten Island. .



The scene on Staten Island as fans await



The Great Hall is filled to capacity with at least 500 Hillary supporters.



Taking NY by storm this Sun morning. Started , now in at a block party.



Great crowd in to for Thank you

Despite Hillary Clinton claiming New York as her home state, and campaigning throughout all 5 boroughs in the greater New York Metropolitan Area on Sunday, the former New York senator barely brought out even a fraction of Sanders’ crowd. Her largest rally of the day was at the Great Hall at Snug Harbor in Staten Island, where she spoke to approximately 500 to 1,000 people, touting her experience as U.S. Senator and Secretary of State. Photos of the event showed she barely managed to fill the room. Clinton also spoke to several hundred supporters on a city block in Washington Heights on Sunday afternoon, and to a small crowd in Yonkers, just north of the Bronx.
Democratic voters in New York will cast their ballots on Tuesday. While Hillary Clinton has consistently led in the polls, Sanders has reduced her lead from 48 points to just 10 points in the last month. New York is the most delegate-rich state of the primary contest so far, with 291 total delegates at play. It’s seen as a must-win state for both candidates.

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