The real face of Obama–from a correspondent who prefers to remain anonymous. Please forward this to others.

April 17, 2011

In News

Dear Norman,

I will not praise your work in supporting the just cause of Palestine. I will not shower you with compliments and well wishes for your efforts to save humanity in the occupied terrorities. I will not tell you what a great human being you are going against the grain and heading into troubled waters for a cause that is juster than just. You, I am sure, already receive such gratitude’s on a daily basis and, even better, continuously from your maker!

I am writing to ask for your help for a people that are being terrorized on a daily basis. Evildoers come in the middle of the night and brutalize innocent men, women and children. The situation I talk about is not some desolate nation in Africa but rather in modern “business friendly” Bahrain. These people need a strong voice to high-light injustices that are amounting to the injustices inflicted by the Jews on the Palestinians. The tactics used are like-for-llike that that have been used for years in those lands where the occupiers have more justice on their side than the oppressed and use the media and the powers of the powerful to their benefit. The thiefs are the victims and the victims are the thief’s. Help! Please help!

I am not one of them — I am but only an outsider observer that has been now living in Bahrain for the last 3 months. I have seen the protests on Pearl Roundabout. I have seen the peaceful protests that happened across the business district. At first, this was visible to the world through CNN, BBC, Al Jeezerah and other mainstream media. However, since the very brutal forces of the Saudi Arabia entered Bahrain, outside media has been muzzled — it is said that this is due to the influence of the USA that has their fifth fleet on the shores of Manama. You now go on the streets and think that everything is back to normal with the exception of roadblocks and military vehicles. However, the reality for the 70% of the population could not be far from the truth. These poor people are literally in house-arrest. If they dare to go out, they get harassed, many get dragged out of their cars and brutally beaten up and others end up in torture chambers only to later turn up dead due to “sickle cell disease”. Every night the terror squad go out looking for their “targets” in riot gear wearing black head-hoods where you only see their eyes. Facebook now has pages of people they want killed with photos, names, phone numbers, addresses, ID card copies, etc. Help!

I can not sit in my nice flat knowing that these people are being terrorized by the State only minutes away from my home. Everyone deserves the freedom and the same rights as any other person. These are the principles of my country but they have turned a blind eye on these people only to protect their interests.

Norman, Mr. Finkelstein, I ask for your help in the darkest hour for these helpless souls!!! Please use your wise voice to raise awareness of the injustices being inflicted on these poor people. To get a flavor of what is happening in Bahrain, please go to Youtube, Googgle News and other such sites. Look at the blog of this very brave young lady whose father, husband and brother-in-law were dragged out of their home at 3am, brutalized and taken away without any just cause. This young lady has written a open letter to President Obama. She has been on hunger strike for the last week and now very week to the point of not responding. Help! How long can injustice happen in this world. Help! You are among the only few that can help raise awareness with the general population, especially those in the Muslim world, and let the world know what is happening here.

I hope for the sake of these people you help!