The Palestinians' worst enemy

September 20, 2009

In News The Israel-Palestine Conflict

NEW YORK, (PIC)– Miguel Brockmann, the head of the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly, expressed Wednesday his disappointment at the UN’s failure to address the Palestinian cause and blamed indirectly the Palestinian delegation, representing the Ramallah authority led by Mahmoud Abbas, for not pushing hard enough in this regard.

This issue was referred to during his last speech before the General Assembly prior to turning his office over to his Libyan successor Ali Triki who opened the 64th session.

“My greatest frustration this year has been the Palestine situation. The question of Palestine continues to be the most serious and prolonged unresolved political and human rights issue on the agenda of the United Nations since its inception,” Brockmann said.

“The evident lack of commitment for resolving it is a scandal that has caused me much sorrow,” he added.

“I sincerely believe that I did everything I possibly could in this regard, requesting and attempting to persuade those who should have been most closely involved to call for the convening of the General Assembly to consider the Palestine situation,” he insisted.

“I wanted to help Palestine, but those who should supposedly have been most interested [in their national cause] denied their support for reasons of caution that I was incapable of understanding. We face an ugly situation of constant complicity with the aggression against the rights of the noble and long-suffering Palestinian people,” he explained.