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August 21, 2015

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VIDEO: Chris Hedges and Larry Hamm Talk Police Violence and America’s Deep-Rooted Racism

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

In this latest episode of hisTeleSUR show “Days of Revolt,” Truthdig columnist, author and activist Chris Hedges takes on the considerable and timely topics of police brutality and entrenched racism in America.

Helping Hedges break it down is Larry Hamm, longtime organizer and founder of the Newark, N.J.-based People’s Organization for Progress.

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As Hedges notes, although recent flare-ups of police violence and lethal racism, captured and distributed via new technologies and devices, have drawn national attention to these issues, their history is long and ignominious.

“Police brutality is deeply rooted in contemporary urban communities,” agrees Hamm.

What’s more, Hamm notes, African-Americans in particular are “part of a system of racial control that has existed since Africans came to the United States.”

Watch the full 25-minute discussion between Hamm and Hedges below:

—Posted by Kasia Anderson