"The killings, massacres, destruction, atrocities and barbarism that have taken place since the first day of the war and continue to be, Bush and his US administration are the first ones to be blamed. In our opinion, Olmert and his government are mere executive tools of this war" – Nasrallah Speaks

August 8, 2006

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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful: “Men said to them: “A great army is gathering against you”: And frightened them: But it (only) increased their Faith: They said: “For us God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs.”

Peace be upon all of you…

Once again, I address you today as we are entering the fourth week of the open war which “Israel” declared against Lebanon. As usual, I find myself concerned to talk about several points and issues that are relevant to the field, political and public developments that are occurring on the level of this confrontation. I will mainly concentrate on some field issues because of their significance and because I have been telling you since the first day that the field is the main, crucial and decisive element of this battle, added to other significant and key elements that must not be ignored or overlooked. This is why I will try in my speech to focus on some of the field aspects due to their criticality and significance regarding the ongoing battle.

As I speak, your brethren and children of the resistance combatants are enduring heroic battles along the frontline in south Lebanon, in each town, village, highland, mountain and outpost. This is where I begin, from the battles which the freedom fighters are conducting against a group of brigades, as the enemy declared. This issue is nothing new; this is a group of Israeli enemy brigades, the crème of the brigades, the crème of the parachutists, and armored brigades, which are operating within the shade of a heavy and violent cover by the Israeli air force.

These battles on the ground are taking place at present. They began since the first day of war and aggression. Since the first day, there have been confrontations on the ground. But what is occurring at present is that these battles have become more comprehensive, wider, and more violent. We all remember the confrontations that took place in Maroun El-Rass, Aytaroun, and Ayta Shaab at the early days as well as the historic and heroic battles that took place at the triangle of men in Bint Jbail, Maroun El-Rass and Aytaroun.

Over the past two or three days, this operational confrontation on the field took different forms with the participation of a number of brigades and tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers as well as hundreds of Israeli tanks and vehicles. However, on the opposite side, the freedom fighters stand up to them with courage, valor, and strength, intercepting this advancement. The fact that a few days have past, one can still see that the fighting is still taking place at the frontlines and in the front villages and outposts.

The Zionists as well have been surprised by this confrontation on the land since the start. But now, they are receiving confirmation on their first conclusions which they concluded from the battles of Maroun El-Rass, Aytaroun, Ayta Shaab, Bint Jbail or any other battle that is giving them confirmation through the events of these days. The two most important issues on the level of the field are protruding as follows:

The first issue relates to the human element, the way which the Israelis used when they came and infiltrated or surrounded a certain town, leaving a back road for the fighters to escape and turn tail. But in all the battles which they endured until now, the fighters have been maintaining their positions, fighting to the last breath and last bullet despite all the harsh and difficult conditions which they have encountered. Therefore, the Israeli has been surprised by the present confrontations, by the human element of the resistance. The experience has proven until now and will prove in the future the same issue; that they are men who have a certain level of faith, will, courage, steadfastness and willingness to sacrifice lives. This is the issue about which I have spoken and said that these entrenched feet do not tremble and will not vanish even if the mountains had to vanish. The Israelis are experiencing this issue in every post and in each battle.

Speaking further on the human element, by asking all the military experts they will say that what is occurring is like a miracle; that complete brigades with their tanks and vehicles and under the heavy cover of the air force are attacking groups of the resistance in this or that village, in this or that post. Still, those men maintain their positions, fighting, keeping steadfastness and falling as martyrs. They even find the initiative by attacking and inflicting materialistic and human losses upon the enemy. This is a miracle when measured by the military and materialistic measurement. However, when measured by the men of God, this becomes a natural issue because this is the meaning of faith, will and honesty.

The second element is the capacity that was available at the resistance, this was also surprising. The enemy was shocked by the ability, quality and quantity that destroyed its tanks and military machines, which are the most advanced, important and most powerful tanks and military machines in the world. Still, the freedom fighters or mujahideen have been intercepting and destroying these tanks. The entire Israeli military tactic depends mainly on the deep penetrations using tanks and armored vehicles. But when the tanks cannot move, the movements of the enemy officers and soldiers become slow on the ground. This is the situation.

Today, when they advance or penetrate some locations, they start seeking for places where there is no resistance in order to keep advancing. But sooner than ever, the resistance takes the initiative in the places of their advancement, haunting, killing and expelling them. These abilities are presently available pertaining to quality and quantity. In other words, this is the antiarmor capacity at the resistance coupled with the numbers about which you heard or seen through the TV screens and special agencies. Until now, we did not display any images because at the frontlines the issues can be difficult. The number of the tanks and machines that have been destroyed until now is very large. I confirm that the Merkava tank or the Israeli military vehicles have been also intercepted, deactivated and frustrated because of the human element that possesses a high level of steadfastness and military abilities which have been abundant on this field, thanks to God. Those two elements have been clearly surprising for the enemy.

Regarding the issue of the ground confrontation, I would like to stress on the following points:

First, pertaining to the battlefield, the ballistic issue as well as the remaining issues about which I will talk, the enemy, has been employing a policy of clear, abundant and open lies. This is the nature of the enemy and it can be part of its psychological war. Anyhow, some employ this policy and lie in the psychological or non-psychological wars. For example, in the battle of Maroun El-Rass, the fighting took place for days. But the enemy said that it took control of Maroun El-Rass since the very beginning. Also in the battle of Bint Jbail, the enemy said it controlled the city of Bint Jbail. Instead, Bint Jbail maintained steadfastness and fought until one of the Israeli analysts or senior military observers said in his article: Are we controlling Bint Jbail or is Bint Jbail controlling us? At present, through its statements, the enemy is trying to portray itself that it occupied, controlled, entered and took control of wide areas of south Lebanon. Most of these issues, without saying in their entirety, are untrue and lies and they are part of the psychological war which the Israeli enemy is employing.

The second point relates to the prior one. First, the enemy is trying to present a victory, which is different from the psychological war. It is trying to say that I achieved the so-and-so achievement. I have listened to the Israeli media means saying that after violent battles the Abbad outpost of Hizbullah has been placed under control. There is no such outpost with the name of Abbad which belongs to Hizbullah. There is a point at the international border opposite to the Abbad outpost; it is an observation point that has been evacuated since the very first day, where there has been no fighting. Still, they say that they controlled the outpost of Hizbullah after violet battles. I do not know what violent battles they are talking about and with whom they fought. Did they fight each other? Anyhow, on the second point, we are facing land battles and I said a clear policy since the first day. We do not have a policy of clinging on to the geography. Therefore, we have no intention for our fighters and mujahideen to be killed in defense of this point, this hill or that village. Our way of fight is not geographic. As I said, we are not a regular army and we do not use the way of the regular army. We rather use the way of the guerillas. Therefore, it would be useful for us to allow them advance into the entrances of the villages because this will give us a chance of a direct engagement in order to inflict human and materialistic losses upon them. This is our aim on the ground. Our aim is to inflict the largest possible number of human and materialistic losses upon the enemy. This issue is being achieved until now, thanks to God, in a great level. After this, when the enemy says it entered this hill or that village, this will neither change our strategy of combat nor our tactics or the morale of our fighters. On the contrary, when the enemy says that it entered this village or that hill after 23 days of fighting and heavy bombardment and ground battles while employing several brigades of the army, elite and reserves, what kind of achievement can this be?

This in fact is an achievement of the resistance, knowing that this village and that outpost have lasted until today while we know that the way of the Israelis is in using their tanks and brigades to invade and enter tens of kilometers within a few hours, but still, they are only advancing a few meters within days into south Lebanon. This is on the level of the battlefields at first.

Second, with respect to the sea, this is also part of the policy of hiding the losses about which I talked earlier. First, I would like to stress on the statement that was issued by the Islamic Resistance, that the resistance missiles targeted an Israeli warship type Saer 4.5 opposite to the coast of Sour. The Israelis denied it, the issue ended at this point and the case was closed in the media. But since I am talking about the field operations, I must point to this issue and say that when we first struck the warship (Saer 5) opposite to the coast of Beirut, the Israeli enemy immediately denied the issue. But the ship was by chance close to the seashore and we were able to shoot the missiles and take footage of the hit. After we played the footage, the Zionists were forced to admit that there was a military ship that was hit and that they had missing soldiers with a search mission for them. With respect to the second strike, I confirm that it took place, but there is no necessity at present to exploit the issue because the technical means defined the location of that ship for us, hence we managed to hit it, and the coordinates confirm that this ship has been hit, but this time off the coast of Sour. There was heavy fog and the ship was very far from the seashore. However, this issue has been accomplished. Anyhow, in a battle of this kind, it is normal for the enemy to hide the issue and emerge through the media to say that Olmert was onboard this ship which Hizbullah claims it had struck, and that he has been sailing in open. How can we know that Olmert was riding the same ship which we hit or any other ship?

Second, regarding the missiles bombardment issue, despite of what the Zionist enemy said until now on this field, the missile shelling of the settlements in north Palestine reaching after Haifa will continue; rather, it will continue with a higher rhythm pertaining to quality and quantity. Yesterday, the Islamic Resistance fired more than 300 rockets into the northern settlements and shelled the settlement of Beit Shan or Beesan and the city of Afoula in the after-Haifa Israeli depth using Khaibar. A few days ago, the Israeli enemy said that it will suspend its air strikes on Lebanon for 48 hours after the massacre of Qana. Its aim is to let the steam and ease the environment as well as lessen the impact of the massacre it had perpetrated. The enemy took this step. We also suspended our strikes, knowing of course that the enemy did not commit totally but partially. We stopped striking the settlements in north Palestine for two days.

At this point, I wish to point to the stupidity, arrogance and ignorance of the leadership of this enemy. Look to the mistake it has committed. This of course is evidence to us. Olmert read a speech of victory and announced that “Israel” won the battle. He also said that he indeed managed to destroy the entire military infrastructure of Hizbullah. Perhaps, he mainly relied on the 48 hours during which the shelling of the Zionist settlements stopped. These same words were repeated by Shimon Peres, the “stupid” prime minister; also his “senile” deputy said the same words adding that the military infrastructure of Hizbullah has been completely destroyed and that its Secretary-General fled the country. This arrogance and this ignorance prevented them from approaching the truth about which Lebanese and Israeli military experts talked. Even news reporters can understand more than this arrogant political and military leadership of the Zionist enemy. This is because the truth, as these experts understood, was that the resistance and its leadership took a decision to stop shelling the settlements for 48 hours. This is because we wanted to give the people a chance to rest and move the injured and sick people as well as let the people depart the towns that are experiencing difficult humane crisis, and give chance to lift the wreckages. This is the real reason. Hence, when the resistance stopped the shelling for 48 hours, this means, on the military level, that the resistance leadership is in full control, not only of the fronts, but also of all the launching pads of the missiles. This is why no individual action or violation took place. Therefore, there are forms that are operating efficiently and there is a leadership that gives the order, times the launching of the missiles, and there is a base along the front receiving orders and obeying.

This is the correct reading of the 48-hour stoppage of missiles launch. But how did the enemy read it? Therefore, as soon as the truce (suspending air strikes on Lebanon) ended and the Israelis resumed their raids again on our villages, cities, infrastructure and capital city, the Islamic Resistance fired in one day yesterday more than 300 rockets into the settlements, knowing that the usual daily record was 100, 150 or 170 missiles. We did not wish the brothers to launch this number, but this quantity yesterday was intended as it was today. The resistance also shelled Afoula and Bait Shan. The resistance can also, as I can confirm after yesterday’s and today’s performance, fire the number it wishes or the number ordered, targeting the depth it seeks or the depth ordered. It can fire in the morning or in the afternoon or at night. We have no problem regarding this aspect.

This is the truth regarding the ballistic issue. Therefore, we can find that the Israelis were frustrated; and I can say that what happened was like a scandal for Olmert, Peres, the minister of war and the staff commander. The Israeli media means and senior Israeli political and military analysts began talking about this issue. We heard Olmert’s retraction speech in which he said to the people, we did not promise you that we will stop the rockets, we did not promise you with this or that issue. He did promise them, his promise has been videoed. Anyhow, this Israeli frustration and this Israeli scandal are part of the aspects of the confrontation that forced the enemy staff commander yesterday to launch more threat to the Lebanese, and he said that he was studying the possibility of striking the Lebanese depth including the city of Beirut. Anyhow, this is an intimidation and part of the psychological war, but there may lurk a serious will behind it as well.

At this point, I would like to comment on this intimidation. First of all, the Lebanese depth, irrespective of Beirut city, is being shelled each day, and it neither needs a new decision nor a new lesson. The entire south, the entire Mount Lebanon, Bikaa, Baalbeck, Hirmil, Akkar, Tripoli, Jubeil, Kesserwan, Matn, Baabda, all are being shelled. There is no place of the Lebanese depth that has been spared until now. Pertaining to one of the aspects of the challenge, this Israeli scandal forced the enemy Chief of Staff yesterday, to further intimidate the Lebanese and said that he was studying the possibility of striking the Lebanese depth including the city of Beirut. This intimidation is part of the psychological, and a serious intention may lurk behind it. At hits point, I would like to comment on this intimidation with the following points:

First, the Lebanese depth except Beirut is being shelled each day and does not need a new decision or a new lesson. The entire south, the entire Mount Lebanon, Bikaa, Baalbeck, Hirmil, Akkar, Tripoli, Jubeil, Kesserwan, Matn, Baabda, all are being shelled. There is no place of the Lebanese depth that has been spared until now. Yes, Beirut city was spared, but from the words of the Chief of Staff, I believe that the intimidation targets Beirut city.

Second, regarding the city of Beirut, knowing that the entire Lebanese people are one nation, one blood, one dignity, and one security, where no area is different from the other, yet Beirut’s particularity is that it remains the capital. Hence, he is threatening to strike the capital city. At this point, I will not use the same terms which I used in the past, like when I said Haifa and beyond Haifa. I do not want to leave any margin for the analysis. As long as the enemy says it is studying the method that it will employ to reach the end, I want it to hear from me very clear words. If you bomb our capital city we will bomb the capital city of your usurping entity. If you bomb the city of Beirut, the Islamic Resistance will bomb the city of Tel Aviv, knowing that they can with the help of God.

Third, at this point, I wish to confirm to the enemy leaders and nation, this nation is living on false hopes and lies. Your entire air strikes and land invasions could not stop our rockets; even if you took several kilometers from the border, even if you occupied the land to the south of Litany or the north of Litany, even if you reach Beirut, you will not be able to achieve this goal. Anyhow, the enemy political and military leaders and its analysts began acknowledging this fact. But I wanted to confirm it with assertion and the help of God (The Exalted).

Fourth, regarding the rockets and the settlements, I would like to confirm that our shelling of the settlements, in the north or beyond Haifa or Tel Aviv, and since the issues are now clearer, is a reaction and not an action. If you attack our cities, villages and capital, we will react. And any time you decide to stop your attacks on our cities, villages and infrastructure, we will not fire rockets on any Israeli settlement or city. Naturally, we would rather, in case of fighting, fight soldier to soldier on the ground and battlefield. We are worthy of this battle and we are its men.

After this field narration, yes, I must admit that this enemy, within the recent period that was given to it by Condoleezza Rice, the period of the past week, managed to accomplish two great and significant military achievements, which I must recognize. The first is its perpetration of the massacre of Qana, killing women and children inside a safe shelter, after which it arrogantly justified its crime by saying that the resistance was firing from that house or from the vicinity of that house. Later, it denied but started to say again today that the information which it received confirmed that there were fighters from Hizbullah inside that house. It fell as a victim of this false information, this failed intelligence. I do not believe that there has been a wrong tip since the start. I believe that the Zionists intended to kill women and children in Qana because they know that we are human beings who are rich with sympathy.

It is true that we have a strong and steady volition, yet at the same time, we are full of sympathy, affection and love. We are sympathetic towards our people, women and children. They [enemy] want to pressurize us exploiting this point. I said this issue in the last speech. Suppose we accept their story of the wrong information, still, the question is: Is the killing of more than 800 civilians until now, most of whom are women and children, derives from false information? Alternatively, is this the morality of the Israeli army and the values of this barbaric and monstrous Israeli army? This is their first achievement that was accomplished within the period that was given by Condoleezza Rice. Now of course they are working on making people forget the Qana Massacre and that it must be absorbed locally, internationally, humanely, informatively and politically. We cannot allow this issue to happen. This is the responsibility of the media means, politicians, elite, intellectuals and all people. I am saying this at the time in which I can confirm that Qana is no longer alone and strange in the massacre, other villages share it this calamity such as Sreefa, and other numerous villages throughout Lebanon.

The second important achievement was the night commando that raided the city of Baalbeck. The TV showed us footage of this night commando. But in fact, there were two airdrops in that area. The two airdrops took place at the peripheries of the city of Baalbeck, not in the heart of the city. The target was Dar El-Hikma Hospital, which is located at the peripheries of the city. The second airdrop took place in a neighborhood, also at the peripheries of Baalbeck.

The first airdrop targeted a hospital, wow, a great achievement. An Israeli commando with tens of warplanes and helicopters dropped soldiers and officers in order to attack a hospital at the peripheries of Baalbeck, not to attack a military outpost. They entered the hospital in order to obtain important information that is hidden there as they claim. Still, they entered the hospital while firing bullets and throwing grenades inside its rooms. This in fact was a military failure and intelligence failure. This operation lasted several hours; the battle was confined to the vicinity of the hospital, where the fighters or mujahideen who are usually existent in that area took the initiative to confront the commando. This was intelligence failure. A great airdrop targets a location where it was revealed later that there were no leaders; not even the hospital manager was present; and there were no injured soldiers of the resistance. Imagine this: a great commando that seeks to cease wounded fighters of the resistance cannot face the young men of the resistance in Bint Jbail, Ayta Shaab, Taibe, etc… They dropped the commando to capture injured soldiers of the resistance, yet the surprise was that the hospital was empty. There was only a medical cadre of five people working in the ER. This enemy behaves with a mentality that does not regard sanctities or moral values. Hence, this hospital could have been subjected to bombardment or any other threat.

The second airdrop targeted one of the neighborhoods of a mountainous area in Baalbeck. There, the air force, prior to parachuting, destroyed a number of the houses that surrounded the targeted residence. Then, an officer and his soldiers were dropped to enter a civilian house, where a group of families, men, women and children, gathered. They kidnapped a number of men. The story was that the names were identical. I know, and we the Lebanese know that we have a problem regarding this issue. Sometimes in the airport or at the border, a man is detained because his name is identical to the name of other wanted man. It might take time to investigate the name of the father, mother, and date of birth in order to confirm the identity of the wanted person.

This was a great commando operation that took place in that neighborhood in Baalbeck, targeting an old man who is dear to his family and dedicated. His only guilt was that his name is Hassan Nasrallah. This is the intelligence of the enemy. This is its great Mossad and security. This is its great army, hence kidnapped those civilians. At this point, I would like to say that these are hostages. Those five civilians, snatched from Baalbeck, must be regarded as hostages, not as prisoners of war. The whole world that condemns the kidnapping of hostages must condemn them [enemy] and must demand their unconditional release before any exchange. This was a kidnap operation, the kidnapping of hostages, not capturing. Anyhow, in the end of these great achievements, which took place during the US, Bushist and Riceist, period, so to speak, the enemy Chief of Staff stood up to say: all that we wanted to do in Baalbeck was to prove to Hizbullah that we can reach anywhere. What is this great achievement? Did it deserve all these efforts which they exerted on this field?

Anyhow, your true image has been revealed to us through the confrontations on the battlefield. I say to the Zionists, I hope they can still hear me under the recent utter control of the media means: you are the victims, likewise the Lebanese and Palestinians, of a complex that exists at your Prime Minister Olmert. What is this complex? Everyone pays the cost of this complex. Olmert wants to prove that he is a great leader, and that he is like Sharon, Rabin, and the historic leaders that ruled this usurping entity. In this domain, I can say that he succeeded in one issue and failed in another. He succeeded in being like Sharon, Rabin, Begin, and those resembling them, when he perpetrated the massacres and the daily killing of women and children as well as destroying the houses in Palestine and Lebanon. Yes, I acknowledge this issue for him in this field; he is no lesser than them regarding this field.

On the other hand, regarding the field of the political command, military conception, administration, and performance, until now, he [Olmert] has proven that he is the most failure, hopeless and stupid Prime Minister ever to rule the entity of the Zionist enemy. I also say to them: let each Israeli ask himself a question at present about the performance of his political and military command, and question this entire war which they conducted after the capturing of the two Israeli soldiers. Did it lead to the release of the two Israeli soldiers? Will it bring back the two Israeli soldiers? Never… Instead, he could have negotiated like Sharon did in the past. But he did not want to employ this style. He went extreme. They must also ask themselves and their leadership a question after they said that the aim of this war was to restore the capacity of deterrence at the Israeli army. Did this capacity enhance? They said that they wanted to correct the image and reverence of the Israeli army. Was this image corrected or was it tainted further and further?

The current war proved that the Israeli army is a gigantic, blind, ignorant, stupid and incapable military machine. It can only kill old men, women and children as well as destroy the infrastructure. And I say to the Israelis: ask Olmert, where are his highly aimed great promises which he declared since the first day of the war, the beginning of the aggression? Yesterday, we heard him washing his hands of all these high aimed great slogans of this fruitless war. I confirm to everyone, to the enemy and the friend as well as the entire world, you cannot eliminate Hizbullah as you cannot eliminate the movements of the honest resistance in Palestine. You can never do so because the resistance is not a regular army. The resistance is not a regular state. Instead, the resistance is a nation that possesses faith, volition and self confidence as well as loves martyrdom and rejects indignity and humiliation. No one can defeat this nation. They can kill its men, women, children and elderly; they can destroy its buildings and residences on top of their heads. But they cannot defeat it or end the war against it. This is because this war will renew with each rising generation, with each new birth, with each fury, with each emotion, with each act, faith and with us. And I can confirm to you that the resistance will never be broken or defeated.

I reach the last part which pertains to the political part. I say this: I would like to confirm to our Lebanese people and the peoples of our nation as well as the world. I want to be very clear. The killings, massacres, destruction, atrocities and barbarism that have taken place since the first day of the war and continue to be, Bush and his US administration are the first ones to be blamed. In our opinion, Olmert and his government are mere executive tools of this war. I want to stress on this meaning and say that the blood of the women and children in Qana as well as the blood of all the old people and innocent civilians whose blood was shed in Lebanon are tainting the faces of Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney and this US administration. This administration is the assassin, murderer and assailant. Until now, this administration has been thwarting all attempts to stop the aggression and it is designing the terms and trying to dictate these terms. This issue must be clear to each Lebanese, each Moslem and Christian, and each noble person in this world. We are explaining this issue to eliminate any confusion.

I repeat to all Lebanese, today we are at war; but the war ends and it will end. I do not want you to ever forget that this US administration, the friend, ally and love of Lebanon, whose heart is aching for the nation of Lebanon and wants it to live in an oasis of security and peace, and wants it to be a democratic example in this region, this US administration may become the gamble of some people in the future, knowing that it has been the gamble of some people in the past. I hope that we will never forget this issue for our coming days, months and years. At this point, I want to confirm, regardless of the outcomes of this war, Lebanon will never be American or Israeli. Lebanon will never be part of the New Middle East which Bush seeks with Rice. This is conclusive God willing.

Regarding the second issue of this political part, I want to say to he who loves Lebanon and wants to eagerly help Lebanon. Thanks to God, the delegations are arriving to Lebanon. The Arab and international interest is increasing. I confirm to you as everyone knows that this, first of all, is due to God (The Exalted) and the steadfastness of the freedom fighters and the excellent situation in the battlefield and the steadfastness of the immigrants or those remaining in their homes, and it is due to the Lebanese people embracement of this honest resistance. The delegations are increasing and the interest is increasing. We thank them for this, may God accept their deeds.

However, I say to those who love Lebanon and want to help it, they must be attentive; we in Lebanon, or these houses in Lebanon were not destroyed because of an earthquake. “Israel” destroyed these houses. The people were not displaced because of a hurricane, Tsunami, flood or volcano. “Israel” forced them to leave their homes, killed the women and children of this country. “Israel”, armed with a US decision, weapons and missiles, perpetrated this entire bloody and devastative scene. We do not want anyone to treat Lebanon as a humane and miserable condition to which he offers medicine, food, and some money. Anyone who does so is thanked. But this issue does not mirror love towards Lebanon. If you really love Lebanon, you, knowing you can do so, must raise your voices. It is important to raise them during the internal sessions and meetings which you conduct with the Americans and others. What you say in open today, the entire world, all Lebanese, and all Arab and European delegations know who is thwarting and hindering the stoppage of the Zionist attack on Lebanon. It is Bush and the US administration. Go to them and prove there that you love Lebanon. Raise your voices there and be men for one day. Save your dignity and face.

At this point, I wish to say to the rulers in the Arab and Moslem countries of the new Middle East, there will be no place for your thrones if you abandon your moral and national responsibility in fear of your thrones. But in the new Middle East, you will have no thrones left for you, and maybe you will have no countries left for you. These countries of yours will be divided by the geopolitical map of the new Middle East. They will be divided into small cantons and countries on the basis of denomination and sects. This great state will not be the same in greatness. And this rich country will not be the same in richness. No throne or chair will be spared. For the sake of your thrones I say to you, gather between your humanity and chairs, and act for one day in order to stop this aggression on Lebanon. I, since the first day, said this issue and never wanted and pleaded anything from you. I am being cautious for you and for our country and homeland. This is how the help should be for he who wants to help Lebanon.

In the end, my salutation and the salutation of all of my dear ones, the brethren of the Islamic Resistance, to the families of the pure martyrs who are the eye, candle, heart and slogan of sacrifice, generosity and highest defense, to the wounded who are sustaining the pain of the injuries and maintaining their steadfastness in their land, to those who migrated from their lands and homes to other lands and homes, to those who are embracing the immigrants and the resistance, informatively, publicly, socially, financially and spiritually, to all of those who support us in this world and express this attitude of mine through the media, politics, demonstrations, sit-ins, and all forms of employed methods, our salutation to all of them.

The last salutation goes to the freedom fighters, the courageous heroes who are proving the face of Lebanon the victorious in 2000, proving the real face of Lebanon, defending Lebanon, and defending the nation. Together, they are defending the nation which America and “Israel” want to divide again, beginning with Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places.

I conclude by sending my greetings to the mujahideen. And I remind the Zionists that they have only one choice, stop the aggression and return to the political approach. No one will save you from you trouble. If you are betting on the US administration thinking it is capable of saving you, I must tell you that it is too weak to even save itself in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not come to save you in Lebanon. What can it do? It can only dictate. We refuse dictations; we refuse to accept any term. We said this issue and we repeat it. I leave the matter to be politically solved through the internal discussions. And we are careful regarding this framework. But I must say to the Israelis, your gamble on the Americans is futile. Your gamble on continuing the war and aggression is fruitless. Your gamble on the retreat of our will or the will of our nation in Lebanon is also fruitless. The only right and correct bet is by stopping the aggression and listening to the political approach and ending this stupidity which you committed and will only end in Lebanon’s victory. Lebanon is a country of a great nation. Lebanon is a great country. Lebanon is the country of the resistance. Lebanon is the country of unity.

Peace be upon all of you…
August 03, 2006