The first Israeli legislator who believes in, "Truth in advertising."

March 11, 2013

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Yossi Sarid / Feiglin, his cronies are fascists by any definition

‘Hitler was an unparalleled military genius,’ the controversial Likud figure told Haaretz in 1995.

Each list of candidates is tinted with its own characteristic hue. Sometimes, one drop is enough to paint a whole list. Likud’s list offers quite a few rotten drops, and with each drop the cup overflows.

The list’s color is as brown now as that brown house in Hebron. Likud’s official spokespeople did try to console and be consoled yesterday, when they said that the devil isn’t all that bad now that it’s been pushed down to number 20 on the list. But full revulsion is better than partial consolation in this case.

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