The Bernie Sanders campaign is giving hope to young men and women currently lost in the wretchedness of unemployment, debt and a futureless future.

February 8, 2016

In News

Fuck you, Gloria.
Fuck you, Katha.
And one big Fuck you to Madame Not-So-Bright Secretary of Death.  
(Does anyone remember that the single biggest aspiration of this Monster was to have a war named after her?)
A special place in Hell is reserved for bourgeois feminists who only thirst for Power, but don’t give a shit how it’s used. 
(In another era, Katha would be rooting for Ilse Koch’s promotion.) 
Is there any doubt that Hillary’s first act in office will be to bomb some poor defenseless country to show that she’s got–in Madame Not-S0-Bright’s favorite locution–cojones?
But, really Katha, who cares, just so long as your precious Sophie isn’t on the other end of the Bombs Away?
What’s a few shitty lives of Third World people, so long as you get to sit around with your Sisters (from the Seven Sisters) on Election Night and revel , as Hillary is coronated, how “we made this all happen.”
Fuck you.