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May 12, 2018

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Without the Jewish State, Israel, Where Would the World be?

My friend and I often discuss world’s affairs. ‘S’ and I speak frequently, through e-mails, about world’s news and the fixing needed.

Today the subject is the Moslem Brotherhood (MB) and its tentacles appearing in every possible social crevice.

‘S’: “Somehow, when Israel comes up with an extensive investigation on the dangers the world is facing it gets attention. Plenty has been written about the MB in the USA but, thus far, we have gotten nowhere on this subject matter that endangers the American way of life as we know it to be.

And that is what we think is required: a full moratorium on Muslim migration to USA, cleansing of all Islamic radicalization materials available freely in the USA and ending sermons in mosques, Islamic centers and universities, calling for violence.

“In the USA we need to follow in Israel’s footsteps. We must conduct a full investigation on the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA. It appears that when Israel speaks, President Trump listens. So long we have President Trump’s ear all actions can be taken and Congress will hear the results.

“This much revealing undercover video material, of actual intelligence, was collected on the Muslim Brotherhood that is working to Islamize France and the entire free world. The Israeli investigating journalist exposes the streets of Paris, infiltrates Muslim Brotherhood leader’s home and a Sharia Institution in France. Fluent in Arabic, the brave man goes undercover assisted by experienced intelligence agents.


‘S’: “The US should have been the one to get the Iranian nuclear program (JCPOA) documents out to the open but Israel did it for the USA. Why?”

Me: “Because the Washington DC culture is to care about nothing else but money and to be reelected. They are totally clueless, even on our constitution and they do not know what they are doing on so many aspects. Washington has become the rivalry of the people.”

“The Muslim Brotherhood is CAIR (The Council on American–Islamic Relations); they are shrewd and in your face bunch of lawyers, obnoxious and liars who do not in particular like the USA.”

‘S’: “We are all in this (Islamic radicalization) together.”

Me: “Yes, but USA will NOT admit it!

“US has a pro-Muslim Brotherhood State Department, there is CAIR, SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) in universities, and corrupt and incompetent intelligence services!

“We abet terror not fight it. All lip service.

“ONLY with the right leadership who do their JOB RIGHT it will take a long time for the USA to correct itself. But I doubt it; I doubt we will do the right thing until, sadly, a nuclear bomb or the like falls on NYC.”
S’: “I am so proud of Israel exposing Iran and French MB.”

Me: “Yes, I am too VERY proud of Israel exposing Iran and French MB, but Israel fights for her life daily so it takes the right actions. The Europeans are pathetic and apathetic, the rest of the world could care less and the USA is rather feckless. TILL citizen President Trump arrived on the scene and he is TRYING so hard to fix things that have gone so very wrong.”

‘S’: “Where would the world be without Israel?”

Me: “The world will be much farther in the cesspool of not taking the right actions; Israel is not only investigating the Muslim Brotherhood but is also leads in medicine and science research, with film content, start-up advanced technology company and PRIDE! And Israelis are on top of the nations’ list of as happy people! ”