February 22, 2021

In Blog News What We Can Do


Israel says God gave the whole of the Land of Israel to the Jews.

Every major Israeli political party says the whole of the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews.

Every major political party has pledged not to withdraw from any of the Land of Israel.  

Israel has controlled the whole of the Land of Israel for more than a half century.

Israel has vaccinated about half the residents living in the Land of Israel.

It has vaccinated Jews and hasn’t vaccinated non-Jews.

Michael Che of Saturday Night Live dared to say this out loud.

The American Jewish Committee now wants Saturday Night Live to apologize for telling the truth.

Israel’s leading human rights organization, B’Tselem, has called Israel a Jewish supremacist state.

Shouldn’t the American Jewish Committee tell the Jewish supremacist state of Israel to stop valuing Jewish life more than non-Jewish life?