Senator Charles Schumer: Architect, Abettor, Accomplice of and Accessory to Gaza's Martyrdom

July 1, 2018

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Finkelstein comments:
In early June 2018, Prime Minister Netanyahu said of the Gaza demonstrators, “They’re suffocating economically, and therefore, they decided to crash into the fence.” (
Eights years ago, in June 2010, Charles Schumer told a meeting of Orthodox Jews, “Since the Palestinians elected Hamas,” it made sense “to strangle them economically until they see that’s not the way to go.” (
All the death, all the misery, all the desperation in Gaza: if Schumer was not the brainchild, he was – and still is – an enthusiastic collaborator.
The good news is, he’ll soon be going the way of Joe Crowley:  all the money he’s accumulated from Wall Street and Jewish supremacists will not save him from The People’s wrath when he’s next up for reelection.  It’s time for Schumer to take over his father’s extermination business, since that’s what he clearly excels at.