Sanity and Lunacy, in Nassau County, NY

October 22, 2017

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Finkelstein comments: On 9 October 2017, two Nassau County detectives barged into my apartment in the dead of night without a search warrant.  I was only wearing my boxer drawers.  I refused to put on clothes.  Like Emmett Till’s mother, I wanted the world to see how these barbarians carry on. (  They pinned me up against the wall and handcuffed me.  For the next 18 hours, I was relentlessly brutalized by these thugs.  The next day at 2:30 pm I came before Hon. Judge William Hohauser.  He was shocked! He was appalled!  How could I be wearing my boxer drawers in court?!  He demanded $7,500 bail.  He ordered that I get a full psychiatric evaluation (I just received the notice today; see below).  But it did not shock or appall the Hon. Judge that, of the 45 inmates who came before him that day, 40 were African-American.  That’s civilized! That’s sane!  It doesn’t shock or appall him that Nassau County is a filthy, racist enclave where the entire criminal justice system, from judges to district attorneys to prison guards, is whiter than the Ku Klux Klan, while virtually all the prisoners are black ( The only thing that shocks and appalls the Hon. Judge is that I showed up in my drawers.  Needless to say, it never occurred to the Hon. Judge to ask me what happened.  Far be it for a judge to let a defendant speak.  That would be so uncivilized.

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