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November 3, 2015

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Finkelstein comments:

According to point (4), “There is nothing racial going on in the frame,” but “I’ve used it to create…a message about racism.”

According to point (5), “The photo is NOT news, this is Art,” but according to point (4), it was “a message about racism,” which would appear to make it as much about politics/news as about Art.

However, the heart of Sagi’s tantrum is captured in points 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, which aren’t about racism, and aren’t about politics, and aren’t about art, but instead about Sagi’s little photo credit.  

He apparently won’t be satisfied until his name is appended to the photo in letters larger than the Twin Towers.

So, here goes:


Are you happy now, Sagi?

You won’t have to write me anymore.

You’ll now have more time to indulge in Israel’s favorite pastime–

Gazing in the mirror at how beautiful you are.


OK, Let’s put things straight
1. This photo was taken at the dead sea
2. None of the people in the photo are Israelis, the “white” group are all tourists from eastern Europe, the “black” guy is a tourist from an African country
3. on the right shower is only one operating head, while on the left there are five operating heads.
4. There is nothing racial going on in the frame, it is just coincidence that I got this juxtaposition and I’ve used it to create a message, a message about racism, not just in Israel but worldwide.
5. This is not photojournalism, I’m not a photojournalist. This photo is NOT news, this is ART! I have used what laid before me to create a message.
6. So this is NOT “Israel, Black & white”, Israel has nothing to do with it. My art is global and not restricted to the country I live at.
7. This does not mean that there isn’t any racism in Israel, unfortunately it exist in Israel as it does anywhere else on this planet. What I’m trying to point out that this image doesn’t represent a norm in Israel where people who are not Jews have to uses different showers etc. 
8. Mr. Finkelstein published my photo without permission and without giving credit – that’s illegal
9. I’ve asked Mr. Finkelstein to either remove it or to give credit.
10. I’ve been asked if it is OK to leave it and give credit. I said yes and added an explanation of what really goes on in the frame, so Mr. Finkelstein could understand just how wrong he is by using this image for the context he gave it.
11. Instead of giving credit and considering the context, Mr. Finkelstein decided to target me.
12. After asking again to remove the image and any text attributed to me and to end this saga, Mr. Finkelstein decided that I should send him an apology first….

This is pathetic….