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May 29, 2010

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On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 1:29 AM, <> wrote:

  im quite tired of seeing your name plastered all over the internet.

 you are an islamo=nazi who does not practice what you preach

 why dont you go to the middleast and fight the israelis like so many of your islamo-nazi brethren?

 let me tell you why!  you are a coward who promotes the murder  of non-muslims but is unwilling to engage in such activity


 i wish you would go there to fight and hopefully meet your fate at the hands   of the israelis; anyone of whom is light years ahead of you in intelligence  and morality.


From: "Norman Finkelstein" <>

My humblest apologies if I disturbed your ignorance.


From: <>
Date: Fri, May 28, 2010 at 2:12 PM


You took a minute out of your busy schedule to apologiize for my ignorance(no doubt aiding  the cause of islamo-facsism as well as holocaust denial is a full time job for you).

Now let us see what ignorance is.

regarding your  well known opinions on holocaust, there really is nothing to debate. why?  Because  the truth is that you and others like you who hold these views on the holocaust are not honest about your true beliefs; you yourself do not even believe what you say . My guess is that the vast majority ofindividuals who engage in holocaust denial are doing this to attract attention to themselves. perhaps you were not gettiing enough attention as a college professor  and, like so many others , you knew this was a sure fire way of doing so. Certainly many deniers like yourself also utilize this as a form of jew-baiting.  Again, whatever the pathology is,  the  point is that i doubt you belive what you say.

As to your support for islamo-terrorism and palestinian extremism in particular, one might suggest you crack open a history book at some point in your life. you may learn that the term palestinian was used to  identify  the jewish population of the british mandate of palestine.  The so called palestinian arabs of today are not a unique culture.  Their language , predominant religion, culture  ect…. are ARAB.  The term arab derives from ARABIA.  All arabs who do not live in the area of present day saudi arabia are living in these lands as a result of the arab-muslim invasions.

other points:

1) the claim of the arabs to jerusalem is absurd. it was founded by hebrews and has never been an arab capital.  In fact, the koran makes no mention of this so called holy city of islam!

2) present day jordan is 80% "palestinian" yet  you do not demand that the hashemite king  go back to his ancestrsal home: saudi arabia.

3) claims of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the "palestinians" by you and others is ridiculous. If so, the israeli army must be the most inept military in the world because the "palestinian" population  has grown 4 -fold in the last  50yrs

question: why dont you protest the chinese occupation of tibet?  They are  truly a unique culture with a language, religion,  ectt… that is being wiped out.  Or why havent i heard you  protest the slaughter in Darfur. I guess the answer in that case is those are arabs murdering and enslaving the anamist population.


As long as arabs are doing the killing, your lips are sealed. God forbid  the israelis have the temerity  to defend themselves.

I dont expect a reply from you. Afterall , what can you say? can you deny the truth of anything i have said?


I live pretty close to Depaul university here in Chicago. I was heartened by their rejection of giving you tenure.

shouldn’t a professor be commited to historical truth/ or just truth of any kind?



     yours truly,


                              a proud supporter of israel and the lebanese christian community.