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June 10, 2010

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Dear Norman,

As a young boy i used to be troubled in history lessons when i learnt about world wars and massacres and the holocaust. I remember always seeing figures, and trying to somehow come to terms with the numbers killed. I was 1, my class was 30, my year 240, the fans supporting my local football team 19 000. I use to sit and watch people go by and wonder about their life, their family, their concerns. And think a life such as this so easily taken away, and that was just one. I use to wonder how cruel the world was, and how beautiful it was today. Of course i was wrong.

I cannot comprehend the ignorance of people to such abuse of human rights. My mind is just not equipped to understand this matter. Of course not only in Palestine, but in this case perpertrated by a state which is accepted by all and supported by many. I am young muslim doctor from the UK. I am completely professional and a considered a invaluable member of the community. But i have this fire of anger burning inside me when i see the crimes these inhumane people commit against a people. Not only at those animals who perpetrate such crimes, but those who stand by and watch, and those who simply ignore. The only relation i have to these people is they and I breathe the same air, they feel how i feel, think how i think, hurt how i hurt. Why does the West wonder why they are hated so much? If i feel in such a way then how would those feel who have lost their land, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, families, livelihood to these barbaric creatures?

I understand that there is another aid flotilla planned. I wish the world would wake up. I wish the sea is swamped with boats coming to the aid of the Palestinians. I wish.

I admire the courage of all those trying to make a difference.

Best wishes to you and your readers.