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February 21, 2006

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Editor’s note: Today’s New York Post libels Finkestein.

Reader letters follow article.

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Reader letters

I was appalled by what the New York Post did to you last week. Yet you may take solace in this announcement from the New York Bureau of Standards. 🙂

New York Post Rejected as Toilet Paper

The New York Bureau of Standards after careful testing has rejected the use of the New York Post as toilet paper. The chief bureau regulator stated, “It’s already such a load of crap that it cannot absorb anything more.” Because of its toxic properties The Post has already been rejected for use in wrapping fish, starting fires, as bird cage liner, or to block holes in shoes. The chief of the Bureau said, “It may be used for puppy training in extreme emergencies.” The New York Post should not be confused with a newspaper called the New York Post that went out of existence several decades ago.