"Provocative" Prostitute's Postmodern Prattle

June 24, 2015

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“Provocative” Prostitute’s Postmodern Prattle


Finkelstein comments:  Jacques de Maio responded to the email posted under “Love Letters” from “kr.”  I will offer a free copy of my la​test book to anyone who can make sense of his gibberish about “space.”  Still, I find his point (4) intriguing.  He says that “without 1. respect for the law of war and/or 2. relevant humanitarian services, that space is meaningless.”  Surely, he doesn’t believe that Israel respected the law of war or provided humanitarian services during Operation Protective Edge (OPE).  In case this “space” cadet has forgotten, here’s what the ICRC said in the midst of OPE:

“The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) firmly condemns this extremely alarming series of attacks against humanitarian workers, ambulances, and hospitals. These are serious violations of the law of war. An immediate stop must be put to them.”

The only possible conclusion, then, is, de Maio’s praise of “space” must be “meaningless.”  So, why was he heaping meaningless praise on Israel at an Israeli event, except because he’s a high-price low-life prostitute?  Lest there be any doubt on this score, see who praised de Maio after he praised Israeli space:



Subject: Re: Ignorance I can bear. Ignorance + bad faith, I can ’t.


Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 10:43:41 +0300

Dear Mr. Rimane,


Your mail stood out as genuinely interested and polite, thanks for that.


  1. The quote is taken from a statement you find here:


  1. After 30 years of work in conflict areas all over the world, I reiterate a simple and obvious truth: the humanitarian space in Israel/Palestine is, comparatively speaking, outstandingly good.


  1. The humanitarian space is given by all the parties to the conflict. In this case, Israel and Hamas both can prevail themslves, each in its own way, of facilitating it. ICRC concrete action during and after OPE speaks by itself.


  1. That quote was about the space – my subsequent point was then that space without 1. respect for the law of war and/or 2. relevant humanitarian services, that space is meaningless.


  1. And yes we know a lot more, as largely communicated but ignored by “scholars”. The rest is being dealt with in a confidential fashion with those who can make a difference for the people. That’s how the ICRC works – I invite you to check our website and blog.


Wish you a peaceful day.