"PIECES FOR PALESTINE" with Norman Finkelstein

November 14, 2020

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Monday, November 16, 2020 (in UTC+01)

 Q&A session with Norman Finkelstein
Zionism – Judaism, antisemitism and Zionism – know the difference, talk by Norman Finkelstein activist and PhD in Zionism.
Questions can be sent to The subject line must be Question to Norman Finkelstein.

This fall and winter PIECES FOR PALESTINE wants to add Palestine to the agenda, to the playlists and to the world map!

Sign up for the P4P sessions full of hip-hop vibes, a room for reflection and activism.

Palestinians in Palestine and in the diaspora constantly experience to be threatened on their identity and their existence, and for too long the international community has neglected Palestinians’ call for basic human rights and sanctions against their oppressors.

PIECES FOR PALESTINE invite young people from the West Bank and Denmark to meet at a series of online sessions. By creating a space for exchange of thoughts and discussions based on creative inputs, you and other young people build a platform to express yourselves through hip hop culture and create change on own terms. PIECES FOR PALESTINE is for everyone and your contribution makes a difference. We give priority to young people who have a personal story to contribute with. Sign up here:

Link to the facebook event.