January 16, 2009

In News

Sadly, Israel has been forced to defend itself
An American Jew said as she
Listed the sins of Hamas while failing
To take the rod out of her own eye

She castigated those who throw around
Words like “genocide” while failing
To note the three hospitals Israel
Bombed and the United Nations warehouse

Up in flames
As the people starve
While scant food and fuel and medicine
Trucked in as Israel killed and injured UN drivers

Is consumed by flames
Israeli hatred of Palestinians ignited

She mentioned her cousin in the Israeli army
When settlements were forced to evacuate
But that did not bring peace she lamented

She forgot the crossings were closed
Fruits and vegetables Gazans raised
Rotted at the border closed while economic
Distress and basics were denied the over-stressed
Population festering in the many wounds
Israel inflicts.

She was filled with shock
Dismayed when Palestinians voted for Hamas
How could they spit in the face of Israeli
Largess imagine giving up settlements
On the seashore with gardens and swimming
Pools filled to the brim as Gazans were denied
Water to drink and bathe imagine the gall

Israel remains committed to the peace process
While Hamas rains missiles down
Unprovoked except for Israeli gunships
Incinerating a family enjoying a day
At the beach while they blockaded
Medicines, food, fuel and any hope

The Gaza War is not meant to be an attack
On civilians – far from it – but an effort
To help Gazans rid themselves of resistance
Until Palestine comes to its senses

Accepts the enclosures and Wall
Meant only for their good
And surrenders all rights to us
The rightful owners of their land

We can honestly say
They have brought this upon
Themselves Israel is blameless
In the eyes of g-d and man
And the thousands who have died
So Israeli might live