NYC Emergency Forum: Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq. Stop the US/Israel War on The Middle East. Juy 22, 2006, 5PM

July 19, 2006

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Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq
Stop the US/Israel War on The Middle East
Emergency Forum

July 22
5 PM

Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South
New York, NY

A/C Train to West 4th


* Huwaida Arraf
Co-founder, International Solidarity Movement

* Anthony Arnove
author, Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal
International Socialist Organization

* Jafer Al Jaferi
National Council of Arab Americans

In the last 2 weeks, Israel has unleashed a barbaric campaign of
destruction against the Palestinian and Lebanese people.

Using the pretext of recent kidnapping of 3 soldiers by Hamas and
Hezollah, Israel has been bombing power plants, bridges, airports and
roads in Gaza and Lebanon thus leaving millions of Arab civilians
without electricity, water and food.

Israel’s crimes against humanity are taking place with the support of
the US government.

Meanwhile, the UN and the Arab regimes have failed to act to stop
this barbarism.

But millions of ordinary people around the world want to see Israel
‘s attacks stopped.

Come hear Solidarity activists discuss the real reasons behind Israel
‘s current rampage and what we can do here in the US to bring about
real justice in the Middle East .

Endorsed by: International Socialist Organization, National Council
of Arab Americans, WESPAC, International Solidarity Movement.

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Email: yusef.khalil[at]