Nasrallah on Sublime Martyrs and Laughing Cows

May 6, 2010

In News The Israel-Palestine Conflict

In His Name


Hezbollah Secretary General on the sentences issued in Egypt:
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah considered the statements issued today against the resistance men who were supporting the resistance fighters in Gaza Strip as political statements which are unjust to those noble men.

In an interview with Kuwaiti Al Rai TV Channel, Sayyed Nasrallah said: Since the first day in which the arrest of these brethrens in Egypt was announced we – I personally – asserted that those men are noble resistance fighters and not as what the head of the court who was announcing the statements said – as he referred to them as outlaws, criminals and terrorists. They are rather among the noble in the nation. Their sole and true crime is that they were extending a helping hand to their brethrens in Gaza Strip and supporting and backing the legitimate Palestinian resistance which must be embraced by all. These men were assuming this obligation, and all what was said was mere fabrications to cover the procedure taken against them.

His Eminence addressed the arrested fighters and their families saying: When you chose the way of supporting and helping the Palestinian people, you were aware that you are at any time liable to arrest and more than that – being killed and martyred. Consequently what you are facing – whether the prison or the statements which were issued today – are a token of honor to those noble fighters. He added: It is a source of pride for us. Let all Arab and Islamic peoples know that we are being arrested and imprisoned because we say Allah is our Lord and we listen to Allah Al Mighty who orders us to stand with our brethrens in Palestine and Gaza Strip. Thus I do not see in that any loss for any Arab dimension. On the contrary this asserts the authenticity of our stance and our commitment towards the Palestinian people. Indeed it’s the possible commitment. We look forward to achieving more than that. Still we are paying for the limited extent we are assuming. This is in the eye of Allah and in the way of Allah Al Mighty.

His Eminence said: Indeed what is taking place in Egypt is not locked. We will not leave these brethrens in prison. We will follow this case even after the statements were issued, and as in the previous stage, we sought to address these issues through judicial and legal channels.
He added: Now the case is outside the court and perhaps the only available ways out are political.
His Eminence concluded: We will seek through political and diplomatic means to address this case to do justice to these brethrens and not to let them stay in prison.