Nasrallah on Netanyahu's speech

June 16, 2009

In News The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Netanyahu’s speech that is assumed everyone has learnt of, first of all has thwarted the bets of all Arabs, their governments and the so-called Moderate Arabs, who were all betting on the success of the settlement process in the region and who were betting on the success of Team Obama in accomplishing the settlement in the coming few years. Even the Moderate Arabs themselves, from their official authority posts, have declared and commented that Netanyahu’s speech has torpedoed all practical principles for the settlement process and has shut all the doors. What do the Moderate Arabs and all Arabs especially the Palestinians expect from Netanyahu and from the Netanyahu-Lieberman government?

What further added to their mood of frustration, that this artistic game; this play that is directed by Team Obama for the purpose of buying time with the
Arab peoples, has been swiftly divulged as soon as Team Obama commented that Netanyahu’s speech is very important and a positive and an advanced step.

If we read Netanyahu’s speech we trace neither an advanced step nor anything that is important or even positive. Frankly speaking, Netanyahu’s speech is reminiscent of what Sharon said about the Arab Peace Initiative that it is of no avail not even worth the ink it was written with. Netanyahu was only reiterating to all Arabs that the Arab Peace Initiative is futile and that this is their vision of peace in the region. Netanyahu thus puts the region in face of dangers, the dangers of the settlement of the Palestinians and the dangers of the expulsion of 1948-Palestinians through working hard on calling for recognizing “Israel” as a Jewish State.

Netanyahu’s speech must cause a shock to all the governments, peoples and leaderships in the Arab and Islamic worlds and must prompt them to rethink their policies, reinforce the option of resistance and bolster the power factors and not collude against those powerful aspects or isolate them or besiege them. Hence the Palestinians ought to let go all their divisions and all Arabs are to let go their false dreams and the phantom bets that are just captivating their minds and are called upon for an aware stance, determination, knowledge and seriousness and for taking a definite and decisive option.