Muhammad of Gaza in Malaysia

November 2, 2016

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Help a Gaza Student Resettle in Malaysia


The Story

My name is Muhammad Shehada. I am a junior 21-year-old writer and civil society activist from the Gaza Strip.

After four sleepless nights on the Egypt-Gaza border, I recently broke the blockade and managed to travel to Malaysia where I will freshly start a program of Business Administration at the University of Malaya, for the next three years.

Living on my own outside Palestine for the first time has presented some unexpected costs and challenges–the standard of living is much higher, the student dorms are full since I was unable to leave Gaza before the semester started, and I find myself stuck with worries and concerns on how to settle here successfully.

Many of you have supported my writing and advocacy from all around the world. At this time, I’m asking for your support as I make this difficult transition. In my dire situation, the money I collect from this fundraiser will help me pay the admission and tuition fees for the first semester, support my living costs for the next few months, and will allow me to find a place to live. All of this will help ease my worries about having enough to get by on my own.

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