Muhammad from Gaza on Sunshine in the Dead of Night (Thank you, Israel, thank you)

June 6, 2015

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During the past three months, a lot of tension has built up between Hamas and Salafies in Gaza who are aligned with ISIS.  TheSalafies started threatening Hamas, demanding the release of their imprisoned leaders, and explosions could be heard all around Gaza city. In return, Hamas demolished a Salafi mosque that was used as an operations center, and ​an arrest campaign targeted all of them.

Two days ago, Hamas forces went to arrest a Salafi ​named ​Younis Hanar, a 27 year-old, after a report that he was storing illegal armory in his house. When the ​police arrived, Hanar refused to turn himself in, and threatened to blow himself up with an explosive belt.  The argument turned into fire exchange that led to Hanar’s death.

The Salafies went mad afterward, and threatened Hamas with revenge.  It didn’t take too long till their revenge started on the same night by launching three rockets towards Israel that landed ineffectively in empty grounds of Negev and Ashdod.  Then after an hour, a small explosion occurred in Gaza’s seaport with no casualties.

Immediately the Israeli F16 planes and drones spread all around the city, making terrible noise that scared the children, as usual. People knew the airstrikes will start any minute, so the lights weren’t turned off.

After four hours, the first two airstrikes targeted an empty grounds in north of Gaza called Khayalah belonging to Hamas’s armed Qassam brigades, then another airstrike targeted Abu Jarad site of Hamas in Gaza city.  The “retaliations” stopped with four airstrikes on Heteen site of Hamas in Khan Younis.
  The Ministry of Health reported later that no one was injured nor killed.

All the airstrikes targeted Hamas, and none targeted the responsible Salafies. It happened so fast this time.

​ I had prepared myself with popcorn and juice but it was over before I got to watch “All About Eve​.”
​But with Israel, you can always be sure there will be a next time.