December 2, 2014

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Israel’s Ambassador to Europe: ‘You Failed Jews in 40s, You Are Failing Israel Now

On November 24, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, made a statement to the United Nations General Assembly about “The Question of Palestine”.

The speech was made in reference to the Swedish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs after Sweden decided to hold its own speech about “The Question of Palestine” led by the Swedish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, who was in attendance for the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People debate. Usually, during the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People debate, the European Union makes a collective announcement. The debate usually results in numerous anti-Israel resolutions.

Ambassador Ron Prosor, in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, also targeted the rest of the European nations, saying “You, the European nations, never stood beside us, and it is no surprise that you aren’t standing beside us today. There is not one Israeli who trusts your hollow promises on matters of Israel’s security.”

Prosor also added that the European nations have failed Israel, saying, “You failed us. You failed us in the 1940s. You failed us in 1973. And you are failing us again today.”

Prosor specifically targeted Sweden in the speech, saying, “The first E.U. member to officially recognize a Palestinian state was Sweden. One has to wonder why the Swedish Government was so anxious to take this step. When it comes to other conflicts in our region, the Swedish Government calls for direct negotiations between the parties – but for the Palestinians, surprise, surprise, they roll out the red carpet.”

He continued to criticize Sweden’s partiality towards the Palestinians, saying, “The Swedish Government may host the Nobel Prize ceremony, but there is nothing noble about their cynical political campaign to appease the Arabs in order to get a seat on the Security Council. Nations on the Security Council should have sense, sensitivity, and sensibility. Well, the Swedish Government has shown no sense, no sensitivity and no sensibility. Just nonsense.”