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November 9, 2006

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From: “John Orvis” johnorvis[at]
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 22:00:58
Cc:, NormanGF[at]
Subject: On Scholarship and Dignity

Prof. Dershowitz,

In regards to your campaign to defame Norman Finkelstein, it should be noted that at no time during the debate were you personally impugned. That is not to say that your credibility and your lack of scholarly credentials were not put into question–they were, and rightly so. But no one ever took anything you said out of context as you did so willingly with the texts of Finkelstein’s (in particular I’m referring to what you wrote about his mother, or questioning his mental stability or yada yada). And of all of the letters that have been written to you by concerned individuals and posted on Norman Finkelstein’s website, I have found all of them to be far more thoughtful, humane, and concerned with THE FACTS than you have been.

So that is why I write you with some regret and hesitation. After all, why are you deserving of coherent criticism given your unwillingness to afford your interlocutors the same privilege? But I feel compelled to do so if only to let you know that at least one more person sees through your deceptive tactics and finds your actions deplorable—that is your willing misrepresentation of your opponents’ ideas, and the fraudulent accusations you level against them when the facts won’t permit you to speak.

I’ve watched you debate and I’ve seen your limited scope of tricks. You like to change the subject a lot. Though you constantly cry out that your opponent is making an ad hominem argument, ironically the one in the room that is doing so is you. After all, what is calling your opponent’s work a “screed”? So your opponent’s works are boring? Never mind the fact that this is a diversionary tactic on your part to shift debate from the actual academic misconduct, which lies squarely in your works. But is “screed” really the best you can do? Boring and long? Does that say anything about the real question–in this case whether or not their arguments are sound? Whether or not they cite authoritative sources? And no, is not an appropriate source for something concerning casualty figures. Just two years ago, during my undergrad years as a political science major, it never would’ve occurred to me to attempt something so ridiculous and outside the norms of academic conduct. And the TA’s would’ve admonished me for trying.

You can prevaricate on the illegitimacy of the sources you cite Mr. Dershowitz. You can keep changing the subject, but reasonable people understand what you’re doing. When you start yelling “self-hating-Jew” or “he thinks his mother is a kapo,” people know that you can no longer challenge your opponent on the facts.

-John Orvis

On 7/13/07, Alan Dershowitz wrote:

Have u seen the cartoon f arranged for a holocaust denying cartoonist to draw of me to illustrate his accusation that I was a “moral pervert”. It showed me masterbating to dead lebanese civilians. No ad hominim? Are u blind?

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From: “John Orvis” johnorvis[at]
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 17:13:41
To:”Alan Dershowitz” , NormanGF[at]
Subject: Re: On Scholarship and Dignity

Prof. Dershowitz,

First the issue of whether or not Finkelstein had a hand in or is tacitly responsible for the cartoons. This I can’t know, and won’t comment on.

Cartoons tell stories in metaphor. Though the cartoon is a depiction of you masturbating to dying civilians, it’s not literal. And when paired with the article Finkelstein wrote, “Should Alan Dershowitz Target Himself for Assassination?” the message the cartoon tries to convey is quite clear: That you, Alan Dershowitz, think that Israel’s use of force should be praised because of their “extraordinary steps to minimize civilian casualties.” It also becomes clear that you believe Israel is the exception to the rule on when to use force and how much force to use.

That’s the message of the Latuff cartoon and you know it. If that’s contrary to your position, say so, but don’t call the artist a “neo-nazi.”

Finkelstein goes on in the article to cite your book Preemption, where he attempts to refute claims about how you think the old standards of international law don’t apply, and that Israel’s attack on Egypt in 1967 was a paradigmatic example of the use of force. And this continues.

You made the claims.
He tried to refute them.
That’s the schema of his article.

And it’s certainly not the schema you followed in your response originally published in FrontPageMag. If we look at your response to the letter, we see that you sidestep all of Finkelstein’s claims. And you immediately grasp hold of the cartoon and the title of the article (obviously not a call for your assassination. It’s merely a reductio ad absurdum of your argument that allows targeted assassinations of Palestinians who incite violence. And yes, that means Finkelstein is accusing you of inciting more violence by condoning past and future Israeli aggression. You apply to yourself the same standards you apply to others. That’s the thrust of the title, and I think you know that too.(The explanation of the title lies in Finkelstein’s final paragraph of the article and is worth posting at the end of this e-mail)). And then you start in with the pre-ambulatory name-calling:

“when the notorious Jewish anti-Semite and Holocaust-justice denier Norman Finkelstein wrote a screed suggesting that I be targeted ‘for assassination’ because of my views on Israel.” (my emphasis)

There’s that ‘screed’ word again…

The message of the cartoon was fairly obvious and not slanderous.
And I don’t agree with your pious defense that you were somehow so offended
by its lewd content and the fact that there was a Star of David (the Israeli flag)
on the back of the chair. Here I think Finkelstein’s analysis of the situation is

-John Orvis

Original article that was paired with cartoon “Should Alan Dershowitz Target Himself for Assassination?”:

Original cartoon (now paired with Mr. Dershowitz’s response letter to the cartoon and article):

Final paragraph of “Sould Alan Dershowitz Target Himself for Assassination”:
On his continuum of civilianality Dershowitz appears to fall in the proximity of the Hutu radio broadcasters and Streicher ­ less direct in his appeal, more influential in his reach. It is highly unlikely, however, that he will ever be brought before a tribunal for his criminal incitement. But there is yet another possibility for achieving justice. Dershowitz is a strong advocate of targeted assassinations when “reasonable alternatives” such as arrest and capture aren’t available. The conclusion seems clear — if , and only if, — one uses his standard and his reasoning. Of course, the preponderance of humanity, this writer [and CounterPunch, Eds.,] included, does not think this way. After all the hard-won gains of civilization, who would want to live in a world that once again legally sanctioned torture, collective punishment, assassinations and mass murder? As Dershowitz descends into barbarism, it remains a hopeful sign that few seem inclined to join him.

On 7/13/07, Alan Dershowitz wrote:

How could the ad hominum cartoon have appeared simultanously with the ad h article unless they were coordinated?

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From: “John Orvis” johnorvis[at]
To: “Alan Dershowitz”
CC: NormanGF[at],
Subject: Re: On Scholarship and Dignity
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 21:08:13 -0700

Prof. Dershowitz,

Are you prepared to give me that as your strongest defense of the long list of legitimate criticisms of your work, and of your academic credentials?

I’m sitting here, and I’ve given you all the information you or anyone needs to know about how your work is shoddy and your conclusions are ill drawn. Your arguments have horrible consequences for all the people in Israel and the occupied territories, and I might add, with terrible consequences for those of us in the United States who have to see you’re illogical and double standard ideas be treated with reverence in the mainstream press.

And you’re still talking about a cartoon.

International law isn’t a game, sir. It’s not like being a trial lawyer, sir. You can’t “win” by slight of hand. The goal of it is not to fool the jury into believing you (nice work on the OJ case, btw). You must hold yourself to the same standards you hold to others when you’re involved in international law. International law doesn’t make exceptions for you’re your friends or Israel. Saying, the old rules of international law don’t apply anymore, doesn’t make it true. It doesn’t make it true because you sit at Harvard. And it doesn’t make it true if opportunists in government start assuming they can sponsor as much violence from the Israeli government as they want because they have stooges like you sitting around at the most revered Universities willingly throwing around the most vile kind of apologetics for Israeli state run terror. And when people dissent, you throw around ‘anti-Semitism’ because you know no one will want to touch an issue with someone screaming something like that. So no one dares speak ill of Israel. Do you understand? You should talk to people about that. They’d like to know if you know that you’re a stooge.

You’re the perfect stooge for any government official who wants to advance any cause–regarding Israel’s continual occupation or any legal issue by using your twisted logic. You’re a self-proclaimed ‘liberal.’ That’s a good start. And you happen to be one of the most influential apologists for Israeli terror. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You get to be both a supporter for the policies that have resulted in a 40 year old occupation, but you also get to restrict the spectrum of debate by claiming anyone ‘left’ of you must be a wacko. So the acceptable position on the ‘left’ is to allow one state to rule over an impoverished and terrorized populace for 40 years.

When people press you on matters considering your inability to faithfully report casualty figures from a war, or from within the occupied territories, you’d better respond to them with something better than “a man he knows drew a picture of me masturbating.”

You have a responsibility, sir, to hold truth above all else. You’re a Professor of Law at Harvard University… you know… like a place that’s not really supposed to have people sitting in its halls that spew nonsense, and when pressed to defend their untenable ideas, seek to destroy the reputation of their dissenters by calling them ‘anti-Semites’ and ‘mentally unstable’ and writers of ‘screeds.’

John Orvis

* * * * *

From: Shankar Ramamoorthy
To: askucp[at]
Date: Mar 26, 2007 1:49 PM
Subject: Re: Beyond Chutzpah and Alan Dershowitz’s letter(s)
to UC Press

It is reputably reported that Alan Dershowitz (a lawyer as
also a professor at Harvard) wrote the UC Press directly or through
his lawyers regarding the publication by your organization of
Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein’s book “Beyond Chutzpah”. It is further
reputably reported and alleged that such letters from Mr. Dershowitz
were an attempt to prevent the publication of the book by the UC

As a U.S. citizen, a Californian, and a UC alumnus I request
access to copies of any and all letters to you from Mr. Dershowitz or
his lawyers pertaining to Prof. Finkelstein, his book “Beyond
Chutzpah”, and any and all correspondence that your organization and its
representatives may have had on these matters with Mr.
Dershowitz and his lawyers.

Shankar Ramamoorthy

From: “Shankar Ramamoorthy”
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:30:21
Subject: Fwd: Beyond Chutzpah and Alan Dershowitz’s letter(s)
to UC Press

Mr. Dershowitz:

Despite public statements to the contrary, it appears that you
are unwilling to release all of your, your lawyers, and other
representatives correspondence to the UC Press and Gov.
Schwarzenegger with regards to the UC Press publishing Prof. Finkelstein’s
book “Beyond Chutzpah”. If I am wrong, please let me know where/how
the full correspondence from your side may be accessed.

I hope you will not jump to the unwarranted conclusion that I
am Prof. Finkelstein’s partisan: while in honesty I confess to being
more convinced by his scholarship on the Israel-Palestinian
conflict than yours, on this specific issue of whether you tried to censor
or suppress his work, I am trying to keep an open mind until the
evidence is in: the ball, sir, is in your court.

Please don’t say that your release is based on his release of
correspondence re. unrelated matters: if you have nothing to
hide, why be so coy?

Shankar Ramamoorthy

From: “Shankar Ramamoorthy”
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 16:47:20
Subject: Re: Fwd: Beyond Chutzpah and Alan Dershowitz’s
letter(s) to UC Press

Thank you for your prompt response.
I am unclear on what you want “f” to release. As I understand it
the issue if whether you wrote the UC Press and Gov. Schwarzenegger
to suppress the publication of Prof. Finkelstein’s book. Could you
please clarify what correspondence of Prof. Finkelstein is
germane to this single issue at hand that you wish him to release first?

Shankar Ramamoorthy

On 3/26/07, Alan Dershowitz dersh[at] wrote:

I will as soon as f does. Please don’t write me till then

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On 3/26/07, Alan Dershowitz dersh[at] wrote:

F was invited to speak at the iranian holocaust denial
conference. He also commissioned a neonazi holocaust denier who won
a prize 0in the0iranian holocast0deniel cartoon contest to 0do a
cartoon of me masterbating over 0dead0lebanese. He has been asked
to release his0correspondence relating to these matters and has
refused. I am holding back those parts of my letters that have not
yet been released until he releases his own far more important
letters. Don’t u think he should?will you denand that he do so? If
not u have a double standard for those whose politics u agree and
disagree with.

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From: “Shankar Ramamoorthy”
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:51:42
Subject: Re: Fwd: Beyond Chutzpah and Alan Dershowitz’s letter(s)
to UC Press

As I said, the primary if not sole issue at hand is whether you
attempted to suppress Prof. Finkelstein’s book from being

This is not about Finkelstein: its about YOU and whether YOU as a
public intellectual at a prestigious university engaged in the
reprehensible act of attempting to suppress another intellectual’s
freedom of speech. Thats it. Neither more nor less.

As I understand your response, you wish to allege or imply that
Prof. Finkelstein is a Holocaust denier or a sympathizer of Holocaust
deniers. It boggles the mind, since I am sure you also know that
his parents were Holocaust survivors, But, fine if thats what you think
or allege. Further, if Prof. Finkelstein had anything to do with the
genesis of the cartoon you find offensive, lets put that down to a
lack of taste. Why don’t you take these extraneous matters up
separately? These are not related to YOUR alleged nefarious

Your and your lawyers correspondence to the UC Press and Gov.
Schwarzenegger will become public, sooner or later. The UC Press is
a taxpayer funded subsidiary of the UC and cannot in the end withhold
your and your lawyers letters from public view. I have contacted
both the UC Press and the Governor’s office to get all letters from you,
your lawyers, and any other of your representatives put into the
public record. If such persuasion fails, I will look to the courts
to help bring this entire affair to light.

Shankar Ramamoorthy

On 3/29/07, Alan Dershowitz dersh[at] wrote:

I can’t wait to see you laughed 0out of court. Please0stop writing
your pathetic emails to me.

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From: “Shankar Ramamoorthy”
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Re: Fwd: Beyond Chutzpah and Alan Dershowitz’s letter(s) to UC Press
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 12:13:06 -0700


You of course are a lawyer and I am not. Perhaps you are right and
then again, perhaps not. Lawyers, even good and even great ones,
have been known to be wrong on occasion.

Thanks for the correspondence. It has been most entertaining and
mildly enlightening.

Shankar Ramammorthy

* * * * *

From: evasmagacz[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Release of letters to Frankenstein’s Publishers
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 16:18:48 -0000

Dear Sir,

I have been unable to find these letters. As I am striving to make my own mind about the controversy I will be extremely gratefull if you were to direct me to the place that these can be sighted. I am aware that you released them (as per your column on 11/08/06 in Jerusalem Post).


Eva Smagacz

* * * * *

From: jamesgeddesmd[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: NormanGF[at]
Subject: I will pray for you Alan
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 20:48:44 -0600

Dear Alan Dershowitz. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is this; I am afraid that you have been consumed by the spirit of lies and deceit. Also, I find your nemesis Dr. Finkelstein to be a true righteous jew, whom I, as a strict Catholic, can be proud of. The good news is that God loves you very much, and I certainly promise to pray for you, whether you want it or not! James Geddes M.D., Kingsvilee,Texas

* * * * *

Dear Sirs:

I have followed Mr. Dershowitz on TV and have read
many things by him on www.Frontpage. I have long
admired his legal mind, and his courage and honesty in
taking on cases and causes that others deemed “too
hot”. Defending Israel is a hard and lonely road.
Unlike, I might add, fashionable leftist academics,
who spout their views and live the good life of a kind
of “old boys network”.

Professor Dershowitz, you walk the walk! The
minefields that you have crossed, have been many.

I became aware of this issue of dispute (about the
full letter/note disclosure issue) from a friend. He
is a leftist. As a result, I went to Finkelstein’s
site and read about the issue in question.

I also already knew about the cartoon issue, or the
original aspect of it (but not Prof. Dershowitz demand
of Finkelstein’s own disclosure) from a piece Prof.
Dershowitz wrote that was published by Frontpage.

Here is a plea.

Mr. Finkelstein: I do not think that Prof. Dershowitz
has asked much and I can not see the big deal in terms
of the “Cartoon disclosure” issue.

But Mr. Dershowitz, the better man has a HIGHER
obligation. Your ethics are well known throughout the
world. But there is some other reason why you HAVE to
release the letters/notes: 6 MILLION DEAD JEWS. Not
5.1 Million, Mr. Finkelstein!

The VICTIMS are watching, begging from the grave, that
you do this. Why??? What has this to do with dead

Mr. Finkelstein has, with his work and his comments
above news stories on his web site, to any rational
person, denigrated the project and spirit of honoring
the dead and making sure it never happens again.
Finkelstein’s dispute of the number proves this!! The
same has happened in the case of Israel.

Like Mark Fuhrman who lost all credibility when he
lied about using the “N” word (and showed himself for
what he was: a liar with no honest testimony to
give!!), so proving Finkelstein’s suspicions wrong,
and showing him up as a loose cannon for making the
>claims about you, Mr. Dershowitz, would discredit much
of what he has said about Nazi victims and the
so-called Holocaust industry. It would do the same
thing in terms of his attack on tiny Israel.

Mr. Finkelstein has attacked Joan Peters’ book, and
yours (aside from the obviously crazy idea that you
would steal quotes, like others at your University
have done), Mr. Dershowitz, for content. On his
website, Benjamin Netanyahu recommends the Peters’
book for understanding Israel.

Just as I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu would never
lie, cheat or steal, I know that you would not Prof.

But those who are not scholars – and have to trust
academics – will often come to believe Finkelstein’s
claim that the book is a hoax and yours is too (by
implication if, as he says, you stole from her book).
simply because his is the only literature out there in
a condensed form. The same is true of the “Holocaust
Industry” and Finkelstien obscene counting of the
victims (he puts the dead someplace between 5.1 and
4.8 million, as I understand).

If you were to release the letters/notes Prof.
Dershowitz (inc. those of your attny), it would show
Finkelstein as a loose gun and discredit his other
works in print (the same ripple effect as with
Fuhrman!)! The attacks on Peters and the so called
Holocaust Industry would no longer be seen as credible
(as Lindbergh’s was not seen as credible after we
entered war with Hitler).

You, in an ego-centric way, Prof. Dershowitz may want
to twist Finkelstein’s arm over his “own disclosure
issue” with the cartoonist – You will release if he

said he would) Prof. Dershowitz.

ISRAEL. TO DO LESS, is to turn your back on Jews
everywhere: the past, present and future.

No matter what you can say, what arguments you can
give, by not taking down Finkelstein by showing him up
(with full disclosure of all YOUR notes and letters as
well as your Attny’s), YOU HURT JEWS (by keeping

Put in a way a lawyer can understand: imagine if
heard you say, if the lawyer has not raised the use of
the “N” word, they would not have been doing their
jobs and mounting their best defense. In not
disclosing all your notes and letters, you do not
mount the best defense against Finkelstein, showing
him to be a loose cannon (and yourself as a man of
reason). And just as a lawyer who does not mount the
best defense – who decides not to – betrays his client
– by not engaging in full disclosure, you BETRAY THE

If you do not do this (disclose), I will be forced to
believe that you are not Israel’s best defender and
the best friend of the victims, but a character right
out of Finkelstein’s book. In short a “Holocaust
Huckster”. For you would have put yourself above
Israel and the victims. And NO MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO DO

TO do otherwise is pure SELFISHNESS.

Nothing YOU can say about “fairness to YOU” or “wrongs
YOU suffered”, or “YOU BOTH” disclosing, MATTERS. It
is NOT about YOU, it is about THEM, the VICTIMS.

I can not think you will not be moved by this plea!
Your ethics, your honesty and your intellectual acumen
are too obvious. You love of Israel and defense of the
dead is too vigorous.

But for G-d sake, Prof. Dershowitz please release the
letters/notes. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU, even though they
are your letters, it is ABOUT THEM, the VICTIMS, and

My. Finkelstein, please do not publish my name or my
email on your website, I do not wish my name to be
associated with yours!

* * * * *

From: ediethomas88[at]
To: EKagan[at], dersh[at]
CC: NormanGF[at]
Subject: Slanderous website
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 17:00:25 +0300

Dear Dean Kagan

I am extremely disappointed to read a slanderous attack on the late mother of Norman Finkelstein on Alan Dershowitz’s section of the Harvard website. It seems like a repellently low method to counter Prof Finkelstein’s scrupulous demolition of Prof Dershowitz’s fraudulent histories of Palestine. You would be doing yourself, your university and even Prof Dershowitz a favour if you got rid of it.


Eddie Thomas

* * * * *

From: kons_s1948[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Please-Show-it
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 13:29:14 -0500 (EST)

Mr. Arse-show-it (you truly earned this title and I was referring to “…show-it” as show the letter),

First let me describe your brain which is obviously a mystery to god himself which is why your brain obviously is the eighth wonder of the world. Enough chit chat, I will get to the letter in a minute, lets get to the business, that is your brain. I have noticed the following interesting phenomenon about you. You usually pull one of the following tricks.


Dershowitz phenomenon #1

-When you lie, you say that in a way like it is very obvious the statement you are saying is true. So the naive and general public will not bother to investigate and trust you.

Dershowitz phenomenon #2

-When someone is just about to hit you with hard facts, you quickly and
conviniently ask a question in order to interrupt so the person gets distracted and forgets the original hard facts and never returns to it.

Dershowitz phenomenon #3

-Whenever you got caught with lies, you conviniently and quite brilliantly make up a ‘story’ in order to suit your need to counter attack. So in a sense, you are lying more in order to defend the original lie.

Dershowitz phenonmenon #4

-Whenever you got caught with lies, you move into a completely different topic in order to mis-direct the people. In this way, you are letting other think that you are answering the question but really you are not answering at all.

Dershowitz phenomenon #5

-Whenever you are hit with hard facts, you interrupt and not letting them finnish, so it is very difficult for general public to understand what is actually
going on, and the ultimate effect of your diversion is to give the impression to the public that you have a case, which you dont.

Dershowitz phenonmenon #6

-When you debate, your mentality always is how can I make a ‘wrong’ statement into a ‘right’ statement. If its just wrong to your eye, you should admit and acknowledge that it is wrong but you DONT and obviously counter attack in a way so it sounds obvious to people.

Am I good at this or what? You see, not only I can read your mind, but I know how your brain works. Can I get a chance in Harvard, although I have got plenty of degrees of my own. I guarantee you, those points came from my head, and I didn’t stole that idea from anybody. Promise!

PS: All these phenomenons can be found in (Finkelstein / Arse-show-it) debate and (Chomsky / Arse-show-it)


Now lets get to more lies and deception.

1-you obviously lied you released the letter. So please can I see them? I promise I wont tell anybody. I will send Mr. Finkelstein a letter not to show that letter in public. deal? fair? yes? no? maybe? Guess which fingers I am holding. I will give you the answer a little later.

2-I see you also make irrational comments about Mr. Finkelstein’s family. Now you crossed the line. I am not joking now, actually very serious. When you say something to others, try to put yourself in their shoes. If you feel pain, then shut it, that is your mouth, you got a big one.

The answer of which fingers I was holding..hmm…that would be the Peace sign. remember I wrote fingerS not finger. Scared you, didn’t I? Have a great day and be good. Hey, what
are you doing, not those Israeli propaganda sites again, wait a minute …is that PENTHOUSE? oh you little…where is my book ‘The Case for Israel’ to hit you on your head. I will soon be using that book as recycling, hey, just trying to be environmentally friendly.

I usually dont write like this, but you really made me. I guess the feelings are mutual then. you start to be shrewd, equally we will be shrewd. If you want to play hard way equally we will be playing it hard way. But we are ready to deal with you easy way, its your choice.

PS: you got owned in both of the debate. Go learn some skill. All I know you are going straight to hell. While you are going to hell, take Sharon and Bush with you. That way, we got two less fakers to deal with.

* * * * *

Mr. Dershowitiz

I find it rather curious that you would refer to me as
a “bigot.” I have carefully read my previous e-mails
to you and see nothing bigotted about them.
Admittedly, based on your writings and media
appearances regarding the Israel-Palestinian/Arab
conflict (most recently, your rants, gross
misrepresentations of the historical record and
despicable barrage of absurd and unfounded accusations
against President Carter), I consider you to be
woefully mis/uninformed on the subject and to be
honest, self-obsessed. In short, to repeat myself, you
are a fraudster and a huckster. You are also an
insult to academia and the very antithesis of a


Alan Dershowitz dersh[at] wrote:

Don’t count on it. He is respected only by bigots
like u

Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

Mr. Dershowitz

I am well acquainted with the writings of Professor
Finkelstein. Apart from being a lie, your reference
to him as “a collaborator with neonazis and holocaust
deniers” further confirms that you are cornered and
desperate. I confidantly predict that history will
view Professor Finkelstein as one of the few
groundbreaking historians of the 20th and 21st
centuries. He will also be praised for having the
guts and moral integrity to damn the consequences and
stand up for the Palestinians who have been cruelly
victimized by Zionism and Israel for nearly 60 years.
You, however, will be seen as an insignificant
hate-filled plagiarist and a meglomaniacal huckster.

Gary Keenan

Alan Dershowitz dersh[at] wrote:

Finkelstein is a collaborator with neonazis and holocaust deniers.

Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

Greetings all

Watch this priceless video. Professor Finkelstein
utterly demolishes Dershowitz the fraudster who is a
close confidant of Irwin Cotler, the Liberal party’s
resident pro-Israel propagandist and Arab/Muslim

* * * * *

Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 18:51:12
Subject: Censorship vs free speech

Mr. Dershowitz:

I understand from the article below that you wish to prevent Norman
Finkelstein from speaking at Brandeis University.…

As I understand it, Finkelstein claims that at your behest, your
lawyers wrote letters to University of California Press asking them to
cease publication of Finkelstein’s book, Beyond Chutzpah. Additionally, I
understand that Finkelstein is asking you to release the letters
for public scrutiny, but thus far you have refused, claiming there was no
attempt at censorship.

However your article linked above reveals quite clearly that you
are trying to prevent Finkelstein from speaking at Brandeis. Are we to
understand that you had no desire to prevent the publication of Beyond Chutzpah,
even though you clearly wish to prevent him from speaking at Brandeis?

Any clarification would be appreciated.


Mark Klein

From: dersh[at]
Subject: Re: Censorship vs free speech
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 18:57:42 +0000

Wrong. I have no objection to f or david duke speaking anywhere.

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From: tfrydel[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Release of Letters to Publisher
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 08:56:16 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mr. Dershowitz:

I am writing as someone who has not fully formed their political views on the Palestine/Israel conflict, as well as larger questions concerning terrorism in the Middle East. I regularly read articles and interviews by people such as yourself, Benny Morris, Norman Finkelstein, and others in order to get a sense of the full spectrum of opinions on the subject.

It seems imperative that you release the correspondence between the publishers and others so that people who, like myself, are to a large degree on the fence about the issues, are able to honestly see the facts and draw their own conclusions.

Tom Frydel

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To: normangf[at]
Subject: A.Dershowitz’s Letter-Release Problem
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 21:45:05 EST

To Prof. Norman Finkelstein:

Several weeks ago the little blurb below was posted on your web site in which Alan Dershowitz says he wrote to the publishers of your book, Beyond Chutzpah, that he had no intention to “suppress Finkelstein’s freedom of expression”. I guess that means he did not intend to prevent publication of your book. We don’t have the whole letter. I wonder why he wrote the publisher at all. However, a suggestion was then posted on your web site that one might ask Mr.Dershowitz for a copy of the letter, since he had said that it was “released”, implying that restrictions of privacy had been lifted.

* * *

In a Jerusalem Post column attacking Ben-Gurion University professor Neve Gordon, Alan Dershowitz wrote this: A case in point is Dr. Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University , who has defamed so many people, as well as the nation of Israel . He also recently defamed me by saying that I had tried to prevent the publication of Norman Finkelstein’s latest anti-Zionist screed, Beyond Chutzpah. In fact, as I specifically wrote in my letters to Finkelstein’s publishers – as Gordon knew, because I released the letters – “I have no interest in censoring or suppressing Finkelstein’s freedom of expression.” ( 8 November 2006)

I decided to ask to see the letters to the publisher and Gov. Schwarzenegger of California and on 11/15/06 received a very polite automated reply that my e-mail had been received and would be answered forthwith. Later that same day a reply came from Mr.Dershowitz, I assume, the exchange of which is posted here:

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 20:41:40
Cc:normangf[at], interfaith-cpr[at]
Subject: Request release of letters

Professor Dershowitz:

It should be a simple matter to send copies of the letters you refer to so I would like to request the same be sent to me at the e-mail address cejprince[-at]aol(dot]com. Thank you.

C.E. Prince
Austin, TX

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Why don’t u ask finkelstein for his correspondance with the neonazi latoof. If he releases his I will release mine.

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The reply was obviously written by a busy man. I felt that he was bringing up an unrelated matter which I could look into sometime in the future and did not see why he should attach a condition to already-released letters. I felt some reluctance on his part to cooperate. So I wrote back and the following exchange took place:

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 15:15:27
Subject: Re: Request release of letters

Dr. Dershowitz:

No, I am not asking about unreleased letters. I’m asking for copies of letters you say you have already released. This should not call for a tit-for-tat.

Jack Prince
Austin, TX

* * *


Why should I do your research. Are u not interested in finkelsteins correspondence with his neonazi cartoonist?

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and to this led to the next exchange:

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 19:36:14
Subject: Re: Request release of letters

No, not interested in that – just already-released letters of yours.


* * *


Now I understand your values. Please stop emailing me.

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SO, at this point the back-and-forth ended. Mr. Dershowitz implies that he will release the already-released letters to me only upon conditions.

To me, this does not sound like any letters have really been released, but I guess one could suddenly decide to withdraw letters formerly public if one wishes to, just as the government of recent date had reclassified formerly declassified documents. If that is the case, it would be only considerate of Mr.Dershowitz to say that is what he is doing. Right now, I can’t help but wonder about the content of the letters.

I thought you would be interested in all this. I’m sorry that it is so old, but Christmas season’s demands and trips interfered with getting this together all in one spot.

Jack Prince
ICPR, Austin, TX

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From: kaymart33[at]
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 15:27:18
Subject: The Finkelstein Letters

Hi Prof.

Just want to thank you for highlighting the talent of Latuff, an
artist of whos work I was previously unaware, in your ongoing
silliness regarding your unwillingness to ‘fess up re fibbing about
releasing letters you say you have “released” but
actually…erm…havent. The boy Latuff really is a find. The one
of you is not particularly good or representative though. Still
anyone who is engaging with the “the kids” in a medium and a
language they understand about Israels ongoing vileness towards the
Palestinians is to be commended so well done you for bringing his
name to all our attentions. If you could pop copies of the letters
you say you have released into the public domain regarding the
Finkelstein debacle in the mail to me I will happily reimburse your
postage costs ( I know what tight budgetary constraints there are
on academics these days!). Anyway I look forward to receiving those
in the near future and we can clear this whole misunderstanding up.


From: dersh[at]
To: kaymart33[at]
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 5:37 PM
Subject: Re: The Finkelstein Letters

I don’t correspond with bigots

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From: coaster132000[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 20:36:25 -0800 (PST)

Professor Dershowitz,

I too write to ask you to release the correspondence
you and/or your attorneys have sent to the Governor of
California and the University of California Press
regarding Mr. Finkelstein’s book, Beyond Chutzpah. But
I have something beyond that to say to you.

Despite the heavy duties incident to occupying the
Felix Frankfurter Chair at Harvard’s Law School, you
have become a flamboyant public figure and spend an
amazing amount of time on projects which seem to have
little to do with your responsibilities as a
professor. One of these projects which seems unrelated
to that work is your book The Case for Israel.

I have not yet read Mr. Finkelstein’s book, but I’ve
given close attention to yours. The Case for Israel is
a completely committed advocate’s argument for one
side in America’s most divisive and heated public
issue since Vietnam. It makes not the slightest
gesture to balance and scholarly objectivity. It is
obviously a political document designed to persuade
the American people, and more particularly the
American political class, that we should continue our
lavish financial, political and diplomatic support for
Israel despite the fact that the price the nation is
paying for doing so is already huge and is escalating
inexorably. And also despite the fact that there is no
longer any moral justification for doing so.

The book is a complete failure as context for American
policy in the region. It does not deal with the nature
of American interests there though you obviously aim
it at American opinion nonetheless. Forgive me, Sir,
but this is inexcusable in a scholar even if it might
be expected from America’s most fervent and active
apologist for Israeli government policy in Gaza and on
the West Bank.

Most of us affirm our obligation to defend Israel’s
right to exist peaceably within internationally
recognized borders. The nature and extent of the
obligation in specific situations, however, have not
been worked out satisfactorily. That there might be
limits to them is rarely discussed in public for fear
of the accusations of antisemitism which follow as
surely as the sun also rises. I refer you to your own
conduct in regard to your colleague, Harvard Professor
Walt, and Professor Mearsheimer of the University of
Chicago, the authors of the now famed article on the
Israel Lobby.

It is clear that while American and Israeli interests
in the region overlap, they are far from being
equivalent. This is a fact you do not address in your
book which gives the misleading impression that they
are identical. This too is in derogation from your
duties as a scholar.

I am concerned with what I see as a self-destructive
American policy in the Middle East. At or near the
center of it is our ineffectual but hated
relationship with Israel, one that is seen as
enabling. We need to change the rules so that it
reflects reality. The United States is the world’s
only superpower with global interests. Israel is a
modern but small, third class power with regional
interests at best.

It is time to tell the Israelis that the perpetual
stand-off with the Palestinians must end if she wishes
continued American support. I hope you have enough
love of country to understand that this must be done.

Hunter Watson,
Michigan Law ’71, Ret.

To: coaster132000[at]
Subject: Re:
From: dersh[at]
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 05:30:45 +0000

You haven’t read my book you’re a liar. If perchance you did read it you’re an idiot because it doesn’t
say what you claim. Please bother someone else with your bigotry.

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Professor Finkelstein,

How easy it is to assume the mantle of liar, idiot and bigot now days. I certainly did read The Case for Israel though it was about two years ago. I am not an academic but I am quite widely read in international relations and European history. Because of that I remember the book well enough. In fact I read it at the suggestion of Dr. Werner Cohn and wrote him a letter about it a that time.

Hunter Watson

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From: bubblesperson[at]
To: dersh[at]
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 18:35:15 +0000

Professor Dershowitz

Re: Request for publication of your letters to the publishers of
Professor Norman Finkelstein’s ‘work Beyond Chutzpah’ and your
disgraceful slander of Maryla Hurst Finkelstein

Please see here below our letter sent to Dean Kagan, Harvard
University, regarding the above matters, which is self-explanatory.
We have taken due notice of your comments on your website, and are
as a result very much bemused that you feel entitled to call
anything ‘objectionable, obscene, offensive and disturbing’ when it
is your own statements which have to be described thus.

In particular your slanderous, worse than despicable comment on
Professor Finkelstein’s mother is far worse than all of the above.
We are astonished and disgusted that this slanderous lie of yours
has been on your website for months now, while you have had numerous
protests, pointing out just how lacking in morals and all integrity
you are, voicing such a disgraceful lie. We ask you to now finally
delete the comment and offer Professor Finkelstein a full and
sincere apology forthwith.

We also ask you, as per the letter to Dean Kagan above, to finally
fully publish all your and your lawyers letters to the publishers of
Professor Finkelstein’s work ‘Beyond Chutzpah’ as well as to
Governor Schwarzenegger to prove that you did indeed not try to
prevent publication. We wonder why you would have stated in the
‘Jerusalem Post’ of 8 November 2006 that you have already done so –
thereby admitting that these letters were written and exist – and
yet nobody has seen them, which must lead one to the conclusion that
this statement of yours, too, was a lie . Nor do you appear to have
any intention of publishing, which unwillingness of yours to shed an
open light on the matter in turn would lead one to the conclusion
that the accusation leveled against you of trying to prevent free
speech is indeed correct. It would therefore appear to be in your
own interest to publish your letters so the matter can be truthfully

We also informed Dean Kagan of just how outrageous we think your
interference with Professor Finkelstein’s colleagues at DePaul
University, and suggest that you immediately stop all such action.

Lastly, we also would like to make clear that our comment to Dean
Kagan that you must lack the most basic reading comprehension skills
is certainly not meant as an insult towards you, but is instead our
true, factual opinion which we have formed based on your fallacious
and wild interpretations of Professor Finkelstein’s writings, of
which your statement on his mother is just one sorry example. Other
glaring examples of your total lack in understanding what you read
are that you can in all seriousness accuse Professor Finkelstein of
being a Holocaust denier/ minimizer, allied to neo-Nazi movements,
an enemy of Israel and lastly, a ‘self-hating Jew’. It is simply
incredible that anyone, let alone a supposedly intelligent man as
you claim to be, should come to this opinion after serious perusal
of Professor Finkelstein’s writings. Since the actual contents of
his works have apparently entirely passed you by, we wish to inform
you that none of your insulting and false accusations have any basis

As a matter of fact, the only difference which we can see between
your own and Professor Finkelstein’s objectives – those objectives
being the spread of knowledge of the Holocaust, fair and just
treatment of survivors including just retributuion, and the peaceful
co-existence of Israel and Palestine – is, that he believes in and
strives for absolute truth and fairness in all these matters and
JUSTICE based on International law for all parties concerned as the
basis for a lasting solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict,
whereas you advocate brute force and oppression, if not outright
killing, of opponents and a blatant utter disregard of legal rights,
human rights and International law in favour of Eretz Israel.

It goes without saying who is the better human being here – and no
matter how much slanderous propaganda you engage in, anybody who
actually studies both his works and your printed output will know it
is definitely not you.

We must re-iterate our requests – delete and apologise for the
comment on Maryla Husyt Finkelstein, publish your letters to the
book publishers and stop all contacting colleagues of Professor
Finkelstein to further your ridiculous, spite-driven vendetta. This
is the only way in which you can possibly still redeem yourself –
for your own good, do take this opportunity!.

Yours sincerely

Kate W.Trenkel
Dr. Charlotte Trenkel Sanwald
Dr. Hermann Trenkel
Dr. Martin E. Trenkel

Dear Dean Kagan

It is with much regret that we see ourselves forced to write to you
to inform you of our views of the behaviour of one of your
employees, namely Professor Alan Dershowitz. Naturally, the
conduct of Prof. Dershowitz, who, as a member of your veritable
institution is therefore generally seen as representative of same,
must be a matter of concern for you.

To prevent the reputation and good name of your institution being
irredeemably besmirched, it would be advisable for you to assert
your influence in the following instances of slander.

As you are no doubt aware, Prof. Dershowitz has been conducting what
can only be called a senseless personal hate campaign and vitriolic
vendetta towards Professor Norman Finkelstein of DePaul University.

We specifically refer to three instances of Prof.Dershowitz’s
untenable behaviour and written public statements:

1) His utterly baseless claim that Professor Norman Finkelstein’s
late mother, a KZ Holocaust survivor, was a ‘Kapo’, which according
to Prof.Dershowitz, who, as can be seen from his making such an
unfounded statement, clearly lacks the most basic reading
comprehension skills, was apparently inferred by Professor
Finkelstein himself.

We are unable to express fully how seriously shocking this cheap,
disgusting and repugnant slander appears to us. This is the kind
of beyond dirty statement one would perhaps expect from a fanatical,
hateful ideologue (which surely Prof. Dershowitz is not?) but to see
a supposedly educated, intelligent Harvard Professor (who also
happens to be a fellow Jew) whom one could expect to possess the
mental reasoning capability to debate facts objectively and
unbiased, to resort to such revolting methods, shows the complete
lack of Professor Dershowitz’s morals and integrity – which in turn,
as he is employed by you, does not at all reflect favourably on
your university.

2) We further would like to bring to your attention the sorry
matter of Prof.Dershowitz’s attempt to prevent the publication of
Professor Finkelstein’s impressive scholarly work ‘Beyond Chutzpah’.

We would appreciate it if you could ask Prof. Dershowitz to now
publish his and his lawyers letters to the publishers of said work,
as well as his ‘note’ to Governor Schwarzenegger. According to an
article in the ‘Jersusalem Post’ of 8 November 2006 Prof. Dershowitz
has already done so, but unfortunately it seems that no-one has seen
these letters – whose existence after this article can no longer be
in doubt. In response to repeated requests for truthful
publication, Prof. Dershowitz claims – contrary to what he stated in
the above article – that he will publish pending the outcome of an
entirely unrelated matter which he accuses Professor Finkelstein of
without any basis or proof whatsoever, which preposterous
‘condition’ is merely avoiding the very serious issue in question.

All of these contradictory claims can only lead one to the
conclusion that Prof.Dershowitz is, sadly, lying as regards
publication of these letters having taken place already, nor does he
seem to have any intention to do so in the future. It therefore
appears that the charge leveled against him of trying to prevent
free speech is correct – and such a despicable action coming from
one of your members of faculty again does not reflect favourably on
your institution.

3) Lastly, Prof. Dershowitz has engaged in contacting fellow
members of faculty of Professor Finkelstein at DePaul University in
order to thus influence Professor Finkelstein’ s professional terms
and standing there. Prof.Dershowitz claims that he merely wishes to
inform others that Professor Finkelstein is a ‘Holocaust denier’,
‘Holocaust minimizer’, ‘self-hating Jew’ and whichever other
ludicrous epitaphs he likes to throw around in merry abandon in
connection with Professor Finkelstein’s name. All of this is, of
course, Prof. Dershowitz’s very own opinion only, yet further proof
of his lack of reading skills, since any critical reader of
Professor’s Finkelstein’s works can, of course, only reach the very
opposite conclusion.

Naturally, the private and unasked for opinion of some other
academic from a different institution and unrelated faculty will be
irrelevant to members of DePaul University, but one marvels at Prof.
Dershowitz’ s immense audacity and spite in offering it in the first

We find it extraordinary that such willful meddling in matters so
completely foreign to Prof. Dershowitz’s field of work, career and
life are in fact tolerated by you, and can only reiterate again that
all of Prof. Dershowitz’s behaviour is not conducive to maintaining
any respect for Harvard University and so ask you kindly to put a
stop to this forthwith.

We thank you for giving our letter your due consideration, and look
forward to your taking the necessary action.

Yours sincerely
Kate W. Trenkel
Dr. Charlotte Trenkel-Sanwald
Dr. Hermann Trenkel
Dr. Martin E. Trenkel

* * * * *

From: justinloper[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Legacy
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 16:22:51 -0600

Dear Prof. Dershowitz,

I am writing in an attempt to sway you to worrry about your legacy. In
the last couple of years you have been under attack for plagerizing
Joan Peters book and have not returned a good volley. You have done a
terrible job responding to attacks from the likes of Alex Cockburn and
Norman Finkelstein.

If you don’t release these letters from your lawyers you will be
screwing yourself over. I feel it is in your best interest to release
them and finally put an end to this debacle. You obviously have
nothing to hide so why not just release them. I know you will respond
about some emails between N. Finkelstein and some Brazillian
cartoonist that virtually no one in the world knows about, that have
yet to be released. Here is your opportunity to call his bluff.
Release the letters, in turn proving that you and your lawyers didn’t
attempt to supress the book, and Finkelstein will be forced to release
his letters. If he doesn’t you will be vindicated.

Take the high ground, release the letters proving to everyone that you are the champion of the first amendment that you claim to be. Otherwise, fifty years from now you may only be known as the guy who got O.J. off and as a
plagerizer. SUrely that is not what you want your legacy to be.
Especially in light of O.J.’s book in which he basically says,”Na na
na na na, I did it and you can’t try me again. Its in the

Do what is right, this isn’t a question of fairness
release the letters, and why wait for Finkelstein?
Justin Loper My true guess is that you refuse to release the letters because you
know that it would not be in your best interest. It seems obvious to
all. You are a lawyer, this shouldn’t escape you.

* * * * *

From: bwilliams[at]
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 13:53:04
To: dersh[at]
Subject: some thoughts

Hello Professor Dershowitz,

I have recently started to study the conflict in the Middle East. As you know, it is very hard to find the truth” in circumstances where there is so much passionate disagreement. Recently I was interested in the controversy over the book by President Carter. What I found particularly interesting was his assertions and the responses he received, including yours. Here was a disagreement in writing between a respected, humanitarian former president and a respected lawyer and scholar.

I was surprised by many of the points in your written response to his book. However, when I checked some of your statements it seems that you artfully use the language to obfuscate rather than illuminate the truth. Below are just three examples.

You have discomfort with his use of the use of the word “Apartheid” to describe the situation in Palestine. I think that any objective observer would agree (and many have) that “apartness” is an accurate word to describe the differing legal rights that the two peoples have (let alone the physical “apartness” that is maintained). Do you not agree that Israeli settlers have different rights than the Palestinians in the West Bank? This “apartness” is based on religion and not race but that does not make it any less horrible and repulsive. In your response, you recite facts about Israel, not Palestine. You are a smart man, surely you are aware that you are changing the subject and creating a smoke screen. Can you not dispute the claim honestly?

I believe that you use the same technique in other instances as well. In your response to Carter’s assertion that Israel rejects the two-state solution, you only included statements concerning 1938 and 1948. What about after 1967? Could it be that Carter is correct and that after 1967 Israel rejects the two-state solution and Palestine accepts it?

You also disagreed with Carter on his statement about Jordan and the 1967 war. I looked into this and I find your statements very misleading. Maybe your words are factually correct but the thrust of your argument is not. Israel started the war by attacking the allied powers of Egypt and Jordon (among others). Israel knew that Jordon was allied with Egypt which is why they “tried desperately” to keep Jordon out of the conflict. The fact is that Israel attacked first. If one were to read your statement without background knowledge, they would believe that Jordan started the war and that Israel only wanted peace. This is disingenuous.

I was bewildered that someone of your stature would purposefully distort the truth. This led me to do some further investigation.

I found that claims of plagiarism have been leveled against you by a serious scholar. It seems that contrary to your statements in order to clear your name, you have, according to the Crimson, “incorrectly implied that Harry S. Martin ’65, the Ess Librarian of Harvard Law School, dismissed charges of academic dishonesty against (you) as “baseless.” Why would you imply that he had dismissed the charges if he had not? Also, I notice in your defense you make a general claim about proper citation and say that you have done just that. However, the issue is your specific case not a general one. According to Amherst professor Sayres Rudy who has studied your case: “I can say unequivocally that under Davidson College’s and other schools’ honor codes Dershowitz’s quotations constitute plagiarism, with clear attempt to deceive as to (A) his research and (B) his findings.” Why would you use a discredited book at all?

I found the controversy concerning your “alleged” attempt to prevent the publication of a book critical of some of your books. I certainly understand your concern about the publication of a book critical of you, especially if you consider the information inaccurate. I also understand why you would want to “persuade” the publishers to correct any inaccuracies before publication. However what I can’t understand is why you would say that you didn’t send threatening letters when there are published reports of such letters. (You have even made statements boasting about these threats) I know that there have been calls for you to release the letters in order to prove that what you said is correct (and the published reports are wrong) but you say you will only release them if Professor Finkelstein releases some letters of his. If Professor Finkelstein is the character you describe, why would you want the proof of your integrity tied to his actions?

Finally, I came across your statements about Professor Finkelstein’s mother. I will only say that your misrepresentations concerning his statements are shameful and disgusting and that there must be better issues for someone of your prestige to discuss.

Your statements concerning the Israel/Palestine conflict are at odds with the facts I find. It seems that instead of acting as a professor and scholar, you are using your lawyerly skills to act as an advocate for the state of Israel. That would be acceptable but for the fact that many of us rely on those in your position to advance the understanding truth.

Based on the independent analysis and evidence, the claim of plagiarism is credible and your response is, unfortunately, not. After all, you are using a hoax as a basis for your scholarship and then not crediting that book. I wouldn’t want to cite her as a source either.

Your statements concerning your letters and Professor Finkelstein’s book are really the icing on the cake. It seems clear based on the current available evidence, that, contrary to your assertions you did attempt to suppress his expression of free speech with threatening letters and/or notes. There is simply no other conclusion that one can reach based on the current evidence and your refusal to document your position.

Please prove me wrong by releasing the letters and restoring some credibility to your name.

Brad Williams

From: dersh[at]
Sent: Friday, January 05, 2007 2:15 PM
To: Brad Williams
Subject: Re: some thoughts

Why do u even pretend objectivity. You are as transparant as0 the “distinguisshed scholar”whose “research u rely on

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* * * * *

From: prochoice8[at]
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 17:27:15
Subject: Your letters before publication of Beyond Chutzpah

Dear Mr. Dershowitz,

I do not need any of your and your lawyers´ letters to draw
conclusions about content and style, I have been reading those of your books
which arein the library.

But, being not a native speaker of English, I am fascinated by your
spelling mistakes and your mishandling of the simple American-English

And of course I would love to read whether your lawyers, unlike
yourself, listen to their typists´ correcting them on that.

You are complaining about Mr Finkelstein calling you a “moral
pervert” – well, are you trying to outdo Christian bishops in reducing
“morals” to “sexual morals only and for others only”?

You seem to forget that you wrote a manual for rapists full of
graphical violence called The Devil´s Advocate – or are you denying you wrote
this book? Let a veteran of twenty years in rape crisis centre assure
you that you have perfect insight into the mindset of a rapist and
women-murderer, while the descriptions of the lawyer musing about lawyer´s ethics
are quite pale.

Do you really believe caricaturists or satirists need being
directed toward you?

You may flatter yourself that your opinions and actions are
effective enough in doing that.

And to make me wish you would be treated according to your own

Yours sincerely

Rune C. Olwen

By the way, is your Hebrew any better than your English, or do you
not speak this language at all?

From: dersh[at]
To: prochoice8[at]
Subject: Re: Your letters before publication of Beyond Chutzpah
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 17:43:56 +0000

Thanks for your biggotted letter which I plan to include in a book
of biggoted letters I have received. Please0 feel free to write
more since the profits from the book will be contributed to pro
israel causes.

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* * * * *

From: oberois[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Human Rights In Gaza Strip
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 21:06:23 -0500

Dear Prof. Dershowitz

Link shown below will take you to the Joint Appeal issued by Israel’s Nine
Human Rights organization. I thought you might find it helpful in defending
your book – The Case For Israel.

Thank you

Serge Oberoi
Ottawa, Canada

* * * * *

Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2007 23:32:23
Subject: contribution for your new book

Hello Prof.Dershowitz,

I just read your article in the Jerusalem Post (Nov. 8, 2006 3:19).

You very clearly and unambiguously claim in your article that you had “released the letters” sent to “Finkelstein’s publishers” but I was a little puzzled to see why many people are still asking you to release “the letters”? I mean,asper your article, you had already released those letters… right??

I got further confused when you said in one of your replies to this strange request that”I have agreed to release my letters if finmkelsteinm releases his.”.

I don’t understand. You “have agreed to release” ?? Hello?? what is going on here??

Remember? You already had released the letters.

I don’t know why are people asking you to release these already released letters butwhy are YOU playing along with them ?
Anyways, please stop this game and just point to the location of the originally “released” letters.



On 1/2/07, Alan Dershowitz dersh[at] wrote:

F has quoted from the letters. He wants release of lawyers letters0 too.

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To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Re: contribution for your new book
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 16:17:41 -0500


Thanks for your reply.

1) I am not sure what’s the real difference between YOU writing a letter with your own hands and YOUR lawyers writing on YOUR behalf. Do they just sent out letters to people on your behalf without your knowledge or consent ? Come on.. You know this argument doesn’t make sense. So, again, please point me to the location of the letters which you or your lawyers had sent out to F’s publishers. Your article in the JP is very clear and I am still giving you a benefit of doubt by not accepting that you in-fact lied in that article.

2) Furthermore, the point which you were trying to make in your Jerusalem Post article was that you “have no interest in censoring or suppressing Finkelstein’s freedom of expression.”

Well, if that is the case then why would you choose NOT to release the letter which YOU wrote Governer Schwarzenegger?

Wouldn’t releasing that letter as well will only prove YOUR point beyond any doubt ? (Unless you have something to hide.)

Hoping to hear from you.



On 1/2/07, Alan Dershowitz dersh[at] wrote:

I will release everything as soon as finkelstien releases his. Sound fair?

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To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Re: contribution for your new book
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 20:04:35 -0500

Prof. Dershowitz,

You did address my 2nd point but forgot to consider my first request.

Anyways, I will repeat. I asked you to point me to the location where I can find your already released letters. Your article is quite clear about this. You had claimed that you had released the letters which you wrote to F’s publishers. When you say that you had already released letters sent to F’s publishers then this obviously means that you are not only talking about the letters which YOU wrote with your own hands BUT the ones which your lawyers wrote on YOUR behalf as well. So, please stop playing this game.

If you still won’t direct me to the location where I can find those already released letters (including the ones sent by your lawyers) then I have no other choice but to conclude that you in-fact lied in your JP article and that would be pretty shameful for a professor of your stature.

As for your condition:- “I will release everything as soon as finkelstien releases his”, I think Prof.Finkelstein’s website answers it best.

” if the letters exonerate Dershowitz of all wrongdoing, wouldn’t he want to release them rather than leave their release hostage to Finkelstein’s whims?”



* * * * *

From: ra.ravishankar[at]
To: dersh[at]
Subject: The Dershowitz Treatment
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2007 10:53:12 -0800


Would you care to debate Norman Finkelstein? Or, are you scared of
him? He has issued an open challenge at:


* * * * *

From: Ssdd54[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: What do you have to lose?
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 01:28:26 EST

Mr. Dershowitz,

I have been waiting the release of your letter (polite note) regarding Mr. Finkelstein new book Beyond Chutzpah. I came to the conclusion that you are nothing but big mouth, Zionist apologist. I do not know what law you are professing and teaching but the law of deceit and lies.

Let me tell you that you are nothing but a bigot and racist, America will be much better without your loyalty to a foreign country called Israel.


* * * * *

From: kershner35[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: release the letters
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2007 13:44:05 -0800 (PST)

Prof. Dershowitz:

You wrote: In fact, as I specifically wrote in my letters to Finkelstein’s publishers – as Gordon knew, because I released the letters – “I have no interest in censoring or suppressing Finkelstein’s freedom of expression.” ( 8 November 2006).

Finkelstein says, “He has never released the letters his lawyers at Cravath, Swaine & Moore wrote my publisher. He has never released the letter he wrote Governor Schwarzenegger.”

Of course, if you have lied about this, you are not worthy of being called a Jew. You would then merely be another apologist for hegemony, racism and fascism. Yes, and apartheid, too.

Harry Kershner
Portland, OR

* * * * *

From: mtsustak[at]
Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2006 12:27 AM
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Letters sent to U of Cal, Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneger re Finkelstein

Dear Sir,

I would be greatly interested in seeing the letters you sent to the Governor, Arnold Schwarzeger of my state and to our University system.

Seeing is believing, may I see them?

Yours truly,
Tony Sustak
Richmond, CA

* * * * *

From: oberois[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Your letter to Mr. Norman Finkelstein’s publisher
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 01:31:34 -0500

Mr. Dershowitz, please release the letter you wrote to Mr. Finkelstein’s
publisher to set the record straight. I am certain that you have nothing to
hide and would gladly do so to preserve your untarnished reputation.

Thank you

* * * * *

From: harth[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 18:05:55 -0600

Dear Professor Dershowitz,

Time certainly flies! Who can believe “The Trial of the Century” was over 11 years ago, (in a different century!?) I’ll never forget it–I was almost ready to jump in the air and shout hip hip HOORAY when you won an acquittal for that shamefully persecuted football star, (surely one of America’s national treasures!)

‘Evidence Shmevidence,’ you courageously asserted, drawing on a lifetime of juridical knowledge. Couldn’t anyone looking into Mr. Simpson’s captivating eyes recognize at once he was pure as the driven snow?

Not one to rest on your laurels, you did the same for accused Jewish heroes like Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu, and the persecuted state of Israel in your marvelous page turner “The Case for Israel.” Unfortunately, there are those who remain skeptical and ill-informed. “OJ murdered two innocent people! The Israelis are murdering innocent people!” they preposterously declare. Nothing is sacred with these anti-football, anti-Zionist fanatics, Dersh.

Can I call you Dersh?


Well anyway, they can’t attack your courtroom moxie, so they have to take cheap shots at your sexuality! That Latuff cartoon was indeed a new low for them. A man should be able to masturbate privately, without his constitutionally protected right to do so compromised by public disclosure. Publicizing the raw material for an American citizen’s erotic musings is the worst sort of invasion of privacy, and probably, actionable, (though obviously, you’d know better than I).

One man is aroused by a willowy geisha, another, by a cowboy or firefighter and still another, by the mass murder of Lebanese civilians. SO WHAT? It’s nobody’s business, period!

It’s a sad day when a Harvard professor, (one of G_d’s Chosen, no less!) has to see his private carnal reveries splashed all over the information highway, courtesy an indiscreet Brazilian neo-Nazi pornographer. I share your outrage!

Count on my continued support!

OJ WAS FRAMED!!!!!!!!!

Israel: First, Last and Always!

Richard Harth

From: dersh[at]
To: tbarham7[at]
Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 3:36 PM
Subject: Re: On the suppression of N.G. Finkelstein’s book

Thank you for your antisemitic letter. I am compiling a book of
biggotted letters I have received. I plan to include yours. Please feel free
to write more since writing to me constitutes permission to print
your drivel.

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From: tbarham7[at]
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 21:17:43
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Fw: On the suppression of N.G. Finkelstein’s book

By what perverted logic you can see in my letter antisemitism or
bigotry eludes me. But I am very much anti-asshole. T. Barham.

From: dersh[at]
To: tbarham7[at]
Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 9:21 PM
Subject: Re: On the suppression of N.G. Finkelstein’s book

Ill publish that one as well. The readers will judge.

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* * * * *

From: tbarham7[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: On the suppression of N.G. Finkelstein’s book
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 14:20:57 -0500

Dear Professor Dershowitz: You claim to have released the letters
that you wrote to N.G. Finkelstein’s publishers, letters which Mr. Finkelstein
believes will evidence an attempt on your part to get his recent book
suppressed. Among those letters presumably released, did you include
the letters written by your lawyers to Mr. Finkelstein’s publisher, as
well as the letter you wrote to Gov. Schwarzenegger? Quite a few people,
myself included, are keenly interested in efforts being made by Zionists to
suppress or deflect serious scholarship and discussion concerning the
host of complexities making up what I guess we might all agree to call the
problem of Palestine

Let me take the liberty here to make a general point-let us say, my
“take” as a non-Jew on Zionism. I find merit in the following thesis:
Zionists, for the most part, are fascists. Like fascists of any stripe, they
are very emotional in their attachment to their particular version of “Ein
Reich, ein Volk, ein Fuhrer.” They think of themselves as Herrenvolk
and their enemies as Untermenschen. They think of themselves not first,
paradoxically, as conquerors, but rather as victims who, to save
themselves and rid the world of the menace of the Untermenschen, must become bold and ruthless, not afraid to kill, not afraid to blame, not afraid to lie
or to see white as black and black as white, not afraid to accuse of crime
and degeneracy, not afraid to be intolerant of any form of “liberalism”
towards the Untermenschen. (What guilt they feel only intensifies their

The more the Nazis oppressed the Jews, the more angry and cruel
towards them they became. The same psychology appears among the IDF and its
supporters and leaders in the government of Israel.) Fascist liars
and murderers have appeared in many forms-not just Zionists: e.g., among
Germans (the Nazis), among Franco Catholics (the Soldiers of Christ
the King), among Muslims (al Qaeda), among Belfast Protestants, among
British Black and Tans, among American nativists and racists (Ku Klux Klan,

One final observation. I saw your last “debate” with Chomsky, and was
shocked at your crazy emotional behavior-though I know it had a logic
and a purpose: you had to avoid the slightest impression of making any
concession (even to courtesy), which could be taken as a sign of
weakness and could therefore plunge onlooking Zionist birds of prey and their
sympathizers into a blue funk.

* * * * *

From: danielbmate[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Stop the madness, Prof. Dershowitz
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 23:08:57 -0500

Professor Dershowitz,

Stop it. Just stop it. Please. Release the letters. Stop
diverting, bobbing and ducking. You’re making me and millions of
other Jews look ridiculous with your contortions, your evasions, your
enslavement to your own angry, terrified, hateful point of view. I
don’t appreciate it. The State of Israel, I’m sure, doesn’t
appreciate it. You are displaying the worst, most immature, most
narcissistic kind of chutzpah imaginable: the kind that sings “I know
I’m caught, but you can’t catch me”.

You’re doing the Jewish people no favours with this chicanery. Cut it
out, please. Release the letters. If you’re still smarting from the
Latuff cartoon, let yourself have a good cry about it. Feel the
shame. Feel the feeling of being scorned and unloved. Feel the
abject despair of not being able to control what people think of you.
Let it flow. Then move on. It has nothing to do with anything
substantive. Deal with the allegations head on. If you are hiding
something, let it up. Just let it up. We’ll all respect you more in
the morning.

Daniel Maté
Brooklyn, NY

* * * * *

NEW! From: martianjournalist[at]
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 14:38:33
To:EKagan[at], dersh[at]
Cc:normanGF[at], alumrec[at]
Subject: congratulations Mr. Dershowitz and Harvard law school

Congratulations for being faithful servants of power and money, and for choosing servitude of power over and above upholding any moral scruples or even paying attention to Cartesian common sense – both as an individual and as an institution.

I am especially appalled since my father was alumnus of your institution.
And he made exactly the opposite choice in his life when it came to serving power over following common sense.

But I, like President Jimmy Carter believe that it’s never too late to return to common sense, and I hope you will do so both as an individual and as an institution, preferably sooner than later.

Best Regards,

From: dersh[at]
To: martianjournalist[at]
Subject: Re: congratulations Mr. Dershowitz and Harvard law school
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 23:16:12 +0000

I’m sure your father would be proud of having produced such an intolorant ignoramus

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* * * * *

From: hegramso[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Freedom of speech and Nazi-collaborators
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 16:54:45 +0100

Mr. Dershowitz,

I read from your new form reply that an alleged involvement in a spicy and funny cartoon is far more significant than an attempt to censor and block a scholar’s thorough work. I disagree.
The cartoonist is exercising his freedom of speech. Those who disapprove of his satire should be sensible enough to say with Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
Trying to block a well researched book is violating freedom of speech, and that is a serious offence against an important part of democracy.

You become disturbed every time Finkelstein strips your actions for credibility, and you start imagining neo-Nazis and Nazi-collaborators both here and there. “Get the ball, not the man” are guidelines for a fair play – and a decent debate. But you leave the whole soccer field and try to get a cartoon, or worse, the man’s late mother. Neither brings you your credibility back.

Maybe you will never find your way back to the relevant subjects and restore your credibility, but if you want to chase Nazi-collaborators, why not concentrate on a real one, like one of Israel’s heroes, Yitzak Shamir and his crazy Stern gang? His flirting with the Nazis has been shamefully silenced. With your eager after getting those traitors, you can’t live with that.

Hege R.

* * * * *

From: mimartin2[at]
To: EKagan[at]
CC: NormanGF[at]

Subject: Re: Dershowitz should admit his assertion, apologize and retract the assertion
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 11:00:34 -0800

Dear Dean Kagan:

I write to condemn Alan Dershowitz’s unspeakably vulgar ad hominem attack on Norman Finkelstein’s family. The whole “Finkelstein admits his mother was probably a Nazi kapo, but you didn’t hear it from me” line of argument from Dershowitz is about as low as one can imagine argument getting, given that it is clearly not a plausible inference from the text he cites (this is a professor, after all, there should be a some relationship between data and inference). And then to say, as Dershowitz does, that it wasn’t he who said it but his victim..! This is, at the least, utterly unworthy of the scholarship of a great university, if not quite the academic version of the rapist saying the victim asked for it. Goebbels, I am ashamed to say, would probably be impressed. And Mr. Dershowitz should be ashamed to pretend he found in Mr. Finkelstein’s text what he projects there.

Dershowitz perhaps is playing a “good” (in the sense of effective) lawyer here: he may or may not have the facts about the Israel-Palestine debate (that is not the point I am here concerned with), but he acts as if he doesn’t have the facts by arguing the man. Then Dershowitz says the man implied something awful when he did not, then says he wasn’t the one who said it, the man revealed it himself! ‘Don’t look at me, I’m just reporting the facts as I see them.’ A freshman would have his work returned to him.

Dershowitz in once place says (I paraphrase) that If Finkelstein weren’t Jewish, his arguments would be recognized as a right wing screed, castigated and thrown aside. And yet to call the son of holocaust survivors the child of murderous Nazi collaborators in order to undermine his argument is also only possible because Dershowitz is Jewish. Were he a gentile, the whole world would be ridiculing your institution as well as shunning him. You would certainly have something to say about it then, and so you should now.

Michael Martinson

* * * * *

From: sankara83[at]
To: dersh[at]
Subject: retraction?
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 14:39:13 -0800

Dr. Alan Dershowitz,

At this point, it would seem that a retraction is in order for your
latest pathetic attempt to slander Norman Finkelstein (‘Is
Finkelstein in Tehran?

When will you be publishing at the Huffington Post or on your own
blog that he was indeed not there?

Also, when will you be releasing the letter your wrote to the

Derrick O’Keefe
Vancouver, BC

* * * * *

NEW! From: “joel suarez” joel_sv[at]
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 09:59:51
To:dersh[at], normangf[at]
Subject: Your Challenge

Professor Dershowitz,

I have been following what you have been writing about Dr. Finkelstein for some time now and I thought I finally should put in my 2 cents. First off, you do your lovely lawyer trick of evading the issue of what you or your friends at law firms wrote relating to the publishing of Finkelstein’s book. It’s like someone asking me if I ever tried to kill someone and responding by asking if the person accusing me is a pedophile. What you are doing is obvious and unimpressive. Second, you issue one of your many lovely “challenges” (can’t you think of something else for a change?

How many “challenges” have you issued lately? I just can’t keep up), and it is all in order to keep attention off of the issue at hand–whether you tried to
stop the publishing of Finkelstein’s book. Now you can say that is an issue several years old and that it’s irrelevant now but I think its pretty important to prove that you really are a “civil rights” and “freedom of speech” loving kind of guy. How about this “challenge”: I challenge you to respond to what dozens of people have been writing you for and stop trying to create another issue. If you really did no wrong and aren’t a liar, then you have nothing to hide in releasing your letters. Again, YOU SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE IF YOU ARE NOT A LIAR. So what is the big deal? Stay on subject, it’s not that hard.

As for Latuff, I don’t see how you can claim he is a neo-nazi. In fact, one of his pieces is of a swastika over the White House….I don’t believe that was
suppose to be a flattering gesture for the White House. Likewise, another one of his pieces is one of Hitler with the American flag as his mustache with “Imperialism” written on the bottom. Though I don’t care much for Latuff’s taste, the only way you could call him a “neo-nazi” is if you believe criticizing Israel is inherently anti-semitic (If that’s the case then you are a lost cause). Moreover, it’s interesting you mention the Iran contest because if you look at the work Latuff submitted it was all work which either criticized this summer’s Israel-Lebanon war, the occupation, or US unlimited support for Israel. They in fact have nothing to do with the Holocaust. I don’t see how those drawings “deny” the holocaust or are “anti-Jewish” in any way. Though I personally think he shouldn’t have anything to do with Iran and its disgusting regime, I think you are simply using the association to further your pathetic argument. And lastly, I don’t know how closely you read anything but I believe Finkelstein pretty clearly denies your allegations by calling them a “fantasy”

Last time I looked it up, a fantasy was a creation of ones imagination–an invention. I don’t know how much more clearly it can be stated that he denies your allegations.

Moreover, your claim that Finkelstein supports your assassination is completely ridiculous. If you actually read the article you would see that Finkelstein clearly, explicitly, and flatly rejects anything of this sort. Although the title of the article might have been provocative, his argument is quit clear that the implications of your arguments and logic are morally problematic and that he does not support them. You are, again, just trying to avoid the real
issue of freedom of speech.

Nonetheless, all of this is irrelevant. I personally don’t care about this because it has nothing to do with the real issue–freedom of speech. Even if we suppose everything you say is true, it doesn’t mean anything–Finkelstein has not ever tried to violate your right to freedom of speech. The real issue has to do with those letters you and your friends at law firms wrote relating to Finkelstein’s book. If i get an email from you telling me about “neo-nazis” and “Holocaust denial” then I will simply take it as you admitting to lying. You should really stop evading the issue and tell us the truth….you should have nothing to hide.


From: dersh[at]
To: “joel suarez” joel_sv[at]
Subject: Re: Your Challenge
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 18:33:45 +0000

Are u aware that fs supporters at depaul are trying to supress my free speech by denying me the right to communicate my info about f to the faculty. When u complain about that then I will believe that u really care about free speech and aren’t just another f water carrier.

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* * * * *

From: sankara83[at]
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Where in the world in Norman Finkelstein?
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 16:23:57 -0800

Dr. Alan Dershowitz,

Was O.J. at Nicole Brown’s house the night she and Ron Goldman were

If Finkelstein really was in Teheran at that deplorable conference,
I will go out and buy all of the plagiarism-filled books you’ve
“written” in the past few years on Israel-Palestine. But somewhow I
suspect he wasn’t. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure you’ve been in
Washington D.C. lately, lending some pseudo-legal arguments and
pseudo-liberal veneer to that regime’s policy of torture,
pre-emptive war and illegal detention and rendition.

Wouldn’t scholarship and justice be better served by an honest
assessment of the grotesque human rights tragedy through which the
Palestinian people have been living?

Is it not a moral and intellectual crime akin to holocaust denial to
deny the dispossession of the Palestinians and, in particular, their
bantustanization (noted even by Jimmy Carter) and starvation (in the
case of Gaza with the current aid embargo)?

Where in the world is your moral integrity, if not in the gutter
with all others who deny the most grevious human rights violations
in the name of unconditional loyalty to a state or to a system of
domination posing as an ideology of freedom and democracy?

Derrick O’Keefe
Vancouver, BC, Canada

* * * * *

From: “Frank J. Menetrez”
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 10:07:34
Subject: request

Dear Professor Dershowitz,

I am an attorney in Los Angeles, and I am writing to ask that you please release any and all letters you or your lawyers wrote to the University of California Press or Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger concerning the book Beyond Chutzpah, by Norman G. Finkelstein, prior to its publication. In a letter published in the Jerusalem Post you claimed that you have already released the letters. To my knowledge, that claim is false. If I am mistaken, please let me know where I can find the letters.

I understand that you have responded to previous, similar requests by claiming that you will release the letters as soon as Finkelstein releases the correspondence in which he “commissioned” a cartoon of you from the “neo-nazi” “Holocaust denier” Latuff. If you wish to respond similarly to my request, please augment your response by explaining what the two sets of alleged correspondence have to do with one another.

Please also provide your evidence that (1) Latuff is a neo-Nazi or Holocaust denier, and (2) Finkelstein “commissioned” the cartoon in question. I have done some looking and have found no evidence to support either claim. As far as I can tell, Latuff is universally regarded as a member of the political far left, not the far right, and it is fairly easy to locate anti-Nazi cartoons by Latuff online. In fact, Latuff’s work has been featured by the Israeli peace group Gush Shalom. Are they “neo-Nazis” and “Holocaust deniers” too? In the absence of evidence supporting your charges against Latuff, I will be forced to conclude that by “neo-Nazi” “Holocaust denier” you mean “someone who is harshly critical of Israeli government policy and is unpersuaded by that government’s self-exculpatory rhetoric.”

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.

Frank J. Menetrez

To: frankmenetrez[at]
Subject: Re: request
From: dersh[at]
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 18:45:44 +0000

Why don’t u ask finkelstein

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* * * * *

From: akaradi[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Release the Letters
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 12:35:15 -0500

Dear Allen Dershowitz

If you do not want a cloud to hang over your head it is high time to release the letters which you claim do not defame Dr Finkelstein. The only way to find out the truth is the release all such letters. If you decide against it then basically you admit guilt.


Andras Karadi

* * * * *

From: yasmine.abukhazneh[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Your reputation is at stake dear sir.
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 23:49:44 +0200

Dear Mr. Dershowitz,

Please release the letters- you are behaving like a naughty little boy and already our hands our full with Bush. Can’t you behave just this once? Also, please stop your blatant lies, and, either learn how to spell or make use of the spell check on your computer… You’re a professor at Harvard University, no? Beyond chutzpah!

I don’t understand why you failed to appreciate the caricature, we absolutely adored over here, and he is quite a talented artist.

Might I add, you are behaving very undemocratically.

A loving Palestinian,
Yasmine M. Abu Khazneh

From: dersh[at]
Date: Dec 12, 2006 11:53 PM
Subject: Fwd: full disclosure and Finkelstein
To: yasmine.abukhazneh[at]

Dear Correspondent,

You have written to me claiming an interest in free speech and urging me
to make full disclosure of the correspondence between me and the
University of California Press and the Board of Regents, including
Governor Schwarzenegger. I am certainly interested in the full truth
coming out, because I never tried to censor anything that Finkelstein
wrote, as you have already seen and will see again. As I repeatedly
wrote, “I have no desire to prevent publication of anything, but I do
insist that anything published about me be factually correct.”

But you may or may not be aware of the fact that Norman Finkelstein is
refusing to disclose something far more significant. Finkelstein is
currently up for tenure at Depaul University, and several faculty members
are interested in determining whether he had anything to do with an
offensive cartoon, drawn by a prominent neo-Nazi who was willing to enter
his cartoons (and won second prize) in Iran’s Holocaust denial cartoon
contest. The cartoon — which showed me masturbating to dead Lebanese
civilians — accompanied a recent Finkelstein article at its first
publication site, and it corresponded perfectly with Finkelstein’s own
language in the article (“moral pervert,” “climactic scene,” “little peep
show”). The DePaul professors are especially concerned because
Finkelstein’s was identified in the byline of his article as “Professor”
Norman Finklestein, as if the article were part of Finkelstein’s academic
corpus, and he was using the imprimatur of DePaul to add credibility to
an article about whether I should be subject to targetted assassination
because I am a “war criminal” and a “moral pervert.”

When I first pointed out the obscenity of the cartoon and Finkelstein’s
own words (comparing me several times to Nazis, and offering arguments
for my assassination), Finkelstein lashed out at me for being too
sensitive, but never denied my claim that he had commissioned the article:

But after several faculty members understandably expressed an interest in
whether their university was being associated with neo-Nazism, Holocaust
denial, and obscenity, Finkelstein changed his tune. He suddenly
retracted his implicit adoption of the cartoon and starting saying that
there was no proof that he had commissioned the cartoon. (It reminds me
of when he first claimed that I didn’t write The Case for Israel, until I
released my handwritten manuscripts, at which point he started
emphasizing instead the absurd argument that I plagiarized the book.)

It seems clear from the evidence that Finkelstein commissioned, or
solicited, the Latuff cartoon. He has not denied it; rather, he has
refused to confirm or deny it on the ground that whatever he says will
not be believed. Well, the written record speaks for itself — and
clearly there is a written record, because there is no other way that
Latuff could have illustrated the precise language of Finkelstein’s
article without seeing an advance copy of the article prior to its
publication. Finkelstein simply could not credibly deny having
commissioned the cartoon. We know that (1) Finkelstein’s article and the
cartoon appeared simultaneously on a website ( in which
authors post their on material, (2) that the article had not appeared
anywhere else prior to IndyBay, so that the only way Latuff could have
seen the article would have been for Finkelstein to send him an advance
copy, (3) that Latuff must have seen an advance copy, because he
illustrated precisely what Finkelstein described in his article, and (4)
that Finkelstein has a long history of collaborating with Latuff by
featuring Latuff’s cartoons on Finkelstein’s website.

Therefore, I have challenged Finkelstein to answer the following questions:

(1) Did you send the article to Latuff before it was published?

(2) If not, how could Latuff have guessed the precise wording of the
article? And how did Latuff’s cartoon end up being posted simultaneously
and in the same file as your article?

(3) If you had nothing to do with the cartoon, why didn’t you say so when
I first pointed it out?

(4) What about the dozens of Latuff cartoons that you feature on his
website? Do you disapprove of those, now, too?

I now challenge Finkelstein, in the interest of truth, to answer these
questions and to produce all of his communications, both written and
oral, between him and Latuff. If Finkelstein does so, I will be happy to
provide all of my correspondences. If he does not, your attention should
be directed primarily toward him, since his is a current matter, and the
letters issue with the University Press issues is several years old at
this point, and most of the correspondence has already been revealed.

I also challenge Finkelstein to put this entire correspondence on his
website, and to explain to all of his followers and sycophants why he is
unwilling to let the truth come out with regard to his long and
disturbing association with a neo-Nazi cartoonist like Latuff. I am sure
that since you claim to be interested in full disclosure and truth you
will now demand that Finkelstein make such disclosure about his
association with Latuff so that the truth about this matter will finally
come out.


Alan Dershowitz

* * * * *

From: mastergunner[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Beyond Chutzpah: The Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 15:37:43 -0500

12 December 2006

Dear Mr. Alan Dershowitz:

I’m send you this email to ask that you have your lawyers (Cravath, Swaine & Moore) release all legal correspondence with Norman G. Finkelstein publisher regarding Beyond Chutzpah: The Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History (Berkeley: U. of California Press, 2005.) My concern is that you have taken it upon yourself to act as a censor and that maybe you and your attorney’s have seen fit to prevent the publication of Mr. Finkelstein’s book.

Thank you and I eagerly await Cravath, Swaine & Moore’s release of all documentaion.

Kevin M. Carney
Norwood, Pa

* * * * *

From: mastergunner[at]
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 16:51:31
To: dersh[at]
Cc: normangf[at]
Subject: Please release all Cravath, Swaaine & Moore documentation!

12 December 2006

Dear Mr. Dershowitz:

I ask you for the last time: when will you have your attorneys
Cravath, Swaine & Moore’s release all documentation with Mr. Finkelstein’s

Please give us a time, date and year.

Best regards,

Kevin M. Carney
Norwood, Pa

From: dersh[at]
To: mastergunner[at]
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 4:56 PM
Subject: Re: Please release all Cravath, Swaaine & Moore

Thank u for making it the last time

Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

From: mastergunner[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Re: Please release all Cravath, Swaaine & Moore documentation!
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 17:09:56 -0500

Dear Mr Dershowitz:

I will take your replies to mean that you WILL NOT release the
documentation necessary to support your claim that you did not
attempt to CENSOR Mr. Finkelstein’s book. Your lack of honesty will
leave me with only one conclusion – You DID try to censor
Finkelstein’s book and. Thank you for your time.

Kevin M. Carney
Norwood, Pa

* * * * *

From: jessemaurais[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: peace for israel
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 21:54:57 -0500

Greetings Professor Dershowitz,

You came to my attention recently as I began studying the Israel/Palestine conflict in my spare time. I am a fan of debates and I thouroughly enjoyed two in which you participated. One was with Professor Chomsky at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum, the other, against Professor Finkelstein on the liberal news program, Democracy Now. On the former you gave a memorable opening address in which you called on advocates of both parties to enjoin you in a “peace treaty among academics” and to “stop using a double standard.” Though I can’t agree with much else you said, I might assume your sincerity, and endear you to make the first consolation. A united front of American intellectuals would certainly bring quick redress to the injustices perpetrated in this conflict.

I ask you, if you are serious about the goal of peace, to bring a swift end to this disgusting persona war with Finkelstein, publicize the letters in question, reach out to the left and bring the Israel/Palestine debate to the fore of political discourse in this country. Human life and the continuing misery of the disposessed are at stake in this. Its too much to let the ego of a few stand against.

I have heard you will publish the letters on notice that Finkelstein himself publishes some hypothetical communique with Latuff. To be honest, the cartoonists style is not to my taste, the one of your character especially, however, you must surely be aware that whatever such letters might container (if they do indeed exist) are irrelevant to the much more serious accusation of censorship. Pre-conditions are rarely, if ever, a catalyst for progress.

* * * * *

From: khadijau[at]
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 15:01:39
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Bulletin Board

Dear Professor Dershowitz,

I think I’ve already mailed you regarding my misgivings about your treatment of Prof. Finkelstein, but additionally now I would like to inform you that as the president of a local Social Justice Club, I have been invited to direct the construction of a human rights oriented bulletin board. I fully intend to prominently display your attempts to censor Prof. Finkelstein as one of the featured ‘issues’ on the board. Just one small step on the path to a more just and honest world.


On 12/6/06, Alan Dershowitz wrote:

Go ahead. Also post my letter about finkelsteins commisioning af a cartoon by a neonazi hollocast denier.

Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

From: khadijau[at]
To: NormanGF[at]
Subject: Re: Bulletin Board
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 19:36:36 -0800

Dear Professor Finkelstein,

I recieved the following correspondence from Mr Dershowitz. You may post it on your website if you like, and best wishes.

Khadija U.

* * * * *

Dean Kagan,

I was shocked viewing the Harvard Law School website, to find your most updated article was that of A. Dershowitz lambasting Carter’s recent book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Carter is the only former President to honestly assess the humanitarian crisis in the occupied territories, and Harvard is quick to post this pro-Zionist assessment of Carter’s book as a “smear.” How is this part of Professor Dershowitz’s job description? Looking further into AD’s listed accomplishments on his faculty webpage, I was also impressed by his list of publications. Beyond the books he publishes, where examples of plagiarism have been verified in detail by Norman Finkelstein, I was truly overwhelmed with the scholarly accomplishments of the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law. There were articles in “periodicals” such as Penthouse and the Jerusalem Post – scholarly, peer-reviewed publications, to be sure. PENTHOUSE? This appears to be one of Dershowitz’s favorite “periodicals” for publication, as numerous articles in Penthouse are listed. Is this scholarship at Harvard? The remaining “publications” are, for the most part, newspaper articles. I have wondered how it was that AD was promoted to Full Professor at Harvard Law so quickly, 1964-1967! Now I know – the accomplishment of publishing in Penthouse, similar to the most selective law journals, critically peer-reviewed, and a true mark of scholarship I’m sure. Wow, a defender of all the human rights abuses propagated by Israel and a Penthouse scholar as well. PENTHOUSE? Harvard Law should be proud. I teach at an academic institution and my webpage is related to the scholarly work I do at the university involving teaching, research, publications (journals, not newspapers) and grants. I would never think to put my political opinions on my webpage, much less the details of a personal vendetta against other academics such as Finkelstein and Chomsky, nor would the university condone this. What are the academic standards at Harvard Law? There appear to be none, if Dershowitz’s webpage is a representative example. PENTHOUSE?

Mary McGrane, PhD

* * * * *

NEW! From: trialofsocrates[at]
To: dersh[at]
Subject: A humble question about Finkelstein
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 19:17:57 -0800 (PST)

Hello Dr. Dershowitz,

For the sake of clearing up the matter between yourself and Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein, would you simply release the letter that you wrote to the Governor of California pertaining to his book?

I think if you in fact did write this letter you should have no problem letting people like myself read it. It appears that you have attempted to distort the content of Dr. Finkelstein’s work in carrying out this act.

I hate to say it but you seem very dogmatic in your one-sided analysis of Israel and her policies; I wish you would just be honest about it. Asking a lawyer to be honest is quite stupid I admit but as an author and an academic perhaps you could see the logic in releasing this letter. Being honest might lend some credibility to your arguments against Norm Finkelstein As of now the
entire dialog you have had with him seem to have absolutely harmed you and you seem quite damaged at this point.

Be fair, be honest, lets see the evidence,

Jeff Schneider

* * * * *

From: Clauditx31[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Release The letters
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 22:06:27 EST

Mr. Dershowitz,

In the effort of clearing your name and reputation,i believe that you should release the letter and other communications between your attorneys and the publishers of professor Finkelstein’s book Beyond Chutzbah.I do believe that the release of those letters should be a matter of principle on your behalf as a strong advocate of freedom of speech.

Mark omar
san antonio,Texas

* * * * *

From: frank.mugford[at]
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Letters apropos ‘Beyond Chutzpah’
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 02:07:42 -0000

Dear Professor Dershowitz,

As a learned person, indeed, Professor of Law at Harvard, I’m sure you realise the importance to your credibility and academic standing of the importance of, not only supporting your argument at all times possible, but also letting it be seen that you are doing so. It hardly seems worth while saying to those who espouse a belief in academic worthiness that any sort of lying, however small or apparently unimportant, would be anathema to this worthiness and a sure sign, beyond misinterpretation, to anyone who would take such academics seriously.
Please therefore put an end to any doubt about the part you are accused of playing in the publication ‘Beyond Chutzpah’ by publishing all the associated letters sent in your name, particularly those of your lawyers and the one to Governor Schwarzenegger.

You owe it to your professional standing, your students, your university and employers and those of us who listen to you but, most of all, to yourself.

Yours sincerely,
Frank Mugford.

* * * * *

From: hfouda[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: NormanGF[at]
Subject: your letters
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 17:13:11 -0800 (PST)

Dear Professor Dershowitz

I understand from your column in the Jerusalem Post on November 8,
that your already released your letters to the publishers of Prof.
Finkelstein Book “beyond Chtzpah.” As I could not find a link for
the letter in your web site, can you please provide a copy or a link.
I would also appreciate a copy of your letter to Governor
Schwarzenegger on the same subject.

Hassan Fouda, Ph.D.

* * * * *

From: armmat[at]
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 00:26:50
To: dersh[at]
Cc: normangf[at]
Subject: How much more killing has to happen?

Mr. Gershowitz,

I’m perplexed by your incredible efforts to call a blue sky gray. Being from the Middle East myself, it strikes me how someone like yourself can still pitch the nonsense, garbage, and one-sided views regarding how Israel deals with its neighbors. It also disgusts me how people like yourself and the propaganda you spew out has tainted the general public’s rather naive and easily swayed opinions on the issues of that region….perfect tools to start wars wouldn’t you say?

It’s a real shame there are so many neocon, agenda driven people such as yourself out there in high places pumping out utter, shameful lies. I’ve always wondered why. Can you tell us? How much money does it take to change your thinking processes to the point of delusional?

So tell me, how many more people need to die over there before the truth comes out about Israel and its policies? Why do people like you always think that Israel can do no wrong? What? Is it somehow above every other nation…where it’s immune to answering for it’s own crimes? Or is it trying to just be the second “mini-me” America?

You are so deeply entrenched in guilt knowing full well how some modern Jews have used their own past misery to take advantage of others today that your culture now feels obligated to uphold this image of “can do no wrong”….and “we always smell like roses.” Really…that’s pathetic.

A. Matevosian

On 11/30/06, Alan Dershowitz dersh[at] wrote:

You are an ignoramous. If you had read my book the case for peace u would see that I a a lberal democrat who favors the two state solution,the end of the occupation and am often critical of israeli actions. Don’t believe what u read on finkelsteins web site. You didn’t even get my name right. Do your homework before u make0a fool of yourself.

Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

From: armmat[at]
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Re: How much more killing has to happen?
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:58:50 -0800

Touchy touchy! No don’t get so defensive G.

You keep stating that I shouldn’t believe what I read on Finkelstein’s website. Why on earth should I believe you and not him? He’s shown you up several times on several occasions on multiple issues….so you frankly have no credibility left. FYI, some people take the time to do research on both sides….so I’m not one those mindless, brainless idiots you feed on and make your riches off of.

A two state solution you say? Oh you mean the type where we have a concrete wall and apartheid like control? That two state solution…well..I give you that…that for sure would work.

You are none of the things you say you are. Liberal? I would laugh if my heart wasn’t so heavy. You’re simply a two faced “scholar” who jumps the fence whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ve demonstrated that over and over again. I’ll apologize ahead of time if I don’t believe you.

I did do my homework thanks…and wasting time on learning how to spell your name wasn’t a high priority on my list…sorry!

Oh…and when you get a chance, do us all a favor and bring that letter the good Dr. wants seen to light…perhaps the remnants of any reputation you had can be glimpsed for a short, brief period.


* * * * *

From: jamesgeddesmd[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: NormanGF[at]
Subject: I’m concerned about Dr. Alan Dershowitz
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 21:01:19 -0600

Dear Alan Dershowitz;

I feel that you are a very clever liar, but not clever enough. I am
afraid that you have been consumed by lies and deception.
I find your nemesis, Dr. Finkelstein, to be a true righteous jew; I
believe that he seeks and adopts the truth, wherever that search
leads him.

I will pray for you, Dr. Dershowitz, whether you care about it or
not. Thank you.

James Geddes M.D.
Kingsville, Texas

* * * * *

From: sam.richmond[at]
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 21:02:13
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Neve Gordon

Dear Mr Dershowitz,

I read your article in the Jerusalem Post of 8th November 2006 in
which you state that Dr Neve Gordon has defamed you by saying that
you tried to prevent publication of a book by Norman Finkelstein
entitled Beyond Chutzpah. I believe that Neve Gordon is only one
of many people to have made this accusation. I have read many
articles in a number of different publications suggesting that
you, or lawyers acting on your behalf – I think the firm in
question is Cravath, Swaine and Moore – wrote to the University of
California Press about their interest in publishing this book in
terms suggesting that you disapproved of their intended action,
that you thought little of the scholarship and integrity of Norman
Finkelstein and suggesting that they should not undertake such
publication. I would be most grateful if you could let me see the
text of any letters that you or your lawyers wrote to the
University of California Press and in particular any letter that
you may have written to the governor of California on this topic.
I will them be in a position to make up my own mind as to whether
Neve Gordon or yourself is correct about this issue.

Many thanks for your help in this matter.

Dr Sam Richmond, FRCP


From: dersh[at]
To: sam.richmond[at]
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2006 9:49 PM
Subject: Re: Neve Gordon

When finkelstein produces his correspondence with his neonazi
cartoonist friend latoof I will be happy to produce the rest of my

Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

From: sam.richmond[at]
To: dersh[at]
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2006 11:10 PM
Subject: Re: Neve Gordon

Dear Mr Dershowitz

Thank you for taking the trouble to respond to my email. I now feel
free to make up my own mind as to whether your case has been
misrepresented based on the information I have already received.
Just in case you might find it helpful can I suggest that you might
persuade more people to your side of the argument if you refrained
from personal abuse.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Richmond

* * * * *

Dear Mr Dershowitz

Thank you for your email of 13 November
2006. Although I am described as… one apparently interested in
free speech… I should say that my initial email to you of 10
November 2006 was sent due to your claim that… “you have no
interest in censoring or suppressing Finkelstein’s freedom of
expression”. I went on to quote the exact words of Ms Lynne Withey
of the University of California which were of course to flatly
contradict your claim against Dr Finkelstein. In your oddly written
response to me of 10 November 2006 you made no attempt to contradict
the truth of my email to you. I can only suggest, as we say here
in London, that you have been caught with your trousers down.

Best wishes

Michael Shanahan
London, UK

P S It was hardly the best of taste to have a go at Dr Finkelstein
via his late mother. Mrs Finkelstein was to suffer, along with so
many others, at the hands of the Nazis. How could you join with
these criminals in your desperate search for support for Israel.

* * * * *

From: mklein[at]
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Attempted censorship?
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 19:37:00 +0000

Dear Mr. Dershowitz:

I write this after being directed to Norman Finkelstein’s website
( and after doing some follow-up research
of my own.

IMO it would clarify matters greatly if you would release in their
entirety, the letters you wrote to Finkelstein’s publisher
(University of California Press) and the Governor of California,
regarding Finkelstein’s book, Beyond Chutzpah.

To be honest, I have only a passing interest in the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict – but I am very opposed to censorship
and from what I have gathered thus far, Finkelstein makes a
compelling case that you tried to prevent publication of Beyond

If Finkelstein is lying, why not prove it? Your decision not to
comply with the request for the letters merely reinforces
Finkelstein’s case and severely damages Israel’s campaign for public


Mark Klein


* * * * *

From: smn_brkr[at]
Subject: Professor Dershowitz, where are those letters? We’re still waiting.
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 05:33:21 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan Dershowitz

It is an undeniable pleasure to add my e-mail to the others spamming your inbox requesting that you release the letters your lawyers wrote to Finkelstein’s publishers, and also your friendly scribblings to Governor Terminator.

Please can I see them? I’m even going to hold my breath until you do, since your previous record strongly implies that you will grant this simple request in the very near future.

Looking forward to a typo-strewn auto-response soon.

Yours respectfully,

Simon Barker

P.S. Finkelstein owned you in that debate on Democracy Now! in 2003

P.P.S. Chomsky owned you in that debate at Harvard last November

P.P.P.S. Your book ‘The Case for Israel’ resides in my lavatory ready for emergency use

* * * * *

From: kconway[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 15:36:42 -0500

Greetings Professor Dershowitz:

My suspicion is that you yourself will never read what I’m writing—a suspicion which will likely be confirmed once I receive my form reply—but perhaps you’ll find it perusing Professor Finkelstein’s website in search of potentially libelous content, you civil libertarian, you.

Numerous people have explained to you the logistics: either you are right or you are wrong, and if you’re right you need only make a quick phone call to your lawyers to demonstrate the fact. Not difficult. (By the way: we want you to release “the letters”, not “letters” — that’s all of them, not some of them — something which I’m sure you, of all people, will be able to understand.)

As luck would have it, Professor Dershowitz, I think there’s away we can avoid similar situations in the future, inspired, ironically enough, by your groundbreaking work on terrorism. I think what we need is a “continuum of academia” with frauds like you on the one end, and genuine scholars like Professor Finkelstein on the other. That way, when you descend into hysteria because an honest intellectual points to the staggering fraud you concocted in defense of a state that systematically flouts both law and justice, we’ll know to take your tirades only slightly seriously.


PS: Loved the article about “justice as fairness” in the Wall Street Journal. Wonder what Rawls would think if he could see your hatchet job on the “liberty principle”…

* * * * *

From: here[at]
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 11:56:05
To: dersh[at]
Cc: normangf[at]
Subject: Legal Maneuvers

Professor Dershowitz,

Let us all read the letters. Make them public. Only they will provide us
with a real glimpse into Alan Dershowitz, the man. You wrote them. You stand
by them. You claim they are public without a reader to be found.

Do us a favour then. “Re-release” them. Many, many sites and blogs will
acknowledge your efforts by posting the letters. In this way you can be
assured that the misunderstanding about the letters being public will never
happen again.

Brad Stroud

From: dersh[at]
To: here[at]
Sent: Sunday, November 19, 2006 11:06 AM
Subject: Re: Legal Maneuvers

I agree. All the letters should be published starting with finkelsteins to
his neonazi cartoonist friend. Get him to discose his and u will see mine.

Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

* * * * *

From: dpk24g[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Requesting Disclosure
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 13:10:28 -0600

Mr. Dershowitz,

I am writing with great concern for you to release the letters you–and your lawyers–wrote to Dr. Finkelstein’s publisher and Governor Schwarzenegger in regards to the publication of “Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History.” You’re the Felix Frankfurter professor of law, sir, and that title may be put to shame if you do not clear your good name by releasing these letters and showing us that you would never suppress anyone’s constitutionally protected freedom of speech rights. Since Dr. Finkelstein has clearly plotted against you with that neo-Nazi Holocaust-denying Brazilian pornographer who portrayed you masturbating to the death of Lebanese civilians, you can’t take anymore of this gruff. You must stand up for yourself by releasing these letters. It’s the only way to clear your name, as well as destory the credibility of that neo-Nazi Holocaust-denying Brazilian pornographer and all allegations that have ever been aimed at you by anyone else. I’ll be waiting for the letters.


* * * * *

To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at], interfaith-cpr[at]
Subject: Request release of letters
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 20:41:40 EST

Professor Dershowitz:

It should be a simple matter to send copies of the letters you refer to so I would like to request the same be sent to me at the e-mail address.

Thank you.

C.E. Prince
Austin, TX

* * * * *

From: shaukat012[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Re: full disclosure and Finkelstein
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 11:38:04 -0500 (EST)

Dear Professor Dershowitz,

Thank you for your form reply. I suppose you write your emails the same way you write your books. I must say, however, that your response completely skirts the issue at hand, and your outrage over the latuff cartoon is not very convincing considering that when you came to the University of Toronto a couple years back, the Law professor who introduced you boasted that you wrote regularly for Penthouse, a magazine that has carried images of Asian women being bound and gagged and hung from trees. Also, I have read the piece by Finkelstein you refer to, and believe it meets the highest scholarly standards. Please supply the letters you claim have been released. Sincerly,

Shaukat A

* * * * *

Hello, Professor Finkelstein. I hope you’re well. I’m copying you with two e-mail “conversations” (I think I already sent you the one with Mr. Rothschild last summer). I really just wanted you to know that you’re getting support from this quarter, but if you’d like to post them on your website, feel free — as long as you remove my name & e-mail address first. (I lack your courage, and we have some fiercely militant Zionists over here at UBC — ably assisted, of course, by an equally fierce Hillel outlet in the centre of campus.) Thank you for all you do.

Vancouver, Canada

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 12:58:11 -0800
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Release of your letters re. Professor Finkelstein

Hello. You have been saying for some time that you did not try to stop publication of Professor Finkelstein’s book, Beyond Chutzpah, and that you have released letters you sent to prove this. However, my understanding is that you have failed to release the letters sent to the professor’s publisher by your lawyers, and your letter to Governor Schwarznegger. Until you do so, your claim to have released relevant letters in this case is a clear falsehood.

Vancouver, Canada

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 22:40:43 +0000
From: dersh[at]
Subject: Re: Release of your letters re. Professor Finkelstein

I have agreed to release my letters if finmkelsteinm releases his. Ball is now in his court. Write him

Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

* * * * *

From: gottfried_stutz[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Not full disclosure? Re: full disclosure and Finkelstein
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 09:53:09 -0800 (PST)


Let me start by thanking you or your assistants for having responded, even if the response is a mere forward. I do know how busy you are.

The link which you provide to Norman Finkelstein’s site does lead to a page containing four of your letters. However, still absent are the subsequent letters sent by your lawyers, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, as well as the letter sent to Governer Schwarzenegger. Therefore, it is obvious that your previous claims of not having wanted to censor anything or to prevent the publication of “Beyond Chutzpah” remain unsubstantiated.

The Latuff accusation is a track which is interesting to pursue indeed, but in no way does it answer my request and those of many of your correspondents. (As an aside, it is certainly easy to question Latuff’s taste, but lmuch ess easy to support the claim that he is a neo-Nazi.) I have to admit that I fail to see the link between that accusation, however serious it may be, and the issue at hand, namely the yet undisclosed letters, unless this is a diversionary tactic worthy of Alan M. Dershowitz the Lawyer, but not of Alan M. Dershowitz the Professor at Harvard.

For the sake of the Professor at Harvard, please release the letters.

Still sincerely,

Gottfried Stutz

* * * * *

From: humanite[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Re: Full disclosure and Finkelstein
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 21:03:03 -0500

Professor Dershowitz,

We are planning to publish an article on the issue of academic freedom in our upcoming December edition. We plan to go to press this week.

Following your indication in your previous e-mail that most of the correspondence has already been revealed, we attempted to track down your correspondence. However we have not been able to find them anywhere.

Therefore in regard to your previous e-mail, even if everything you say is true, where are the letters that you claim to have released?


Ron Saba

Montreal Planet Magazine

From: dersh[at]
To: humanite[at]
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 8:29 AM
Subject: Re: Full disclosure and Finkelstein

Have you asked finkelstein to produce his correspondence onthe
latoof matter. Now that’s a current story of real interest to your
readers. Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

>>From: humanite[at]
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 11:59:47

Cc: normangf[at]
Subject: Re: Full disclosure and Finkelstein

Professor Dershowitz,

Many Montrealers who care about academic freedom have watched the
very current November 8, 2006 documentary by Australia’s public
broadcaster SBS which shows how Campus Watch is used to silence academic freedom on
US and Canadian campuses. This issue is of grave and current concern not
only in Montreal but across Canada.

Listed below are two links to the documentary. Perhaps you might
want to post them on your website. I imagine the students at Harvard would
be interested in viewing this important and very current documentary.

Now that you are aware of what Montrealers and Canadians consider
to be very important, I hope you will provide the letters.

Ron Saba
Montreal Planet Magazine



From: dersh[at]
To: humanite[at]

Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: Full disclosure and Finkelstein

If yours was a real magazine you would report on the link between
finkelstein and his neonazi illustrator latoof.

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From: humanite [at]
To: dersh [at]
CC: normangf [at]

Subject: Re: Full disclosure and Finkelstein
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 14:13:57 -0500

Professor Dershowitz,

Canadians concerned about academic freedom have no interest
whatsoever in issues you may have concerning a cartoon of you
masturbating. Canadians and indeed people around the world are very
concerned about attacks on academic freedom, as you should be too.

In the future, historians will no doubt point to this period as a
turning point in the freedom of academic thought. It would be a
credit to you if you would come forward and provide all the letters
in question.


Ron Saba
Montreal Planet Magazine

* * * * *

To: dersh[at]
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 22:23:42 -0500
From: mnieves[at]

Subject: Re: full disclosure and Finkelstein


I read your response and have to say that I still will appreciate if
you can provide the letters that you wrote to Finkelstein’s publishers.
These are the letters that were released by you as you stated in the
Jerusalem Post.

I don’t have any interest this moment in. In the end they are just
cartoons. I also can’t comprehend why the following standard is not
applied to the Latuff’s cartoon:

“Mr. Dershowitz, who is representing Mr. Heller for free, says that as
a union-election candidate, Ms. Bowman was a public figure — and that
Mr. Heller’s actions were satire entitled to broad free-speech

Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Oct 3, 1994.
pg. 1

(Abstract (Document Summary)

Representing defendant David Heller: Alan Dershowitz, who took time out from the O.J. Simpson trial to argue his case in a forum in Boston last week. Siding with plaintiff Sylvia Smith Bowman: the National Conference of Black Lawyers and the Massachusetts state bar
associations for women, blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

In 1987, Mr. Heller, a social worker at the Massachusetts Department of
Public Welfare, circulated composite photos that placed the face of Ms.
Bowman, a supervisor at the agency, on the bodies of explicit nudes
from Hustler and Penthouse. Ms. Bowman, campaigning for the presidency
of her 9,000-member union local at the time, sued Mr. Heller for sexual
harassment and won a $35,000 judgment in July 1993.

Mr. Heller has appealed, arguing that the focus of the case should be
censorship rather than sexual harassment. In a novel claim, Mr.
Dershowitz, who is representing Mr. Heller for free, says that as a
union-election candidate, Ms. Bowman was a public figure — and that
Mr. Heller’s actions were satire entitled to broad free-speech

I understand that you are a public figure and that the cartoon is just
that, a cartoon/satire.

Please, provide the letters that you said were released.

Miguel Nieves

* * * * *

From: gottfried_stutz[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Defend truth – Release the letters
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 05:32:45 -0800 (PST)


In your opinion editorial published in the Jerusalem Post on November 8, 2006 (… ) eyou stat: <>.

As a respected and experienced laywer, you are certainly aware that, since the statement above neither covers the letter which you wrote to Governor Schwarzenegger nor the letters which your lawyers wrote to Finkelstein’s publishers regarding the same book, that statement alone cannot be used in any argument aiming to support your claim that you did not try to prevent the publication of Norman Finkelstein’s “Beyond Chutzpah”.

Consequently, may I strongly recommend that you release every letter sent by you or by your lawyers regarding Finkelstein’s book? As long as those letters are not all released, you would doubtless understand that people will continue to have legitimate doubts that you may have tried, directly or through your lawyers, to prevent the publication of “Beyond Chutzpah.”

For the sake of truth, and in order to prevent your statement above from looking like the kind of half-truths which abound in your book “The Case for Israel”, please release the letters.

Most sincerely,

Gottfried Stutz

From: dersh[at]
To: gottfried_stutz[at]
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2006 3:41:23 PM
Subject: Re: Defend truth – Release the letters

Why don’t you ask your friend finkelstien whether he commissioned a cartoon by a neo nazi hollicast denierthat showed me masterbating to dead lebanese civilians. You are judged by the company you keep.

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From: gottfried_stutz[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Re: Defend truth – Release the letters
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 03:01:07 -0800 (PST)


Apart from a standard automatically generated message acknowleding reception of my initial message far below by your assistants, I also received a response below which seems to have been sent by your e-mail address.

It is impossible for me to believe that this response comes from you. Notwithstanding the outrageously false claims which it contains, this is not your style and you are not known to make such spelling mistakes. By the way, I do not “keep company” with Mr. Finkelstein and he is not my friend. Having said that, and taking into consideration his scientific and personal integrity, I do sometimes wish he were.

Since I am sure that you did not send the answer below, I suggest that you ask the system administrator in Harvard review and strengthen the security of your e-mail account.

Very sincerely and still waiting for those letters to be released,

Gottfried Stutz

* * * * *

From: njm_1974[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Show me the Letter!
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 12:36:32 +0000

Professor Dershowit,

In light of the recent events regarding the release of letters on Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein’s book, Beyond Chutzpah, we all anticipate that you, a man of courage, honor and conviction, will immediately make public these letters.

You have a rare chance to demonstrate your integrity but then again something tells me you wont step up to the challenge….another nail in the tragic history of Professor Dershowit.

Kind Regards,


* * * * *

From: matthew.mabraha2[at]
To: dersh[at]

Subject: Re: full disclosure and Finkelstein
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 13:12:57 -0600

Dear Professor Dershowitz:

I’m still at a loss to explain why you will not fulfill my and
others’ requests to see the letters Cravath, Swain, and Moore sent to
the the Univ. California Press and that you wrote to Governor
Schwarzenegger in the spring of 2005. You claim that you have already
released these letters. I believe you called your letter to
Schwarzenegger a “friendly note.” If you have already released the
letters to select individuals, why not make the three letters public?


* * * * *

From: maxillagardens1118[at]

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 15:35:15
Subject: Your article in the Jerusalem Post of 8 November 2006.

Professor A M Dershowitz LL.B.

Dear Professor Dershowitz

I am writing in connection with your article( above) and in particular your criticism of Dr Neve Gordon
of Ben-Gurion University. My particular concern is over the statement
by you about attempts to prevent publication of Beyond Chutzpah by
Professor Norman G Finkelstein. It is best if I quote the words you employed
( in the article). That is…”I have no interest in censoring or suppressing
Finkelstein’s freedom of expression”. There is the clear and
obvious implication that you did NOT try to stop publication of the book in
question. I see that you employed the present tense. I must say
that I found your claim to be deeply troubling and disturbing ( to borrow
a well-used phrase from the ADL) and so I decided to turn up my file
on the matter. That is, the circumstances surrounding your involvement in
the matter as known to me.

I now draw your attention to a brief correspondence that I
had with Ms Lynne Withey of the University of California Press. I wrote to Ms
Withey on 5 July 2005 and I said, inter alia, that …”I understand that
significant changes have been apparently demanded by Dershowitz”. I went on to
draw attention to the scholarship of Dr Finkelstein but that is of no
relevance for now. Ms Withey was generous enough to respond with little
delay. It is prudent to copy to you exactly what she wrote as her response.

…Dershowitz is not”demanding changes”….he just wants to get rid
of the book altogether. We’ve made some changes to ensure that we’re not
in violation of libel laws, but the substance of the book is exactly
as Prof Finkelstein originally wrote it. We plan to publish as scheduled in

I am perfectly willing to copy the whole of my side of the
email correspondence( to U of C) if you wish. For now I think you will
appreciate that the email from Ms Withey is in flat contradiction of the
claims made in your article in the Jerusalem Post of 8 November 2006.

I look forward to receiving any remarks you feel able to
provide under the circumstances.

Yours sincerely
Michael Shanahan
London, UK.

From: dersh[at]

Reply-To: dersh[at]
To: maxillagardens1118[at]
Subject: Re: Your article in the Jerusalem Post of 8 November 2006.
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 15:59:05 +0000

Since you are obviously doing finkelstein and gordons bidding why
don’t u ask f to release his correspondence with the neonazi
hollocaust denier he commissioned to do a cartoon showing me
masternbating to dead lebanese.

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* * * * *

From: karimguy[at]
To: dersh[at], normangf[at]
Subject: Regarding those letters
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 21:26:42 +0300

Dear Mr.Dershowitz,

In your ongoing feud with Professor.Finkelstein, regarding the
authentity and scholarly worth of your bestseller book The Case For
Israel, the charges being leveled against you are indeed very

One of these charges is, that you attempted to halt the publication
of Mr.Finkelsteins book Beyond Chutzpah by legal threatening the
publishers of University of California press, even contacting the
Governor of California. These are very serious charges and you have
responded by defaming Mr.Finkelstein as a holocaust denier,
anti-semite and malicious defamer, even insulting the memory of his
late and long suffering mother. It stands to reason that non of
these insults have in any way cleared you of the charges leveled
against you and that the only reasonable way to remedy your bruised
reputation, is to publish these disputed letters. Not doing so would
be a clear and unambigious answer on your part.

Your sincerely,
Karim K.

* * * * *

From: “Diane” dianausa212[at]
To: normangf[at]
Subject: a note
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 05:09:01 GMT

Your opinions concerning Alan Dershowitz are the same type of abuse YOU are fighting against for Jews. You are what you hate. Bigotry and censor at it’s worst. You are like Hitler by only allowing your message to be heard.

* * * * *

From: manhatjack5[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Beyond Chutzpah letters
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 19:12:40 -0800 (PST)


I am interested in why you said in the Jerusalem Post that you released the letters you wrote to Finkelstein’s publishers, yet nobody seems to have any type of, say, public copy of them. To whom did you release them? It would be one thing, I suppose, if you released them solely to the publishers, that would be a releasing, even though you already had sent the letters to them, obviously releasing them to them already, by sending them to them, but to publicly suggest that you released them in a public way, so that, whoever is interested in this stuff, as I am, may observe them, then, well, why is nobody suggesting that you did any such thing?

I have a request, and a suggestion: if you have no interest in censoring or suppressing Finkelsteins’s “latest anti-Zionist screed”, what’s the big secret regarding your attorneys’ letters to Finkelstein’s publishers, and why, if you were so truthful in the Jerusalem Post, why not play along and show your cards, show the letters–to save yourself from continuing suspicion and career corruption?

Thanks, Michael

* * * * *

Dr. Finkelstein,

Perhaps after all this business about the letters reaches a
culmination for Dersh he will hop into a white Ford Bronco and have
Al Cowlings make a run for it. That would be an interesting low
speed pursuit. Dersh would be in the back threatening to read his
own book if the police come any closer. They would need a negotiator
to talk him down. “It’s ok Dersh, just don’t read the footnotes,
it’s not worth it!”

Alex Trafton.

* * * * *

From: coyneman7[at]
Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2006 2:59 AM
To: ‘dersh[at]’
Subject: The Letters

Dear “professor of human torture” Dershowitz,

I am interested in seeing the letters that your lawyers sent to Norman Finkelstein’s publisher and the letter you sent to Gov Schwarzenegger about publishing “Beyond Chutzpah”.

Will you release them ?

If not then you really are the epitome of “Beyond Chutzpah”

Thank you,

Jim Kilcoyne

* * * * *

FROM: Maren Hackmann
TO: dersh[at]

CC: normangf[at]
DATE: 10 Nov 2006 01:35
RE: A real challenge
Prof. Dershowitz:

In your 8 November 2006 Jerusalem Post article, you claim that your letters regarding Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein’s book, Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History, have already been released.

I would be most interested in reading the letters your lawyers at Cravath, Swaine & Moore sent to the University of California Press, as well as the letter you wrote Governor Schwarzenegger.

If I may borrow one of your favorite expressions, I “challenge” you to forward all of these letters to Prof. Finkelstein’s website, for public inspection.


Maren Hackmann


FROM: dersh[at]
TO: Maren Hackmann
DATE: 10 Nov 2006 01:36
RE: A real challenge

Thank you for your email. Prof Dershowitz’s emails are reviewed by his staff throughout the day. If you are reading this email, pls be assured that we have received yours.

If you have submitted a legal case, please allow 6-8 weeks for review.

If you have submitted an interview request or an invitation, we will respond as quickly as possible.

If you have written to express a view or have specific questions, we will try our best to respond. We hope that you will understand that time and resources don’t allow Prof Dershowitz to respond to every email individually, but he is always grateful for thoughtful comments and questions.


Office of Alan Dershowitz

* * * * *

From: costelloja[at]
To: ekagan[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Speech at UCLA
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 10:30:15 -0800 (PST)

Dear Dean Kagan,

I read an article from the Daily Bruin, which recounted a talk given by Professor Alan Dershowitz. This event was sponsored by the Center for Near Eastern Studies at UCLA. The following is an excerpt from the article:

“Norah Sarsour, a member of the Muslim Student Association, called Dershowitz’s book, “The Case for Israel,” fiction. She cited charges of plagiarism made by DePaul political science Professor Norman Finkelstein

Dershowitz responded by saying that all charges of plagiarism made by Finkelstein were cleared by Harvard University.”

I think there can be no doubt that the academic reputation of Alan Dershowitz has been severely damaged by Professor Finkelstein’s dissection the book, “The Case for Israel.” But what I found striking when I read the article is that Mr.
Dershowitz is now using Harvard University as a shield for his dishonest scholarship, as if Harvard gave the book its imprimatur.

I don’t know what goes into the process of reviewing the claims made against the academic honesty of one of your professors. Perhaps, some institutional factors were at work in your decision to not reprimand Mr. Dershowitz. I completely understand this; we all have to live in the real world, and I cannot know what pressures you were put under.

But when Alan Dershowitz hides behind Harvard University when defending “The Case for Israel,” he hurts Harvard University institutionally. Reprimanding Mr. Dershowitz would indeed make a big splash and perhaps hurt the reputation of Harvard University in the short term. But allowing Mr. Dershowitz to hide behind Harvard University while the rest of the world is beginning to realize he is an academic fraud could certainly hurt the institution of Harvard University in the longer term.

That said, I thank you for your time and look forward to a response.


John A. Costello

* * * * *

From: newkazio[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: letters to finkelstein’s publishers
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 12:06:46 -0800 (PST)

Please release the letters relating to your pressuring of UC Press over the publication of “Beyond Chutzpah.”

* * * * *

From: humanite[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Request for Finkelstein letters
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 22:58:30 -0500

Professor Dershowitz,

When Professor Finkelstein delivered a standing room only lecture at McGill University last year, the inventory of his book Beyond Chutzpah sold out in very short order. As you might imagine, you are very well known in Montreal and I am confident the many Montrealers who purchased Professor Finkelstein’s meticulously researched book would be very interested to read the letters you wrote his publisher and Governor Schwarzenegger.

In this regard, I would very much appreciate if you could e-mail me copies of your letters. I would be happy to forward the letters to the human rights organizations which sponsored Professor Finkelstein’s lecture and to Montreal’s most highly respected newspapers, La Presse and Le Devoir who both reviewed Professor Finkelstein’s book and covered the event.

I look forward to receiving your letters.


Ron Saba

Montreal Planet Magazine

* * * * *

From: angelcamarenamorgado[at]
To: normangf[at], dersh[at]
Subject: Letters
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 01:54:39 +0000

Mr. Dershowitz,

I am a graduate and proximately PhD researcher at the University of
Seville (Spain). I am 24, and since a decade ago I have been
investing almost all my spare time in reading, analysing and getting
involved with people worried about international affairs, human
rights, politics, history and a long etc. Since I first read Mr.
Norman Finkelstein I had the impression that his writings were
nothing else but an objective and meticulous rational exposition of
facts; namely, an academic work carried on to clarify issues of our
time. Though I usually detach myself from fights of egos in
academic life, I could not prevent myself from following (in detail)
your affair with Mr. Finkelstein. I engaged with it since I watched
the debate between you both in Amy Goodman´s program. Being as
sincere and respectful as I can;I became interested on it since I
could not believe that the insult to academic life and, more
important, to the dignity of suffering people that Finkelstein
exposed was given the shape and title of your book. Harvard has
always been internationally recognized. Thanks to your contribution
(or that of somebody else) it will be “internationally recognized”
as a university with its own definition of “plagiarism”. I would
hate having to refer here to the vicious and “ad hominem” attacks
you sir made on him, and more particularly on his late mother (that
was simply a rotten trick). In this sense, in order to terminate
this disgrace in the fashion in which it was supposed to have
started (a debate to clarify questions through the exposition of as
much facts as possible), I urge you to publish the letters. It is
better to be seen as a coherent defender of the vulgar idea of
censorship, rather than a lying coward.

Thanks for your time,

Ángel Camarena Morgado.

* * * * *

From: shaukat012[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: Letters to UCP

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 22:30:52 -0500 (EST)

Dear Professor Dershowitz,

About 8 years ago or so I remember watching you on CNN debating Det Mark Fuhrman, the racist detective on the O.J Simpson case. You told him that if he wasn’t afraid of the truth coming out, he should allow the Fuhrman tapes to be aired on the network and let the people decide “whether they contained the words of a racist or an actor.” The detective declined. Instead of following his example, I hope you will release the letters you wrote on Cravath Swaine & Moore letterhead to UCP and let the people decide whether you were voiceing concern or trying to censor the publication of a book.


Shaukat A

* * * * *

From: mirene ghossein

To: dersh[at]
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2006 10:16 AM
Subject: “Polite note” to Governor Schawarzenegger.

Professor Dershowitz,

You first denied writing to Governor Schwarzenegger asking him to intervene with California University Press to suppress the publication of Professor Finkelstein’s Beyond Chutzpah. Lynne Withey (director of the CUP for 19 years) said she had “never heard of such a case in California”. After someone in the Governor’s office answered your non existing letter, you said, in a phone interview : “It was not a letter, it was a polite note”. Shall we assume it is all about semantics and ask you to please make public the letter / “polite note” as to dispel any lingering doubts anyone might still have. The evidence would prove conclusive.

Thank you.

Mirène Ghossein

* * * * *

From: jramsay[at]
To: dersh[at]
Subject: Request for Finkelstein Letters
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 00:28:57 -0500

Dear Prof. Dershowitz,

As a long time fan of yours, particularly your near mutant-like ability to bend the truth to serve your own needs, I formally request a copy of all the letters you and your law firm wrote to Norman Finkelstein’s publisher prior to the publication of his book, Beyond Chutzpah.

May I also add that as a “fellow” defender of civil liberties, I believe that it would be in all of our collective interests to see your efforts admitted to the public record.

Many thanks, and please carry on your zealot-like efforts to justify Israel’s slaughter of non-Jewish civilians in the name of “peace.”

You never cease to amuse the civilized world.


John Ramsey, B.C.L. LL.B candidate (2007)

* * * * *

From: costelloja[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: normangf[at]
Subject: letters
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 21:35:43 -0800 (PST)

Please release the letters relating to your pressuring of UC Press over the publication of “Beyond Chutzpah.”

* * * * *

From: matthew.mabraha2[at]
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 17:18:04
To:dersh[at], normangf[at]
Subject: request for letters

Dear Professor Dershowitz:

I would like to request the letters that you and your appointed
legal counsel, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, wrote to the Univ. of
California Press and Governor Arnold Scharzenegger in the spring of
2005. Below, I reproduce the relevant section of Professor
Finkelstein’s website, where the relevance of these letters came to my


Matthew Abraham

From: dersh[at]
Date: Nov 9, 2006 5:56 PM
Subject: Re: request for letters
To: matthew.mabraha2[at]

Are u aware that finkelstein commisioned an obscene cartoon by a neonazi who won second place in irans hollicaust denial contest. He is
in bed with nazis,hollicaust deniers and antisemites. The cartoon illustrates finkelstiens claim that I masterbated with joy over dead lebanese civilians.

Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

* * * * *

From: unbon4[at]
To: dersh[at]
CC: nevegordon[at], normangf[at]
Subject: letters to finkelstein’s publishers
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 17:45:22 -0800 (PST)


I would appreciate and enormously value viewing the Full and Entire copies of All your letters to Norman Finkelstein’s publishers, lawyers, and the Governor of California regarding the impending publication of Finkelstein’s Beyond Chutzpah, and while you’re at it do please indulge for me all possibile curiosity regarding the elements therein regarding any interest of yours in not censoring or suppressing Finkelstein’s freedom of expression.

Thanks, Michael

Finkelstein comments
(latest on top)

NEW! VI. 12.14.2006:

For the past three months Professor Dershowitz has spearheaded a multiprong campaign of slander and vilification to deny me tenure at Depaul University. He has inundated faculty at the University and Law School with mammoth dossiers and email updates (sometimes twice per day) conjuring the most lurid allegations against me. In early December Depaul University’s College of Arts and Sciences’ Faculty Governance Council wrote the university provost expressing its “distress about Professor Dershowitz’ interference with the College’s tenure proceedings,” which “risks tainting the process.” In the very strange universe of this very strange man Dershowitz now complains that his “free speech” is being denied. (see correspondence with Joel Suarez in the left-hand column dated 13 December) Does he also demand the right to barge in on jury deliberations?

* * * * *

V. 11.19.2006:

Professor Dershowitz alleges that I am in league with a neo-Nazi Brazilian pornographer.

In a Jerusalem Post article, he expresses outrage that an article of mine was the “inspiration” for this Brazilian’s bawdy depiction of him.

But why this sudden display of shock?

It can’t be that I am allegedly in contact with neo-Nazis. This is old news. Already last year Dershowitz compiled a dossier entitled:

The Committee to Expose Norman Finkelstein’s Close Connections to Neo-Nazism, Holocaust Denial, and His “Big Lie” of an “International Jewish Conspiracy”

It can’t be that this Brazilian’s cartoon is supposedly obscene. Dershowitz has proudly made a career of defending hard-core pornographers, for many years wrote a feature column in Penthouse magazine, and famously defended the right to caricature public figures like himself using salacious images.

Can it be that Dershowitz is feigning indignation to evade the moment of truth?

“You can run, but you can’t hide” (Joe Louis)

* * * * *

IV. 11.16.2006:

Desperate to evade the moment of truth, Professor Dershowitz has concocted yet another fantasy.

He alleges that Finkelstein plotted with a neo-Nazi Holocaust-denying Brazilian pornographer to defame him.

He will only release his letters if Finkelstein “produce[s] all of his communications, both written and oral” with this neo-Nazi Holocaust-denying Brazilian pornographer. (How does one produce oral communications?)

For argument’s sake let us indulge Dershowitz’s latest fantasy.

But didn’t Dershowitz assert in the Jerusalem Post that he has already released the letters to my publisher, University of California and Governor Schwarzenegger?

And, if the letters exonerate Dershowitz of all wrongdoing, wouldn’t he want to release them rather than leave their release hostage to Finkelstein’s whims?

What a tangled web we weave,/When first we practice to deceive. (Sir Walter Scott)

* * * * *

III. 11.15.2006:

Professor Dershowitz elected not to post his form response on his website.

The gist of his reply to reader requests for the letters is this:

finmkelsteinm (sic) commisioned (sic) hollicast (sic)/hollocaust (sic)/hollicaust (sic) denier latoof (sic) to make a cartoon of me masternbating (sic).

Truly I am sheepless — I mean, peachless.

* * * * *

II. 11.13.2006:

To: Alan Dershowitz
From: Norman G. Finkelstein
Re: Your reply to correspondents
Date: 13 November 2006

1) Many people have asked you for the correspondence bearing on my book Beyond Chutzpah that you and your lawyers sent to my publisher, the University of California and Governor Schwarzenegger.

2) Your form reply is not only unresponsive to these requests but, regrettably, contains bawdy material inappropriate for my website.

3) I propose that you post your form reply (including the cartoon) on your website and I will create a link to it.

4) Readers can then judge for themselves whether you answered in good faith.