Mahalia Says: We're on our way!

August 9, 2015

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Dear Contributors and Supporters,
This past weekend we ​passed a double milestone:
We’ve now raised over $60,000, and the number of supporters crossed the 500 mark.
It’s gratifying to know that lots of people, and not just a few persons, have contributed.
Norm is currently slaving away at an evisceration of the wretched UN report on Gaza.
He says that he sometimes wonders whether it’s just a human conceit that these sorts of undertakings matter.
But then he sees how much money we’ve raised, and how many people have contributed, and he thinks, these tedious labors must have a purpose.
This article  by the wonderful and brilliant Sara Roy highlights how dire the situation is in Gaza and how important our campaign is.
August is the toughest month of the year to raise money.
But, if you keep coaxing and cajoling your family, friends and acquaintances, we can do it.
Remember: everyone who contributes will have their name immortalized on a wall in Al-Awda hospital.
Best, Norm, Sana, Ahmad, Maren, Jamie and the Byline staff