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May 19, 2018

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Whose coverage most distorted this week’s Gaza massacre? You decide…

On Monday Israel shot dead 59 and injured more than 2,000 unarmed Palestinians protesting peacefully at the fence between Israel and Gaza.

No Israelis were injured or killed.

The nation’s leading newspapers responded in characteristic fashion…


“[A] seemingly endless conflict, a blood-soaked tragedy with justice and cruelty on both sides.”
Editorial, The New York Times, May 14


“[Hamas] deployed a new strategy: assembling thousands of nominal civilians to march on and attempt to breach the border fence, in the calculation that many would be killed… On Monday, this cruel and cynical tactic paid off, albeit at enormous human cost.” —Editorial, The Washington Post, May 15


“Gaza’s Miseries Have Palestinian Authors” —Headline, Bret Stephens, The New York Times, May 16


“My suspicion is that the Israeli Defense Forces have been as ill-prepared for this new challenge as they were for the first two Intifadas. Soldiers may have resorted to gunfire because they felt they had no good alternative… those possible tactical misjudgments in no way obviate Hamas’s ultimate responsibility for this horror.” —Op-ed, Max Boot, The Washington Post, May 16



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