Letter from Barbara Dane to the Guests of the Gaza Music School Fundraising Event

May 1, 2013

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Dear Friends and Lovers of Justice,

If you are among those gathered today with Norman Finkelstein and these wonderful musicians who have come bearing their gifts, you already know most all that can be said of the unbelievable hardships and unthinkable pain that have been visited on the grandparents, mothers and fathers of Gaza and the rest of occupied Palestine, right down to the children who must struggle with all their might today to hang onto their belief in humankind.  


Music, that great healer, has become their best defense against despair and cynicism, fear and alienation.  Through music, they are able to connect with their own ancient and noble history, as well as with a whole world of human beings who devote their lives to the creation of music meant to raise up the human spirit, which can bind together the human race in love and solidarity.  


I am so sorry that I cannot be with you today as promised, but at 85 life sometimes becomes more fragile than we expect.  Anyhow, I know your faces, I have seen them on so many occasions when those who love justice and peace are called to show up.  I know your hearts, because you would not have come today if they were not the best of hearts.  And I know your intention today. You came to learn, to bring your own gifts of awareness and concern, and you came to offer material assistance to the young people of the music school in Gaza. Thank you for all this, and I know you will do your best.  


I hope to see you soon.  

Love, Barbara