Letter from a Muslim

October 20, 2011

In Letters To Finkelstein

Dear mr Finkelstein,

Today I’ve seen an incredible video at Facebook of you at the waterloo university in the us,
giving your opinion about the holocaust/Palestinians to a girl in the audience. I found this
so amazing that i took some time to search your information and send you this email to show
you my respect for this.

I’m an Moroccan moslim living in the Netherlands. And i want to tell you that i would never
ever ever hate any Jewish man or woman or wish them any bad thing, this because of people
like you. People who still care about other human beings even if there hasn’t been cared about
there self. Because of people like you, i will not just not hate Jewish people but even fight for them
if necessary!

As a moslim i do hate the Israeli government/army about there actions against Palestinians people,
as much as i hate the nazi’s in WWII about there actions against jewish people.

But i will never forget the difference between not guilty people/citizens and power/money-what so ever driven
organizations/governments etc. with inhuman actions.

So mr Finkelstein i hope there will be more people like you in this world so that once all people
in this world will life in peace together, without hate. My deepest respect!!!!!!! May the god you
believe in will bless you!

Yours sincerely,


Ps. sorry, if my English is not that good 🙂