Leni Riefentahl prepares for trip of lifetime

May 19, 2012

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Hi Leni,

Please join an exclusive delegation for an all expenses paid trip to Tel Aviv, Israel June 1st through the 9th sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. As you know, Israel is not only a headline topic in international news  for its ongoing security and conflict issues, it is also a powerhouse in the international film and television industry.
This year was the second time an Israeli film was nominated for an Oscar by the Academy for Motion Pictures, and Israeli films have been scooping up top awards at the most prestigious film festivals around the world.  Not to mention the recent spate of television hits based on Israeli formats including ‘Homeland’ and ‘In Treatment’, to name a few.
As a result, the Israeli entertainment industry is growing stronger and capturing international attention.  Moreover, practically every important work coming out of the Israeli entertainment industry can boast a grad of Tel Aviv University. With this in mind, we are writing to extend an invitation to join an exclusive delegation of journalists, editors and writers to visit Israel this June as guests of Israel’s Tourism Ministry.  As part of the trip, you will be a guest of the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, tour Israel’s most prestigious Film Department at Tel Aviv University, meet with professors and Israeli entertainment industry executives and stars, and tour some of Israel’s hottest cosmopolitan destinations.  In fact, Tel Aviv has been recently rated top three international destinations by Lonely Planet.
Again, the trip is being sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism so all you have to pack is your passport and enthusiasm to discover one of the fastest growing and critically acclaimed entertainment hotspots in the world today.
The trip will commence June 1st through the 9th.  If you are interested please let us know by April 29th, 2012.
If you have any questions please call or email David Dorfman in Los Angeles (310) 553-5232 or Ayelet Vardi in New York (212) 742-0145
All the best,
Gail Reiss
CEO & President
American Friends of Tel Aviv University
David Dorfman  |   Associate Director,  Western Region
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David Dorfman  |   Associate Director,  Western Region
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