Latuff threatened!

September 11, 2006

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“This Carlos should be ‘taken care of’ long time ago, in some way or another.”

Just a tiny example how the IsraHell’ dirty tactics work.

Now guess what! I’m being threatened by Likud, a right wing
party in Israel (former party of Sabra and Shatila butcher
Ariel Sharon). In a page linked to Likud,, my picture and some of my cartoons are shown. Along the same old name-calling (Nazi, anti-Semitic…) they say that “This Carlos should be ‘taken care of’ long time ago, in some way or another.”

Check translation of the page’s content (from the Hebrew):


“Carlos Latuff

He has a reference in Wikipedia; at Google you can find 8
pages about him. But what does the Foreign Affairs Ministry
know about him? The Mossad? The Committee of Foreign Affairs
and Security? The Israeli Army? Any other element that deals
with Israel’s security?

Carlos Latuff – an Arabic family name. Born in Rio de
Janeiro, 36 years old. In his homepage he is photographed
with Leila Khaled, the terrorist who hijacked an Israeli
airplane. He is one of the biggest Israel-haters.

He is the headmaster of one of the biggest factories for
propaganda and incitements against Israel, he distributes
poison in every place. The damage he’s doing to Israel
amongst youth around the world is enormous. He is one of the
most influential Anti-Zionists in the world wide web, an
awesome graphic talent, and a great cartoonist. He knows how
to influence and use the internet. He is a top player in the
Iranian evil industry, and his cartoons participate in the
holocaust denial gallery in Teheran.

He hates America & Israel, his cartoons show Israelis and
their rulers as demons. He sends missiles of hatred no less
powerful than the missiles that Iran is developing, and he
takes part in a gigantic genocide industry, with one goal –
the destroying of the Jewish state.

In an impressive video movie, in clear English, he’s trying
to unite all those who hate Israel. In a movie distributed
in the net he asks them to be active and to participate in
the struggle on the information front – to write stories &
poems, to talkback, to blog, send photos, to participate in
meetings and demos, to be active and to unite.

His satanic cartoons are published in the world journals,
and in endless number of websites. He does not ask for
copyrights and he urges people to use them freely.

And what Israel is doing? Nothing!!!

Did they complain to the Brazilian embassy?

Think what would happen to an Israeli citizen that was
exposing the leaders of Brazil in this way. Did anybody try
to charge him with incitement and attempted murder? Did
anybody hear about him at all??

This is the WMD that Prof. Harari, the ex-headmaster of
Weitman institute lectured about in the last Hertzlia
onvention. This is the danger Prof. Yoav Gelbar is warning
in his publicity work. That what brings the heads of the
Jewish Congress to Israel this week.

The Israeli carelessness on the information front is not
acceptable and can’t go on. This Carlos should have been
“taken care of” a long time ago, in some way or another. The
question is: what should we do, and whose responsibility is
it to do so?

I call you all to be active. There is no one institute that
can challenge this kind of genocidal war. Not the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, nor the Ministry of Defense, or even any
other ministry. We have to unite, as Carlos suggested, and
act together.

We are witnessing a systematic & basic way of giving
legitimacy to hit the “Zionist demon”. Carlos Latuff excels
at this kind of propaganda. The problem will be solved – the
final solution” – by the Iranian President, who enjoys
those drawings & cartoons, Nazi Germany, Holocaust denial,
Hizbullah & its rockets. This is the reason he needs those
atomic plants, he needs them to kill all those disgusting
creatures that Latuff is drawing, and then the world will be
a better place. There were others that tried it before,

Goebbels was the propaganda minister of the 3rd Reich and
made propaganda a powerful weapon for the Nazi regime. His
basic assumption was that a lie said enough times became
truth in the consciousness of people. Now we know that
Hitler wrote his books and then manifested them in the
Holocaust. The things that are said against Israel in
internet forums & visual elements are copies of the Nazi
propaganda. This is an ideology of genocide that has proven
its power in the past.”


Of course, we can expect anything from IsraHell. If they can
carry on “selective killings” of Palestinians, and carpet
Beirut with tons of bombs murdering hundreds of civilians,
what is the big deal about “neutralizing” one cartoonist in
Brazil? Death threats, cheap attempts to terrorize me,
however, will not prevent me from supporting Palestinians in
their struggle against brutal Israeli occupation. The most
that Likud creeps can do is silence me with a bullet, but
they will never be able to silence my art.


September 8, 2006
Rio de Janeiro