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May 31, 2010

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Noam and Norman,

The latest news on the Flotilla is that they had been surrounded earlier by 3 Israeli War Ships for 2 hours.

The Flotilla of ships have now sailed due west, further into International waters.
(Like that would stop Israel from attacking….)

The 3 War Ships have now gone out of range on the radars, but are not far away.

The situation is still very tense on board, however, everyone is prepared for the worst.

I am in constant contact with my fellow Viva Palestina collegues on board,
and they are keeping me updated via satelitte phone.

Will keep you both updated as things progress.


Noam, sorry for not having been in touch sooner, but I have been very busy with the flotilla.

They are under a serious threat now from Israel, in Int waters.

If you click on the following link, you will go to a facebook page that I started a few weeks ago.
Gaza TV News:!/pages/Gaza-TV-News/119275738102852?ref=ts

There, you will find the latest news. I am in contact with those on the boats,
Right now, 90 miles from Gaza in Int. waters, 3 Israeli war ships have approached them.
They have been told that they will either agree to be towed to Israel, or be boarded.

israel has stated that they “Will use whatever force is necessary in order to stop the Flotilla”

I will send you on everything I get, when I get it.

It is very serious, however, everyone is prepared for the worst.

A live feed is coming from the boat, however, the Israeli’s are blocking the signal periodically.
Live Feed:

If you wish to contact me, call me on 0044 7751 006 256

Chat later,