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July 18, 2016

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WATCH: Caller Blindsides Farage On Migrants

Sunday 17th July 2016

This is classic: caller sets up Farage with this extremely canny trick question about people not learning the language of the countries they move to.


Richard in Pembrokeshire called in and asked Farage about comments he’s made about migrants who cannot speak the English language but live in Britain.

“The language is absolutely fundamental!” agreed Mr Farage.

But as Farage explained his view Richard pointed out a key point: the former UKIP leader spent a significant part off the last 20 years in Belgium as an MEP – yet speaks very little Flemish, German or French.

Farage responded “I’ll have you know Richard, I am very good with a French wine list! I know my way around a menu!”

Watch the hilarious moment above.