Judging from his prose, an Israeli at heart

May 27, 2010

In News The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Eric Grossman, the bass player for Belgian rock band K’s Choice, which performed in Tel Aviv last week, has referred to English singer Elvis Costello as a “douchebag” for calling off his concerts in Israel.

Grossman, who fell in love with Israel during his stay, wrote on his Facebook page on Friday, “Well done. You’re an idiot. Ditto to Santana, Bono, and all the other self important ego-maniacs, who think the Israeli people don’t deserve their presence.”

Grossman added, “You cancelled your Israeli concert for political reasons, and the only people you are affecting, are the common people who were willing to spend their hard earned money to come hear you play the music they love, and to show you nothing but love and appreciation.

“I appreciate your political stance, but the policy makers and the leaders that you’re standing up against, probably don’t know you from Elvis Presley, and if they do, don’t give a sh*t whether you come to Israel or not.”