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April 4, 2015

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Mondoweiss reports on leading BDS spokesperson Omar Barghouti’s recent visit to Italy:

Barghouti also met with leaders of the metalworkers unions of Italy’s three national confederations, FIOM-Cgil, which has endorsed BDS, FIM-Cisl and UIM-Uil, representing altogether over 500 hundred thousand workers. In a joint statement, the unions recognised that the BDS campaign ‘has proven itself to be the main form of nonviolent struggle for an end to the Israeli occupation and the Israeli government’s continued violation of the Palestinian people’s human rights’.

Curiously, the authors do not find space to quote this line from the same statement:

FIM FIOM UILM also confirm its commitment to a just peace in Palestine and Israel, on the basis of the recognition of the right for both peoples to live in peace and security in their own independent state within the borders recognised by international law.* (my emph.; via Google Translate)

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