It's no skin off my….

October 11, 2013

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Who would of thought, eh?
Israel asks Turkey to join in anti-circumcision ban effort.

Council of Europe’s decision to outlaw circumcision rite may lead to ease of tensions between Israel, Turkey, as Israel offers to fight ban together
Wonderful news. I’m so happy!
As well as reducing the evils of masturbation and too much good sex, plus being a cure for almost every disease under the sun, male genital mutilation [AKA “circumcision”] has now achieved the once thought impossible goal of peace in the Middle East.
Who would of thought that just 15 square inches of “disposable” flesh from the penises of little baby boys, possessed a power of such magnitude.
Further scientific research required urgently. Next stop: “Baby boys’ foreskins to power future manned Mars space mission”.