ISRAEL, IN BLACK AND WHITE (with Finkelstein Comment)

November 2, 2015

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FINKELSTEIN COMMENT:  It is indicative of Israeli denial how it endeavors to defend this picture.  The Israeli photographer, Sagi Kortler, first writes “no one in the picture is Israeli… all tourists… and there isn’t any racial thing going on, merely a coincidence of a juxtaposition that conveys a message of it own regardless of reality (lack of operating shower heads).”  So, they’re not Israelis, and it’s not racist, just coincidence.  But then a day later he writes, “There is racism in Israel as in everywhere else, not trying to deny it but this doesn’t represent Israel. I could have taken it anywhere in the world.”  So, they are Israelis and it is racist, but there are racists everywhere.  Let’s be clear: racist as the United States still is, it’s inconceivable that one would witness such a juxtaposition even in the backwoods of the Deep South.  The closest analogy to Israel’s homicidal loathing of Arabs is India’s loathing of Untouchables.  The fact that the photographer tries to write off his own photograph as “merely a coincidence” illustrates just how sick a society Israel is.   Were it “merely a coincidence,” I look forward to Kortler’s photograph of  the reverse: four Black people sharing one set of showers, and one Jewish person under the other set.