Isn't it time for the Gulf "states" to fall off the map?

July 12, 2013

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People were hospitalized in Qatar due to overeating on the first night of Ramadan. (File photo: Reuters)


Dozens of people suffering abdominal pain were admitted on Wednesday to hospitals in Qatar after overeating on the first night of Ramadan, the Arabian Business website reported Thursday.

“Most of the cases at the emergency room during Ramadan are gastritis. We see 10 to 15 cases of overeating every day,” a medical staff member at al-Ahli Hospital told Arabian Business website.

Doha hospital received on emergency last year 100 patients after the first night of Ramadan, with most of them suffering from abdominal pain, dehydration or kidney problems, according the website reported.

In 2011, the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC)’s emergency department recorded 7,700 of Ramadan-linked cases of illness, the report said.